Funny Wedding Invitation Ideas to Make Your Guests LOL

Looking for funny wedding invitations to get your guests laughing before the big day? Here are our top ideas.

By Emily Forrest

funny wedding invitations
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We’re all for elegant, sophisticated, and timeless wedding invitations. There’s something so special when a guest opens up a foil-lined envelope and beholds a beautiful wedding card in their hands.

But, what about funny wedding invitations? Today, couples are getting bolder with their wedding invitations. What used to be unheard of in terms of “wedding etiquette” is being turned on its head (and to tell you the truth, it’s really fun).

We gathered up some of the silliest wedding invites that we could find. Whether it’s a post-elopement party or a backyard boogie that you’re hosting, pair it with one of these funny wedding invitations to give your guests a chortle.

Love Truly, Drink Slowly, and Dance Badly

For those searching for funny wedding invitations that start slow then pack a punch, take a peek at this wedding invite. Love truly, drink slowly, and dance badly sounds slightly like a wedding saying you’ve heard before. But, upon closer examination, you find that the sentiment is actually silly. Ideal for those couples who are ready for a raucous good time on their wedding, this funny save the date and wedding invitation style is sure to sneak a smile from even the most discerning of wedding guests.

Free Cake, Open Bar

If you’re a culinary and beverage-minded bride or groom, this Free Cake, Open Bar invite will be the frosting on top of the cake (or shall we say, the olive on top of the martini). Keep things simple and fun with free cake, open bar invites. Because truly—need you say more? As it turns out, many of the best wedding stories do involve an open bar and, of course, endless amounts of deliciously good cake.

The Love Story

One of the best parts of a wedding is the love story. It’s the coffee shop where you first saw one another, the college literature class that you shared, or the coworker who introduced you at a company function. So, why not share your love story—however silly it may be—with your guests? In this fun card, Jill and Matt told their story through their wedding invitation. They met at work, got along okay, had lunch, an after-work beer, and then eventually became friends.

One thing led to the next, the office cut their jobs, then she asked him out (and so on). If you want to set the tone for your casually fun wedding, funny wedding invitations such as this one, allow you to do just that.

You Can’t Come to Our Wedding

For those of you who plan to elope or already have, congrats. An elopement shared between two people is a special and ceremonious occasion. Thankfully, after you’ve shared your “I dos” you can still have a big celebratory bash with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a silly card to announce your elopement—and the celebration that’s about to ensue, one option is to go for a card that reads, “You Can’t Come to Our Wedding.” Although the joke may at first raise some curiosity among your invitees, the details that follow will inform your party guests of the upcoming post-wedding gathering.

For Richer or Poorer

For couples with a good sense of humor, this For Richer or Poorer wedding invite is perfect. If you’re going to share the promise in your vows, why not first do it in card-form? Funny wedding invitations can take on all sorts of personalities. We love the hand-drawn illustration on this card, and can totally see it transformed into a wedding invite with just a few simple details.

Funny Wedding Invitations Photo Credit // Unsplash

Free Beer and a Wedding

If you’ll be cracking a few cold ones on the wedding day, nothing sets the tone like this Free Beer and a Wedding card. Lots of funny wedding invitations feature food and drink jokes (along with dancing jokes), as those tend to be three of the main components of a wedding. We like how this invitation wording is fun, yet it still maintains a romantic component with the hearts and swirly font. The simplicity of the icons is cute, and if you go with this instant invite, you can download your files as soon as the payment is confirmed.

Nothing Fancy Just Love

Not every funny wedding invitation has to be laugh-out-loud humorous. You can go for a charming-meets-funny invite, too, such as this one that reads “Nothing Fancy Just Love”. We love the casual invitation wording that the artist created, and appreciate the simple design of greenery and black font. As a bonus, you can personalize the back of the card by adding a picture or additional paragraph.

Personalized Caricature

Typically, when a caricature is created, it exaggerates the features of its subject. It’s one of the best ideas for funny wedding invitations because a caricature, by nature, is meant to be comical. Plus, your guests will love seeing you and your spouse-to-be in cartoons. This caricature wedding invitation is highly detailed and represents some fun characteristics of the bride, groom, and their relationship. This particular artist also does save-the-dates, which is another fun route to go.

Game Over

For any gamers in the crowd, this Game Over card is sure to steal your heart when it comes to funny wedding invitations. Of course, we know the game of love isn’t anywhere near over for you and your partner, but this unique card is a humorous way of announcing the big day. This graphic design element shows a bride and groom, but you can also find the same theme with customizable spouses, such as this groom and groom version.

We’re Having an Open Bar

For the open bar parties—with a side of a wedding—this We’re Having an Open Bar wedding save-the-date is ideal. You can use this same idea, but add more details if you’re looking for a full and funny wedding invitation. Better yet, enlist the help of an artistic family member or friend to jazz up the black front with some cute, original doodles. One thing is for sure, along with a funny invite, you’ll have an invite that’s entirely your own.

Old School Invites

One of the best ideas for funny wedding invitations is to throw it back to yesteryear. Give your guests a good giggle with an old school invite that features photos of the two of you as kids. These particular cards are handmade using cardstock and baker’s twice, which gives them an instant vintage flair. Pair this wedding invitation with some vintage stamps to complete the theme, then send, sit back, and relax as guests' compliments start pouring in.

Funny Wedding Invitations Photo Credit // Unsplash

Other Ways to Add Humor to Your Wedding

Funny wedding invitations aren’t the only way to add humor to your wedding. Here are some other ways to give your guests a good belly laugh on your wedding day.

Interactive Trivia

How would your guests react to a silly game of interactive trivia? Perhaps someone in the crowd knows which partner got the chickenpox first. Another guest may know the exact spot that the two of you shared your first kiss. Get the crowd roaring with an easy-to-put-together game, complete with prizes for the winning answers.

Throw in a Joke During the Vows

We know that there’s a fine line between a joke going right and wrong. If you’re going to add a joke, make sure that it’s something guests will understand or, at least, something they’ll get a laugh out of. This is a fun way to break the ice after people have been on the road and are settling into the fun of the celebration.

A Silly Dance

A couple’s dance—or a family dance—is a great way to get your wedding guests chuckling. Sure, the scene from “Dirty Dancing” has been done a few times, but is there anyone who can pull it off better than you and your future husband or wife? We think not.

Flower Girl Grandmas

A little bit quirky, and a whole lot charming, one of the best ideas for a wedding might just be flower girl grandmas. Enlist the help of both sides' grandmas and watch the guests instantly swoon over the fun.

Childhood Photos

Scattering childhood photos throughout your venue is not only hilarious, but it’s a fantastic ice breaker. Guests will love seeing photos of you together as a couple, but start from way back when, and give them an assortment of childhood photos, too. Put them up in the bar, the bathroom, or at the tables—the choice is yours.

From busting out some dance moves to sending out funny wedding invitations, adding humor to your wedding can be a whole lot of fun. And, the good news is, however you do it, it will get your guests laughing and (most importantly) keep them happy.

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