9 Wedding Invitation Styles for Every Type of Couple

From bohemian and botanical to minimalist and modern, there are pretty wedding invitations of all styles on Zola. Here are some of our gorgeous favorites.

By Monica Mercuri

pretty wedding invitations
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When it comes to wedding invitation styles, there are a bounty of options to choose from. Along with listing all of the fun details—such as your names, the location, and both the date and time of your event—your wedding invitation serves as a hint of what’s to come.

Will your celebration be elegant and classic, or rustic and vintage? Perhaps it will be a formal affair or more of a casual daytime gathering.

Moreover, narrowing down your wedding invitation’s styles can aid you in wedding planning. It may help you to fine-tune the rest of your vision for the big day (if, of course, you don’t already have it).

Below, we’ve gathered some of the most popular wedding invitation ideas you can use via Zola to announce your wedding day. From modern to classic to floral, find the one that best represents this part of your love story.

1. Elegant and Classic

  1. Elegant wedding invitations never go out of style. Our Blake wedding invitation features a formal design with a solid contrasting border. It’s a classic style that’s available on luxe cardstock with clean type and script accents. We like to think that this wedding invitation style is ideal for couples who want to keep things simple, with a hint of fancy.

  2. The Baker Fan is one of those wedding invitation styles that exudes classic glamour. With an Art Deco-inspired design, its golden fan print and vintage font are ideal for formal weddings.

  3. Sometimes, the most minimal designs can be the most timeless. The Powell Stamp wedding invitation takes a bold approach to highlighting your initials, and it features a classic infinity symbol (as a representation of your ever after).

Pretty Wedding Invitation Styles Photo Credit // Unsplash

2. Floral and Botanical

  1. With hand-painted blooms and timeless typography, Gardner Bloom is the epitome of floral and botanical wedding invitation styles. Crafted by botanical illustrator Maggie Enterrios, this floral wedding invitation set is a top choice among those who crave all things whimsical.

  2. Our Tillage wedding invitation ties together two of our favorite things—a boho-chic design and watercolor flowers. Whether you’re celebrating in a farm or a field, this one will help to set the mood.

  3. Take a trip to the tropics with our Cruise wedding invitation. If you’re on the hunt for rustic wedding invitation styles that boast a vintage, yet tropical vibe, consider this wedding stationery your ticket to paradise. This invite is ideal for destination or beach weddings, but can be used for a wide array of celebrations.

3. Rustic and Vintage

  1. One of our favorite ways to celebrate outdoor weddings (or nature-loving couples), is the Deepcreek Portrait wedding invitation. It features a stunning watercolor design that represents spring, summer, fall, and winter. So, if you’re on the hunt for rustic wedding invitation styles that can be tailored to any season, this one is a lovely choice.

  2. An invitation that’s rustic, vintage, and floral all combined into one? With its sunny design, our Bonnie Bloom wedding invitation radiates joy and whimsical fun. For indoor fall weddings adorned with pumpkin decor, or summer celebrations amongst nature, this stationery is both flexible and meaningful.

  3. If it’s winter-inspired wedding invitation styles that you’re after, our Belvoir Portrait invitation is a delicate blend of rustic meets vintage. Use it for winter weddings and snow-filled celebrations. From big ballrooms to cozy restaurants, this holly-dotted beauty will set the stage for magic.

4. Beach and Destination

  1. If you’re planning a seaside affair, our Providence Portrait is the perfect, beach wedding invitation. From a cruise around the harbor to a sandy, beachside gathering, the nautical theme can be applied to just about any water-inspired wedding. We love the simplicity of the white anchor on the navy backdrop, although the reverse (blue anchor on a white backdrop) is just as eye-catching.

  2. Keep things artistic, yet elegant with your destination wedding when you choose our Afton Landscape invitation. With beautiful brush strokes and a joyful pattern, this destination wedding invitation is customizable for a wide array of events. Whether you’re doing a celebration at an art gallery or in an open meadow, this is one of the wedding invitation styles where the destination details sing.

  3. The Art Deco-inspired Westshore Border wedding invitation is pretty with a hint of old Hollywood glam. With its retro scalloped borders and dreamy seashell decor, this stationery is a favorite among ocean lovers who enjoy a bit of flare. Customize your color—such as periwinkle or pink—and let the wedding festivities begin.

5. Bohemian

  1. Our Cricket Wreath invitation blends the bohemian with the botanical. Set in a landscape that’s filled with desert blooms and succulents, this one can be used for an array of cacti-inspired wedding days. They may be prickly, but they sure are pretty. To really complete the theme, pair this invite with a boho save the date, prickly pear signature wedding drink and a cactus boutonniere.

