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20 Lovely Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage

Don’t know how to find the perfect wedding gift for a second marriage? Read on to discover our top ideas.

By Janina Villanueva

Lovely Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage
Photo by Corey Lynn Tucker Photography

What do you give a couple who’s saying “I do” for the second time? Are gifts even expected from their guests? If you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift for a second marriage, our team of experts can help.

Picking a gift for a pair who are getting married can be stressful, and if it’s their take-two, it may mean that they already have all the household essentials you can think of. They may be living together before the wedding ceremony, and they are already set domestically. But, if you care for two people who love each other and would like to make a lifelong commitment, there are ways to show them your support and celebrate their new life together.

When choosing the perfect gift, it’s best to evaluate the couple’s personalities, their hobbies as individuals, and what they like to do as a couple. Ask if they have a wedding registry—they most likely would have one. While they won’t have the traditional wedding registry items, such as kitchen appliances, glassware, and silverware, their list will give you an idea of what they need and would like to receive.

And, if they don’t have a registry, we have listed 20 wedding gifts that couples tying the knot (again) will want.

Experiential Gifts

20 Lovely Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage Photo Credit // Unsplash

Time is a hot commodity, so gifts that allow them to spend some time together learning a new skill or enjoying a quick getaway are a real treat. Experiential gifts would let them have some alone time together (or as a family with their kids), and explore activities that they may not have done yet. When booking and purchasing these for the newlyweds, make sure that they can choose their schedule, or at least rebook them, so it doesn’t go to waste.

  1. Cooking class (an excellent idea for a date night)
  2. Dance class
  3. Sports-related activities (mini-golf, tennis lessons, or tickets to watch their favorite team)
  4. Spa services
  5. A Broadway show, ballet, or concert
  6. An overnight stay at a hotel, resort, or bed and breakfast
  7. Tickets to local tourist spots that they haven’t been to (think One World Trade or Top of the Rock in New York, or the Architectural Boat Tour in Chicago). The hop-on-hop-off tour buses in major cities are also good so that they can be tourists in their city for a day.

Gift Cards or Vouchers

These are as good as cash, so they are convenient gifts, yet a lot more thoughtful. Think of the items that the couple can use, whether for their daily lives or hobbies. Is the groom a handyman? Is the bride crafty? Do they love cooking, or are they coffee aficionados? Are they moving to a new place or relocating to another state? Do they like to eat out or watch movies? These are things you may know, especially if you are close to them. If they have kids, a family-friendly trip to an amusement park or a restaurant can be a lovely wedding present. With almost all popular brands and retail shops offering gift cards, you will not run out of options to give the soon-to-be-married pair.

  1. Hardware stores
  2. Furniture shops
  3. Grocery stores
  4. Restaurants, bakeries, or buffets
  5. Cinema vouchers, magazine or streaming subscription
  6. Amusement parks or ski resorts

Couple Gifts

20 Lovely Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage Photo Credit // Unsplash

These are the things that they can share as husband and wife. Think of non-household items for a wedding present that can usually be found in the bedroom and used as a couple. Almost everything can be customized and personalized nowadays, and these tailor-made items make for a meaningful wedding gift.

  1. Personalized pillows or throw blankets
  2. Monogrammed matching towels or robes
  3. Custom passport holders and luggage tags
  4. Bedsheets (make sure that you know the correct size of their bed)
  5. Travel luggage
  6. A nice picnic set or camping gear, if they’re the outdoorsy type
  7. A cool his-and-hers gadget or appliance

You can also find out what the couple’s favorite charity is or what advocacy they are passionate about, and make a donation in their name as their wedding gift. Whatever you decide to give, make sure that it does not in any way have a reference to the previous marriage of either person. It may be their second or third marriage to the world, but to them, it’s their first to each other. Your gift represents your love and support for the commitment that the happy couple is making to one another.

You can never go wrong with generosity, and giving the newlyweds a gift, whether you were able to attend the wedding or not, shows them that you’re thinking of them during their special day.

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