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Navy Blue Wedding Invitations

Navy blue wedding invitations could be the perfect option for you, whether you’ll be standing on a beach, a boat, or in a backyard. You can pair navy blue with pearlescent paper for a glossy sheen, much like the tips of a cresting wave, or add modern flair to a classic color scheme with rounded corners—the options are practically endless with a navy blue wedding invitation.

Referring originally to the color of the Royal Navy’s iconic jacket, this deep color has always carried a sense of sophistication. Pair the rich tones of navy blue wedding invitations with one of the wedding themes below:

  • Fall and Winter - Encourage your guests to admire the falling leaves or the flying snowflakes with navy blue wedding invitations. Whether the season brings a crisp autumn breeze or a downright chill, the deep hues of navy blue match the darker tones usually associated with the colder months, making this color ideal for fall or winter wedding invitations.
  • Nautical – When dreaming of the high seas, no color comes to mind faster than navy blue. This is a great option whether your wedding day is an afternoon cruise or a waterfront affair.
  • Formal and Romantic – If you’re looking for something elegant and classic without fully embracing the traditional black and white palette, consider pops of navy as a contrasting color to the rest of your wedding invitation. The deep tones embody romance while adding some visual interest to a simple wedding invitation.

When you choose Zola to help you design your invitations, you’re unlocking a world of possibilities, including these customization options:

  • Edges – Give your invitations a shape that makes them stand out from the rest. Enhance your navy blue color palette with rounded corners for an air of dynamic elegance, much like ocean waves.
  • Style – Looking to bring your guests on a journey with your invitations? Consider telling the story of your wedding day with style and design options like a lighthouse, anchor, or seashells, depending on your location and theme.
  • Paper Type – Navy blue is most often a regal color, enhanced by a thick paper type that speaks to its royal roots. However, by customizing your wedding stationery type to something lighter like linen, recycled, or pearlescent paper, you can contrast the heavy hues and find true balance within your wedding invitation suite.

Zola is committed to bringing you the best design options and customization possibilities for your wedding invitations. Order your choice of five free samples to see designs in person and find your dream wedding invitations.

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