61 Engagement Gift Ideas in 2022

Looking for a thoughtful gift to celebrate a new engagement? Explore our list of the best engagement gifts for couples in 2022.

couple kissing showing off engagement ring.
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Engagements are an exciting time in a couple’s life, and while not required, sending a gift to a newly-engaged loved one is a thoughtful way to mark the occasion. Whether the happy couple has planned an engagement party or not, they’ll no doubt appreciate the gesture! Whether you’re buying for a couple, close friend or family member, read on for inspiration from some of our favorite engagement gift ideas, and check out our printable engagement gift tags for an added touch of personalization to any gift.

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of engagement gift ideas there are to choose from or are unsure of where to start, we’ve got you covered. We’ll walk you through everything from traditional engagement gifts to uniquely personalized gifts that are sure to please.

Bar Tool Set


Help the new couple set up the bar cart of their dreams with bar tools from Crate and Barrel. This snazzy set comes in silver, gold, copper, and graphite and is sure to class up any space.

Buy on Zola, $89.95

Rustic Slate Cheese Board


Say cheese! Give the soon-to-be-married a reason to smile with a slate cheese plate to celebrate. This plate can elevate any cocktail party or charcuterie board night that’s in their future.

Buy on Zola, $34.99

Turntable Record Player


Give the gift of music to the new couple with a record player and a few vinyl records. This retro Crosley turntable is sure to give them plenty of opportunities to dance to the rhythm of love for years to come.

Buy on Zola, $79.99

Bamboo Breakfast Tray


There is no better way to start a morning than with a romantic breakfast in bed with your love. Gift this bamboo breakfast tray to the happy couple, or better yet, gift two!

Buy on Zola, $37.99

Photo Frame


Between proposal, engagement, and wedding photos, there are so many memories that couples cherish during this season of life. Gift this brushed picture frame to display those memories in their new home.

Buy on Zola, $29.95–$49.95

His and Hers Robes


After the stress of wedding planning, give the couple the gift of relaxation with these his or hers robes from Macy’s. Make sure to snag one for each of them so they can each enjoy the comfort.

Buy on Zola, $136

Bamboo Towel Set

Ringspun 6-Piece Towel Set

Everyone can appreciate new and luxurious towels for their home. The soon-to-be newlyweds will be over the moon with these stylish and plush cotton towels.

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8. Champagne Flutes


There are so many things to toast when a couple gets married—love, commitment, the future—it’s all reason to celebrate. Help them raise a glass in style with these elegant crystal flutes.

Buy on Zola, $89.99

Elephant Salt and Pepper Shakers


These adorable Nambé elephant salt and pepper shakers are the perfect good luck charm in any kitchen. Plus, they are a fantastic conversation starter!

Buy on Zola, $50

Porcelain Stacking Mugs


These porcelain mugs are both beautiful and stackable, making them the perfect option for small spaces. Mix and match the green, grey, and orange designs for a unique gift.

Buy on Zola, $37.99

Mortar and Pestle


If your friends enjoy making mole, guacamole, or salsa, try gifting them a molcajete from Crate and Barrel. This type of mortar and pestle is made from rough volcanic stone for more effective grinding.

Buy on Zola, $39.95

Pyrex Measuring Cup Set


Pyrex measuring cups are a staple in the kitchen for good reason. These hardy cups are durable, dishwasher friendly, and can withstand high temperatures. If your friends don’t have these yet, make sure to help them stock up.

Buy on Zola, $22.99

Bud Vases


These unique vases are sure to bring a pop of color to any new space. The happy couple can admire bright blooms while they let their love grow.

Buy on Zola, $54

Pet Treat Jar


If the couple has a furry friend, give them a treat jar that blends seamlessly into their home decor. These treat jars come in gray, blue, and white ceramic so you can choose the perfect option for their home.

Buy on Zola, $35.00

Personalized Coffee Subscription


For the couple that has everything, Mistobox offers hand-selected blends for the couple that are delivered to their door. With each blend, couples can read about the journey from seed to cup, which is perfect for coffee lovers.

Buy on Zola, $114.99–$344.99

What Do You Meme? Card Game


In the couples’ first year of marriage, there will be many challenges. Encourage them to always have fun with What Do You Meme? or any other board game to bring out their kid at heart.

Buy on Zola, $29.99

2-Person Catalina Picnic Basket


This picnic basket is the perfect start to a romantic date. With some good food, a nice day, and maybe a little wine, couples can create a lasting memory that doesn’t break the bank.

Buy on Zola, $95.99

The Cocktail Deck Recipe Cards


The Cocktail Deck is a fresh and fun way to give your friends a list of the best cocktails around. From classic cocktails to rare mixes, this set will help any novice mixologist step it up a notch.

Buy on Zola, $15.99

19. Waterproof Speaker


The days of singing off-key a cappella are over! Whether they decide to listen to calming music in a bath or belt out ballads in the backyard, the new couple is sure to enjoy this unique gift.

Buy on Zola, $129.99

Camping Loveseat


What is the best chair for two peas in a pod? While there are many great options, we think it is the Kelty outdoor loveseat. This cozy double seater is perfect for newlyweds who want to relax together outside.

Buy on Zola, $99.99

Magnetic Bottle Openerand Cup Holder


Are your friends the life of the party? For couples who enjoy entertaining, small solutions like this magnetic bottle opener & cup holder make their house the place to be. This unique gift attaches to all metallic appliances for quick and easy bottle opening.

