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White Wedding Invitations

There’s no color quite as classic and traditional as wedding white, from bridal gowns and three-tiered cakes to tablecloths, chair covers, and sweeping decor. This color palette adds an air of elegance and sophistication to any celebration.

White also poses as the perfect backdrop for personalized wedding invitation designs—both simple and elaborate—whether you’re adorning the invites with elegant black lettering or decorating them with a colorful pattern.

Ethereal and dreamy, pearl white wedding invitations are a match made in heaven for more than just traditional weddings.

Here are a few wedding vibes that highlight the color’s vintage charm, simple elegance, or romantic splendor:

  • Vintage – With lace, pearl embellishments, and ivory chandeliers at the helm, it’s no wonder retro weddings are perfectly suited to white vintage wedding invitations.
  • Classic and Formal – If you’re married to the classics—black and white—then why not keep it uniform throughout your wedding paper? Consider simple, traditional wedding invitations with elegant typeface and sleek design.
  • Romantic – A touch of immaculate white in your romantic wedding invitations can go a long way toward creating an atmosphere. Bring on the bouquets of pink roses, twinkling lights, and fanciful string quartet!

White may be elegant and sophisticated, but it’s also a naturally blank canvas. Whether you’re keeping it simple or matching your wedding’s extravagant style, a white wedding invitation grants you unlimited customization options.

Here are a few special touches that work beautifully with any white wedding invitation card:

  • Letterpress – Elevate your white custom invitations with raised letterpress font, perfectly complementing upscale, vintage, elegant, romantic, and formal celebrations.
  • Style – The best thing about white is that it goes with everything—colorful patterns, minimalist sketches, vibrant illustrations, and more. White can either be the main event or supporting character of a truly stand-out invitation design.
  • Paper Type – From formal, to rustic, to romantic, white is as versatile as it gets. Even a simple choice like your paper type can transform the feeling of your wedding invitation. Consider pearlescent paper for a subtle shimmer, linen for a light, airy vibe, or eggshell for formal flair.

You can’t go wrong with white save the dates and wedding invitations—shades of white are a classic in any wedding color palette, after all. To enhance the versatility of this go-to color, Zola provides plenty of design and customization options to bring our wedding invitation designs to life. If you can’t decide between your favorite designs, order five free samples to ensure your invitations will be as flawless as crisp white paper.

With your order, you’ll also receive free shipping, guest addressing, envelopes, and change the dates—just in case! For invitations and wedding inspiration, Zola’s talented designers have you covered.

From bohemian and botanical to minimalist and modern, there are gorgeous wedding invitations of all styles on Zola. Here are some of our most popular invitation categories:

Whether you're going for classic white or a bright array of hues, Zola has the most popular wedding invitation colors for every wedding style. Checkout some of our most popular color categories.