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All about purple wedding invites

Throughout history, purple has symbolized wealth, royalty, and opulence. With so many couples choosing light, airy wedding themes, purple wedding invitations can help you stand out from the crowd while conveying romance and style.

Use deep purple in your wedding invitations for a decadent, mysterious look, or add some light and fun with accents of silver or gold. Purple is a bold color, perfect for bold or eccentric couples.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of weddings work best with purple invitations?

Purple adds an exciting element to the standard wedding colors of black and white. If you’d like to bring this unique and colorful twist to your wedding day, here are some wedding themes that work well with a purple wedding invitation:

Romantic and Formal – The deep, complex tones of purple convey the love you feel for your partner and bring that emotion to the forefront. Purple wedding invitations add lush, lovey-dovey vibes to your wedding theme while remaining regal and sophisticated.

Fall – From falling leaves to pumpkin decor, purple is a gorgeous complement to the rich color combination of autumn. If you want to capture the beauty of your fall wedding date, incorporating purple into your fall wedding invitations will beautifully contrast to the browns, reds, and oranges of the season.

Wineries – Purple’s depth is reminiscent of a full-bodied red wine, making it ideal for a winery wedding invitation. Purple wedding invitations are sure to get your guests excited for your romantic vineyard wedding and will also complement the lighter colors of your outdoor setting.

How can I design beautiful purple invitations for my wedding?

Purple is a strong color, but it shouldn’t overpower your wedding invitation. Zola’s wedding invitation design studio makes it easy to personalize your invitations with many options, including:

Foil – Adding metallic foil accents is a great way to brighten up your purple wedding invitations. Gold foil will beautifully balance light and dark on your wedding invitations, while also highlighting that royal charm.

Paper Type – The paper quality of your wedding invitation can help take it to the next level. A textured or pearlescent paper can add even more dimension to deep purple invitations.

Design – Purple comes in many shades, from the deep reds of fine wine to the hazy hues of dusk. Choosing the shade of purple that’s right for you is key to reflecting the style and vibe of your wedding.

How can we design our dream purple wedding invitations using Zola?

No matter the venue or theme you’ve chosen for your wedding, Zola is here to help you create the wedding invitations of your dreams. To make the process even simpler, Zola offers perks like five free design samples. You’ll also save with free envelopes, free guest addressing, free and free change the dates—what’s not to love?

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