Bohemian Flowers For Weddings

Is your wedding style boho chic? Discover our favorite bohemian flowers and other floral arrangements with this complete guide.

By Emily Forrest

Bohemian bouquet
Photo by Lauren Buman Photography

A bohemian-inspired wedding has a nature-driven design with artistic, rustic, and sometimes, eclectic touches. There’s a certain sense of effortlessness to the look and feel of a bohemian wedding with romantic flourishes and personalized additions sprinkled throughout the celebration. One of the main ways of pulling this trend together is through bohemian-inspired wedding flowers.

Finding the perfect petals to meet the ethereal quality you’re aiming for seems simple because there are so many wonderful flowers that fit the bill. The challenging part is narrowing down which ones you want to use and how you want to incorporate them into your wedding ceremony and reception. Among the favorites on our list are:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Freesias
  • Garden Roses
  • Larkspur
  • Peonies
  • Lilacs
  • Eucalyptus
  • Wildflowers

Each of these blooms is special in their own right, and most can be easily sourced and work within most budgets. With such a wide range of options, you’ll be able to find affordable wedding flowers that fit within your price point. Some can even be taken from your own backyard or your local farmers market, which keeps with the bohemian state of mind. Think pastel shades and nontraditional attire and decor when planning this style of wedding. It’s the perfect aesthetic for a free-spirited couple who want a more laid-back approach to their big day.

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Hydrangeas are one of the most underrated flowers. Maybe it’s because they're frequently found in your everyday garden due to their long plant life. The way they’re grown makes it easy to create a bouquet, since each stem has its own fluff of petals beautifully pre-arranged in its natural shape.

One of the advantages of using hydrangeas is you don’t need to use many to create a robust, earthy flower arrangement. And they come in a kaleidoscope of colors. White is bridal but this flower can also be the “something blue” in your bouquet, if you go with that color option. Snip the stems and place these luscious flowers in shallow bowls of water at the reception. Create a flower wall covered in these gorgeous blooms. Or, decorate a wedding cake with the lovely bunches. There are various ways to use this all-purpose flower to add life to your wedding decor with little effort.


Freesias, like hydrangeas, are a summer flower that bloom in various colors. Their petals appear 3-D with their unique shape and they give off a fragrance that’s mildly sweet. Pale pink or yellow freesias fit in with a bohemian vibe and are a natural choice for a warm-weather wedding.

They’re simply chic for small bridesmaids bouquets and are a great option to pair with other types of flowers for the larger bridal bouquet. They are also a good choice for flower girls to carry and an excellent option for boutonnieres and corsages for main members of the wedding ceremony. Freesias have a down-to-earth quality for couples who want a casual celebration in their own backyard or a city garden. They’re simple, cool, and oh-so-sweet.

Garden Roses

The sheer variety of roses makes them one of the most popular wedding flowers today. The beauty of garden roses, in particular, as bohemian wedding flowers is that their petals have a fluffy, cloud-like appearance. While other varieties may have the buds closed up, garden roses have layers of lush petals that are soft and smell wonderful. These are ideal as an addition to any part of your wedding ceremony or reception.

Garden roses are especially popular when making flower crowns, a common wedding trend for bohemian-inspired weddings. They’re also stunning when strewn along an outdoor aisle. And, they create an interesting appeal when hanging from terraces or canopies as part of the ceremony decorations. Get creative with this special flower, they can be used in countless ways and customized to fit the overall look you want to achieve.


Peonies have the similar allure to garden roses, but are often on the more expensive side. Their full blooms and the intoxicating smell make them an eye-catching addition in decorations. If you love peonies but don’t want to blow your flower budget, use a few bigger blooms for your bridal bouquet and rely on garden roses or other similar flowers to fill in the rest.

Although available in several colors, they are stunning in peach and lavender shades, a color scheme that’s ideally-suited for spring and summer weddings. The big blooms make a striking statement and the ruffled petals can complete your boho chic look.


When you want to add a vibrant pop of color with a flower that has an artistic flair, then the larkspur is your answer. While other flowers have blooms that sit atop longer stems, larkspurs have petals that run down the length of theirs. They look striking in a cascading bouquet, add drama to reception centerpieces, and add a special quality to a wedding arch.

Play with the style of larkspur and take advantage of its unique structure. Even if you’d like to keep the rest of your colors subdued, the brightness of this flower gives your wedding a fun and unexpected accent.


If you lean toward rustic-chic with your wedding design, lilacs are the ultimate bohemian wedding flowers. They are lovely in color, shape, and fragrance and are wildly popular when the weather is sunny. Their light purple hue blends in well with complementary blues, ivories, and pale yellows that you may want to add to your color scheme when picking wedding colors.

Adding bunches of lilacs to jars set on reception tables is inviting without being too fussy. Lilac bushes also serve as a stunning backdrop to take wedding photos. Depending on where you are, you might also be able to source some for free from your own (or a nearby) backyard, which makes lilacs an ideal option for couples on a tight budget.


When it comes to using greenery to fill your bouquets or line a ceremony arch or canopy, eucalyptus is a wonderful choice. The subtle green color and the calming smell are a good mix for the natural allure of a bohemian-inspired wedding. It’s an unexpected addition that instantly adds intrigue to your wedding decor.

Use eucalyptus to make garland to hang on the back of chairs or use as a runner down the length of a table. Make mini wreaths to wear or add it to your bouquet. Though not technically a flower, it gets a pass because of all the ways it can be used for your wedding celebration. It accentuates everything you add it to without being too showy or over the top.


Depending on the location of your wedding, wildflowers may be easily accessible to you in the field nearby. There are poppies, cornflowers, and black-eyed susans, to name a few, that can make up a beautiful bouquet without any extra cost. Gathering up a bunch of what’s in bloom is definitely a way to embrace your natural surroundings and take from the bohemian way of thinking.

Be inspired in the moment with the wildflowers you select. They look great placed in antique vases, colorful glass jars, or even a mish-mash of coffee mugs. The idea is to personalize it to what fits for the occasion. For the free-spirited type of celebration where anything goes, wildflowers are one of the best options.

Ways to Incorporate Bohemian Flowers Wedding Inspiration

In addition to the bridal party bouquets and reception centerpieces, these types of bohemian wedding flowers add to the overall aesthetic in a variety of ways. A few ways to incorporate them into your celebration are:

  • Adorn your wedding cake with fresh flowers to add a pretty, artistic touch
  • Select colorful stems to use as place settings
  • Pair with candlelight for a romantic, ethereal look
  • Attach to ceremony and/or reception seats with a satin or burlap ribbon
  • Incorporate different sizes of flower arrangements throughout
  • Give guests flower seedlings as a take-home gift

These are only a few ways to fully incorporate the use of flowers into your wedding. Take into account all aspects of your planning details: the date, location, and availability of the flowers based on the season. Consider the colors you want and how you want the flowers to appear in pictures. Bohemian style weddings have an effortless appeal. Nothing has to be perfectly matched or spaced. Talk with our florist for more inspiration on how to use these flower elements to enhance your venue.

The laid-back nature of a bohemian-style wedding puts guests in a relaxed mood and more than ready to celebrate your nuptials with you. When planning your wedding, the idea of spending your day outdoors, surrounded by nature and the people you love is one you may be instantly drawn to as your ideal day. If this is the case, then let this bohemian wedding flower inspiration serve as a starting point to make your wedding dreams come true.

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