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Rustic & Country Wedding Invitations

“Rustic” and “country” are sometimes used interchangeably but can mean very different things when you’re talking about the wedding theme. A rustic themed wedding invitation is one that features natural, soft, or romantic elements, such as our lace-bordered Terrace invitation.

Country wedding invitations often feature natural elements as well, but also denote a more casual tone and outdoorsy setting. For your country wedding theme, opt for a design such as our Bonnie invitation, which features hand painted sunflowers, our Camden invitation, which features watercolor pine trees, or our charming Festival invitation.

When crafting your wedding day invitation with Zola, all the information you need to include is provided for you in a template that is easy to customize. When you select a style from our collection of rustic country wedding invitations, it will include who’s getting married, the wedding hosts (usually the bride and/or groom’s parents), when and where the wedding venue is, the wedding’s formality, and how to RSVP. You can choose to leave all this information as is or alter the invitation design.

There are so many ways to word your invitations. Thankfully, Zola makes it easy to settle on the right wording with plenty of wedding invitation templates to choose from and customize. When you browse the selection of rustic wedding invitations, you’ll find a variety of options ranging in formality so you can set just the right tone. If you’re having a casual country celebration, you may want to choose a less formally-worded template, and if you’re having a more refined rustic wedding, you may want to choose a more formally-worded template. To make sure you hit all the right notes, check out the Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Invitation Wording.

From bohemian and botanical to minimalist and modern, there are gorgeous wedding invitations of all styles on Zola. Here are some of our most popular invitation categories:

Whether you're going for classic white or a bright array of hues, Zola has the most popular wedding invitation colors for every wedding style. Checkout some of our most popular color categories.