Royal Blue Wedding Invitations

From kings and queens to dukes and duchesses, regality and sophistication surround the royal blue color scheme. If you’re planning a royal-inspired wedding, the perfect place to start is with royal blue wedding invitations.

But this vivid color isn’t just restricted to monarchs. Placed in a rustic setting, it serves as a bright pop of color. Set against the backdrop of the ocean and sky, the darker hue contrasts a sea of beautiful blue. In a downtown venue with vintage flair, it’s a sophisticated yet vibrant color choice. No need for crowns and tiaras when it comes to a royal blue wedding invitation, but we’ll never say no to dressing up.

Royal blue is an elegant choice for a variety of wedding themes with rich and inviting tones. When it comes to decor and accent colors, you’ll find it pairs well with wedding styles such as:

  • Rustic – Whether you’re bringing a little country to the city or heading out to the farm for an intimate ceremony, royal blue is a great complement to the browns, oranges, and reds of a rustic wedding invitation. While it’s not the most traditional choice, you may be surprised by the stunning color combinations.
  • Beach Destination – What could be more majestic than a destination wedding? Show your guests that they’ll be receiving the royal treatment on your special day using a royal blue palette for your destination wedding invitation.
  • Formal – If you have an eye for regal festivities, look no further than royal blue. This perfect medium blue hue is both deep enough to hint at upscale sophistication, and light enough to pop against the darker tones of a black-tie affair.

On Zola, create brilliant, personalized invitations using these style options:

  • Foil – If you’re trying to put the royal in royal blue, why not double down on some tasteful foil accents in gold or silver?
  • Paper Type – Explore a smooth and refined paper for sophisticated invitations, or a textured paper type for earthy balance to your royal blue.
  • Custom Photo – Perhaps you want to include the true royal couple on your invitations. Now you can! Simply add a custom photo to your invitation.

Even if no one calls you royalty (yet!), you’ll get the royal treatment when you design your wedding invitations on Zola. With five free design samples, free shipping, and free change-the-dates, Zola is here to help. If you’re ready to start planning, we’re ready to show you the perfect royal blue wedding invitations.

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