Do You Tip Wedding Flower Delivery Staff?

Transporting flowers is a delicate process. Here's everything you should know about tipping your wedding flower delivery persons.

By Shira Telushkin

Do You Tip Wedding Flower Delivery Staff
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The First Look ✨

The vast majority of weddings incorporate fresh flowers into the celebration, whether as floral centerpieces on every table or simply the bride’s bouquet. Fresh flowers are a beautiful and often magical way to add elegance to any wedding party. The delivery of these flowers, however, is not always such a simple process.

Flowers are delicate, and transporting bouquets, arrangements, and more elaborate sprays can be a tricky process. When it comes to flower delivery on the wedding day itself, it’s important to know the right tipping etiquette so that you are not caught off guard, and there are no surprise expectations.

Whether or Not to Tip

When it comes to tipping for wedding flower delivery, the expected custom is that you will indeed tip the people who deliver your flowers. Even if you don’t customarily tip for flower delivery in your everyday life, it’s helpful to be aware that wedding flowers, in particular, are usually tipped upon receipt. The nice gesture of a tip is strictly for the delivery itself, so if you or somebody else pick the flowers up from the flower shop, then you do not need to include a delivery tip. However, if someone is bringing the flowers from the shop to the wedding venue or another location, then this flower delivery person should be given a delivery tip.

How Much to Tip

While some wedding vendors are tipped based on a percentage of the total cost of the services, the flower delivery service is tipped for the delivery work itself. The general rule of thumb is to customarily tip each delivery person between five and 20 dollars. If it’s a small delivery, then you can stick to the lower end of that range. If it’s a large delivery, which also requires set up and arrangement, then you should consider exceeding that range, up to about 30 dollars. The ideal tip is the right amount to show a generous appreciation for someone’s efforts. In more expensive states, or areas with a much higher cost of living, the tipping etiquette expectation would be to give the delivery person 20 dollars for their efforts, even when the delivery is a standard one. In areas with a lower cost of living, a tipping etiquette of between five and 10 dollars would be sufficient.

The Right Way to Deliver the Tip

The tip should be handed directly to the delivery worker in cash after the flowers are delivered and, if necessary, arranged at the wedding venue. If there are several workers, then each one should be tipped independently and handed their tip independently. The most common way to deliver a tip is to include the money in an envelope, and hand the envelope to the delivery person with an expression of thanks.

Many people prepare these envelopes in advance, with the cash tips already inside and the intended wedding vendor’s name labeled on the outside. This can make the tipping process much easier on the wedding day itself, though if one runs out of envelopes, it’s perfectly acceptable to hand the delivery worker a bill directly. The tip should be handed over once the entirety of the service is completed. There is no need to interrupt their unloading or setting up work to hand them a tip. Wait until everything is finished and looks right. For an especially classy touch, consider adding a personal thank you note inside the envelope.

Tips for Tipping on Wedding Flower Delivery Services

The wedding day is hectic, and keeping track of who needs to be tipped when, while also preparing to be married can add some unneeded stress to the bride or groom’s day. For the wedding flower delivery service, consider designating someone else to oversee the tipping process. You can think about who will be at the venue when the delivery arrives, and then ask one of them to be in charge of ensuring the wedding flower delivery workers are appropriately tipped. Ideally, the right envelope with cash should be left with this person, so that they can simply hand it directly to the delivery person. The right person is often a bridesmaid, groomsmen, wedding planner, or parent of one of the people getting married.

You can also check the contract you have with the florist to ensure that the tip for the delivery service is not already included. Some vendors already build the gratuity into the contract, but do not confuse the gratuity with the service fee, which is not the tip for floral arrangements.

The most important part of tipping the wedding flower delivery person is to make sure that you have enough cash to deliver the right tip amount, because there is no great substitute for a cash tip. Especially in a world with credit cards, money sending apps, and other electronic ways to move money, it is less common for people to have small bills. Prepare for your wedding day tipping needs by making sure that you have a lot of cash on hand.

The wedding flower delivery is a service that should be tipped, though the tip should reflect the amount of effort the delivery required. This guide shares everything you need to know about tipping for flower deliveries on your wedding day.

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