  2. Bursting with hand-painted blooms and timeless typography, the Destin is one of our most romantic wedding invitation styles. If you’re a wildflower or nature enthusiast, you’ll love this pretty card in peach, navy, and white. Pair it with rose gold foil and set the stage for a sweet wedding filled with whimsical charm.

  3. Bohemian wedding invitation styles can be sophisticated and timeless, too. Our Brisa Classic invitation comes in a range of colors, from slate to beige. It looks lovely when you add on our pearlescent option to give it a slight metallic sheen. Once you look closer, you’ll find an abstract botanical outline behind the typography, such as a hidden bohemian treasure.

6. Romantic

  1. Romance abounds with our Abbey wedding invitation. Featuring clean lines and script font, this is one of the wedding invitation styles whose beauty speaks for itself. Shop the full Abbey suite to add more romance, or view this design in Letterpress for something extra special.

  2. Our Cardinell Stamp wedding invitation is both delicate and natural. Ideal for couples who are celebrating in a romantic, nature-inspired setting, this invitation boasts hand-sketched flowers and modern typography. Printed on luxurious, extra-thick cotton paper, we swoon over this one in all font colors—sky, mint, gray, and navy.

  3. Give the feeling of sprinkles, stars, and shapes with our Splendor Landscape wedding stationery. If you’re looking for wedding invitation styles that spark a feeling of expansiveness and joy, this one is perfect. It’s ideal for couples whose love language is all things astrology.

7. Minimalist

  1. Leafy eucalyptus is a favorite among both indoor and outdoor celebrations. Bring this mint-hued beauty to paper with our Galata wedding invitation. This beautiful botanical design features leafy eucalyptus garlands that frame the initials of you and your spouse-to-be. It comes in a variety of colors, all of which will make the details of your wedding invite shine. If you’re going for a minimalist wedding theme, this card is the perfect option for you.

  2. For a minimalist design, our Florence Portrait makes a statement. With bold font and a clean background, this card makes all the important details stand out—such as your names, the location, and what’s soon-to-become your favorite date and future wedding anniversary. When you’re looking for wedding invitation styles that are minimal, colors such as blush, white, blue, and sage are ideal. Just choose your font hue and you’re all set.

  3. Make your simple save the date and minimalist invitation unique by opting for a landscape layout. Our Stowe Landscape wedding invitation features a letterpress design on extra-thick cotton paper. We like to think that it strikes that beautiful balance between modernity and elegance. If you’re an engaged couple on the hunt for something understated, yet chic, this one’s a fantastic option.

Pretty Wedding Invitation Styles Photo Credit // Zola

8. Modern

  1. The Lyons Classic pairs a bold brush font with a rich background color. Whether you’re choosing rust, rose, forest, or any of the other available colors, this invitation highlights your wedding details in a modern and joyful way. Simply choose your color, input your information, and watch the invites sing.

  2. Our Urbana Stroke wedding invitation boasts all the best industrial-chic vibes. With its modern typography and painterly design, this one is stunning in dark slate, mocha, and beyond. We’re partial to using it for an art gallery or loft celebration, though its flexibility and simplicity are what make it modern to its core.

  3. Go for elegance with the Cody Border invitation; this letterpress design is sleek and romantic. Whether you’re celebrating your upcoming nuptials at an expansive vineyard, an industrial warehouse, or an intimate restaurant, you’ll find this is one of those wedding invitation styles that works just about anywhere.

9. Pastel Color Wedding Invitations

  1. Our Cardinell Bloom invitation (and wedding invitation suite) is elegant and minimal, with some hand-sketched floral flair. It comes in four different color options, two of which are a pastel pink and blue. Morerover, it boasts monograms, modern typography, and the option to choose custom foil lettering. All in all, it’s ideal for formal garden weddings and spring weddings.

  2. For a gorgeous take on pastels, consider the Violin invitation. This classic wedding invitation design is paired with stylish calligraphy and a swatch of pastel watercolor, the perfect wedding invitation card for nuptials of many themes—from black tie, to boho, to classic.

  3. Lean into your artistic, soft side with the beautiful Olmsted invitation. If more painterly brush strokes and a bold typeface for easy-to-understand information is what you seek, this card, with its pastel color palettes, is the one for you.

From modern to minimalist, choosing your perfect invitation style is a personal experience. Whether you view your style as more bohemian or prefer a flair for the romantic, we know that you’ll find your ideal wedding invite match here at Zola. Prepare for an influx of RSVPs.

If you have any questions—from addressing to printing to when to send them out—or need any guidance, feel free to reach out to our team today. Between color choice, paper material, and style, there can be a lot to consider. Luckily, we’re enthusiastic about all things wedding, and we’re here to help.

Whatever wedding invitation style you choose, make sure that it’s one that makes your heart sing. And, when the big day has come and gone, put your invite in a frame, find a perfect spot on the wall, and hang it up as a meaningful reminder of your most special day.

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