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Do You Tip Your Wedding Florist?

Should you tip your wedding florist? We investigate and help you figure out whether you should, plus the whys and the hows.

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Do You Tip Your Wedding Florist?
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Wedding flowers are an integral part of a wedding ceremony and wedding planning. Floral arrangements appear in so many ways throughout a wedding celebration.

Not only are they in the bridal bouquet that you carry down the aisle (and possibly toss at the end of the reception), but stems and fresh flowers will likely appear as centerpieces on tables, near the guestbook, and at your entrances, be it at the doorways or in the foyer. Delicate baby's breath may appear as a woven archway under which you say your vows. You may even have a few fresh flowers occupying a small vase next to you as your hair and makeup are done before your aisle walk, with the florals acting as a subtle talisman.

Considering that floral arrangements are an important element of nearly every aspect of your big day, it makes sense that you might tip the esteemed people involved with their creation and arrangement to show your gratitude. Instead of fretting about whether you should and how much, we help break down the tradition of tipping and all the related details so that you feel confident in the process, the amount, and exactly how and when to do it.

Why You Should Tip Your Wedding Florist

Creating, delivering, and setting up the florals associated with your wedding ceremony and following celebration is an important wedding vendor service. And, outside of weddings, you often customarily tip the workers who help render services, whether it be meals out at restaurants or food delivery you receive, bartenders who craft your favorite cocktail, your hairstylist and nail technician who keep you looking fresh, the housekeeping that attends to your hotel room, and so on. The same concept applies to your wedding day. It’s customary to show kindness and gratitude in the form of extra payment for a job well done and services rendered on the day of your wedding.

How Much Should You Tip Your Wedding Florist?

Often the small gift amount that you tip your florist is independent of how much your actual wedding flowers cost. While at a restaurant a patron will often tip cash based on a percentage of the total bill, when it comes to a florist it’s much more oriented to being a flat rate. You should expect to tip your wedding florist in the realm of $50-$100. The actual set up on your big day may influence what end of the sliding scale you gravitate towards. The more time involved, the more you should feel comfortable tipping.

But, what if the florist comes with a team? Should you also tip the flower delivery people involved or just the designer specifically involved in your floral creations? You should feel comfortable also tipping the delivery team, though you may offer them less cash than the actual head florist. Or, you can keep it even—the choice is yours, though it is normal to pay them slightly less and as low as $20 per person.

However, if you are a person who is bound to the tradition of tipping based on a percentage, you could offer 10 percent of the floral total to the florist and five percent to the accompanying delivery team.

How Should You Tip Your Wedding Florist?

Rather than hand over a stack of cash, try subtly slipping the florist an envelope containing your cash tip.

If you plan on doling out individual tips to the associated delivery people, you can have the cash tips sorted out into separate marked envelopes in advance. A cute touch is to use envelopes from your own wedding stationery for this delivery, but it isn't necessary. You can either have a trusted member of your wedding party, a relative, or your wedding planner handle the tipping. Or, if you’re planning to collect a few stems to decorate your dressing room on the day of, you can pass an envelope over at that time. That being said, you should deliver the tip once the flower delivery and set up is complete.

The flowers for your wedding are a special element that will help create setting and ambiance for both you and your guests during your ceremony and reception. They will appear in your photos every time you look back upon your big day and help to add an iconic element. You should tip your wedding florist not only to stay in their good graces (and not only because it’s customary), but because it’s the considerate thing to do. They’ve helped you craft the visuals that will stay with you forever, and this is a moment to extend your own thankfulness and gratitude for their assistance.

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