Getting Remarried Invitation Wording

Don’t know what your second marriage ceremony wording should include on the invitation? Read on for our top tips and advice.

By Janina Villanueva

Second Wedding Invitation Wording
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Sending out wedding invitations when you’re getting married the second time around may seem like a tricky item on your to-do list, but it shouldn’t be. There isn’t a huge difference between what should be placed on your first or second wedding invitation.

Invitations set the tone of your wedding. From colors to materials that you will be using, your guests will get a preview of what to anticipate at your wedding through your invitation. Nowadays, a wedding website is also an essential tool to have, as it’s a place where you can add more information on travel details, wedding party list, and even your love story.

So, what should your second marriage ceremony wording be like?

Invitation Wording Examples
Getting Remarried Invitation Wording Photo Credit // Pure Grace Photography

A second wedding is most likely going to be hosted by the couple, so the simplest way to word an invitation is to put the couple’s names, date, time, and wedding location. The more formal affairs would have the invitations in the third person, or with titles before the names. See this example of a wedding invitation for a second marriage below:

Anne Smith and John Preston request the honor of your presence at their marriage on the 10th of December at four in the afternoon 10 Galloway Road Astoria, New York

You may also opt to be informal and straightforward:

Please join us as we spend the first day of our life together on Friday, the 11th of December Two thousand twenty At four in the afternoon 10 Galloway Road Astoria, New York

You may also add a short quote that speaks of how you feel about the relationship, similar to this:

Two lives, two hearts Joined together in friendship Now united in love

Please join us in celebrating as we exchange marriage vows on Friday, December 11th Two thousand and twenty At four o’clock in the afternoon 10 Galloway Road Astoria, New York

If you would like to add your children’s names on the invitation for the wedding ceremony, or if they are hosting it, you may do so by adding their names from oldest to youngest, starting from the bride’s children and followed by the groom’s children. If they have spouses, they can be added in, too. This is a beautiful way of showing that your marriage is uniting two families and that your children support the union. Here is an example:

Matthew and Katrina Smith Miles Smith Eliana Preston request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their parents,

Anne Smith And John Preston

on Friday, 11th of December 2020 at four in the afternoon 10 Galloway Road Astoria, New York

While it’s not very common, sometimes the parents of the bride or the groom would like to host the wedding ceremony, so their names must be on the invitation, similar to this:

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Smith request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter,

Anne Smith To John Preston

on Friday, December 11th Two thousand and twenty At four o’clock in the afternoon 10 Galloway Road Astoria, New York

You can add the groom’s parents’ names after his (example, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jayden Preston), even if they are not hosting the wedding.

If you are still using your ex-spouse’s last name, we suggest that you leave it out. Make this wedding ceremony about you and your partner’s new life together.

Here are some other things that you should remember when you’re creating your invitations for your remarriage:

Be Respectful

There is nothing more pleasant than having an adequately worded invitation that respects all parties involved—especially if you and your partner have children from previous marriages. If you are to place their names on the invitation, be sure to talk to them first. The same goes for your parents if they are hosting your wedding day.

Likewise, if you’re on speaking terms with your former spouse, or if you are still in touch with your deceased spouse’s family, be sure to let them know about the wedding before sending out the invitations to the rest of the guests so that they hear it from you first and not anyone else.

Keep It Simple
Getting Remarried Invitation Wording Photo Credit // Limelight Photography

Like with almost everything else, less is more. Be direct, and lead in with the details that the wedding guests need to see. A wedding is such a meaningful event in your life, and keeping it uncluttered is a beautiful way to honor it.

Send Them Out promptly

The usual timeline for sending out invitations is eight to 10 weeks before the wedding day, with an RSVP deadline of two to three weeks before. If you have out of town wedding guests, be sure to send them their invitations earlier, so that they can plan for the trip.

Even if it may not be your first wedding ceremony, it's still important that you treat it with the same significance. This time around, your second marriage may involve a blended family and new loved ones. All that matters is that you show your love and commitment as a married couple on your special day.

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