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Lavender Wedding Invitations

Invoking beautiful florals, delicate fabrics, and total serenity, lavender wedding invitations are a fantastic choice for your wedding day. This light, airy hue is the perfect accent color, whether you’re dreaming of a sweet ceremony with a muted color scheme or pastels for a spring wedding.

Considering a light purple watercolor wedding invitation or a nature-inspired lavender floral wedding invitation? There’s a world of possibilities out there with accents, textures, and designs to make your lavender wedding invitations pop.

Named for the plant that shares its color, lavender certainly has botanical connotations. But this doesn’t mean lavender wedding invitations are restricted to springtime blooming season or even outdoor weddings.

The following wedding styles match perfectly with the soft tones of lavender:

  • Vineyards and Wineries – Paired with your favorite glass of white, red, or sparkling champagne, a lavender palette can bring quiet elegance to your vineyard wedding and act as a great complement to the lush greens and pale blue skies.
  • Romantic – Soft, delicate tones like lavender automatically hint at romance. For the intimate and idyllic ceremony, lavender wedding invitations will hit the mark.
  • Whimsical – If you want to imbue your wedding day with a hint of whimsy and enchantment, consider the tones of lavender. Soft yet mysterious, lavender can feel almost magical in the right setting.

Lavender wedding invitations can make an understated and sweet statement about your big day, but there’s more to it than just picking a color scheme when it comes to crafting a phenomenal wedding invitation.

On Zola, give a personal touch to your invitations with the following options:

  • Style – Eager to customize your lavender palette with everything from calligraphy to botanical designs? Our style options open up a world of choices to create invitations that match your mood.
  • Letterpress – Add a pop of texture to your otherwise simple, delicate lavender invitation with letterpress options. When your guests hold your invitations in their hands, they’ll be able to feel the thoughtful and tasteful details.
  • Paper Type – Let the natural essence of lavender come through in a paper type that complements your palette. You can print your lavender wedding invitation on natural, recycled, or soft linen wedding stationery to embody your natural wedding inspiration.

Planning a wedding is all about the details. That’s why Zola has you covered when it comes to perfecting your lavender wedding invitations. With matching save the dates, free shipping, envelopes, guest addressing, and five free design samples, take all the time you need to create exquisite invitations.

If you’re looking for an easy, flexible, and fun way to make your big day even more special, look no further than Zola.

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