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Burgundy Wedding Invitations

Named after wine from the famous region of France, Burgundy is a deep, rich color sure to give your wedding invitation cards a luxurious touch. Burgundy adds dimension to any wedding invitation and captures the strength of love.

You can lighten up your burgundy wedding invitations with delicate metallic finishes, or enrich them with timeless letterpress printing. No matter the design, burgundy provides a powerful backdrop for the announcement of your wedding day.

Burgundy is deep and dramatic. You can tailor burgundy wedding invitation designs to fit an assortment of wedding vibes:

  • Romantic - There’s a reason we associate red with love. To highlight the romance of your celebration, consider burgundy wedding invitations for a more contemporary take on a classic.
  • Formal - Red wine, red velvet, red lipstick—all of these luxuries share the richness and strength of burgundy. With more dimension than classic black-and-white color schemes, burgundy is an opulent choice for your wedding theme.
  • Winery – Are you and your partner wine aficionados? Burgundy is the perfect color for a winery wedding—it’s inspired by the deep reds of Burgundy wines, some of the most renowned in the world. The rich hue will beautifully contrast the earthy greenery and airy blues of the landscape at your venue.

Burgundy is a beautiful color, but it’s not the only element you can use to add style to your wedding invitations.

On Zola, dress up your wedding invitations with many stylistic choices, including:

  • Foil – You can brighten burgundy’s richness with foil accents in gold or silver. This option adds a metallic finish to your invitations that will create the perfect balance of dark and light, sure to impress your guests.
  • Letterpress – Have you fallen in love with burgundy’s depth? Letterpress font printing creates raised surfaces to add even more dimension to your burgundy wedding invitations.
  • Style – Complement burgundy with a seasonal or destination invitation style. Whether you’re having a cozy winter wedding or a glamorous getaway to wine country, choose from many wedding invitation styles to match your wedding venue.

You’ve already found a love worthy of burgundy’s beauty—let Zola help with the rest! Aside from offering many wedding invitation designs for you to choose from, Zola also offers perks like five free design samples, free shipping, free envelopes, free guest addressing, and free change the dates.

With Zola by your side, the journey to your big day just got easier.

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