Buy on Zola, $19.99

22. Chocolate Basket


If you are having trouble choosing a unique gift, look at giving the happy couple a tray basket instead. Each item in this basket is handmade to order so you can be sure that your friends are getting fresh treats.

Buy on Zola, $71.99

Personalized Cornhole Game Set


These beautiful handmade cornhole boards would be a sweet memento for years to come. Every time the couple pulls the set out they will be sure to think of you.

Buy on Zola, $143.99

24. Double Hammock

Trunk Tech Double Hammock

An afternoon spent in a double hammock with your love is an afternoon well spent. Give the love birds this printed Grand Trunk hammock to encourage lots of snuggles in the future.

Buy on Zola, $69.99

Earrings for the Honeymoon


With all of the focus on the big day, so many couples don’t think about the honeymoon details. Treat your friend with special earrings for her honeymoon. Print out these earring cards to match for an extra thoughtful gift.

Buy on Zola, $158

download earring cards

Reusable Straws


Smoothies, protein shakes, and frappes just taste better when you drink them through a straw. Give your friend these reusable straws so she and her partner can enjoy guilt-free frozen goodness together.

Buy on Zola, $17.99

HitchSwitch Gift Card


If your friend wants to change her name after the nuptials, make it easier with a HitchSwitch gift card. Instead of waiting in government offices for hours, she will have everything finished in a few easy steps.

Buy on Zola, $99

Portable Picnic Blanket


This XL blanket covers 38 square feet of space and is water-resistant, making it the perfect choice for picnics, beach trips, and other outdoor activities. If your friend spends more time outside than inside, this is the perfect gift for her.

Buy on Zola, $45.99

29. Teacup and Saucer


Sometimes you just feel fancy. Treat your friend with this set of two Dori teacups and saucers and make her lux dreams come true. These pieces are the perfect balance of delicate and functional.

Buy on Zola, $69.98

Silk Pillowcases

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, Set of 2

Silk pillowcases are a game-changer for hair and skin care. They can help with bed head, breakouts, and even wrinkles. Gift these silken pillowcases so she can get her beauty sleep, and look and feel her best on the big day and every day afterward.

Buy on Zola, $57.99–$70.99

Potted Herbs


Is the bride-to-be a plant lady? This mint plant is potted in a self-watering tumbler, so caring for it is easy. With these planted herbs she can spice up her dishes with fresh flavors while adding a pop of green to her home.

Buy on Zola, $24.99

Electric Wine Opener


Say goodbye to breaking corks and hello to opening wine with the touch of a button. Between bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and engagement parties, there are so many occasions to pop a cork and celebrate. Make these toasts easier for the bride-to-be with this electric wine opener.

Buy on Zola, $69.99

Pizza Stone

Pizza Passion Pizza Stone

Home pizza chefs know the difference than a pizza stone can make on a fresh pie. Set your friend and her partner up with a cordierite pizza stone so they can make fresh pizza for years to come.

Buy on Zola, $49.99

Spicy Vanilla Reed Diffuser


The sweet and spicy aroma from this vanilla diffuser is sure to warm her home during this exciting time. Try coupling this with another scent to give her some options.

Buy on Zola, $30.00

Craftwork Basket Set


The versatility and unique craftwork in baskets make them a beautiful engagement gift idea. These maize baskets come in three different sizes to give the bride-to-be several styling options.

Buy on Zola, $95.99

Bridal Gift Box

Bride To Be

Though weddings are joyous times, the planning can cause stress and anxiety for couples. To help the bride-to-be take a second and focus on self-care, give her an Esselle bridal care gift box. These boxes are packed with luxury items that are sure to give her the refresh she needs.

Buy on Zola, $460

Beer Glass Set

Bravess Beer Tumbler, Set of 4

Help him stock his bar with these angular hourglass beer glasses, designed to accentuate wheats, pilsners and lagers alike. You never know, maybe he will invite you over for a beer.

Buy on Zola, $39.99

13-Piece Grill Set


For the grill expert, quality tools are always a welcomed gift. Gift this 13-piece grill tool set complete with bonded teak handles for an elevated grilling experience.

Buy on Zola,$39.99

Magnetic Knife Rack


Once the knives are taken care of, make sure the couple is set with knife storage. This magnetic knife rack is a functional and chic way to store cutlery without damaging the blades (or your fingers).

Buy on Zola, $69.99

Coffee Grinder


The compact and powerful design of this coffee grinder is sure to impress coffee enthusiasts of any age. This stainless steel grinder can hold up to 2.5 oz of beans, which is enough for 12 cups of coffee.

Buy on Zola, $24.99

41. Whiskey Stones

Glacier Rocks 8-Piece Cube & Tumbler Set

For those that like their whiskey straight but with a little chill, whiskey stones are the solution. These stones will bring your drink down a few degrees without watering it down at all.

Buy on Zola, $21.99

Compact Travel Case


This sleek nylon travel case is ideal for people that want to see the world. The TPU-coated lining is water repellent to ensure all toiletries and other items are safe for the entire trip.

Buy on Zola, $79

Horizon Camp Mug


Whether he likes to camp, fish, or picnic, the KettlePot from BioLite is the perfect portable kettle. This will allow him to boil water for food, and make coffee and tea anywhere.

Buy on Zola, $24.99

Google Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarm


This Google Protect Wire Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is the perfect smart device for keeping a shared space safe. Built in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless controlling from Android and iOS devices.

Buy on Zola, $119

4-Square Belgian Waffle Maker


Wake up to the smell of waffles with this four-square Belgian waffle maker. This is a great engagement gift idea since the happy couple will be cooking for two from now on.

Buy on Zola, $199.99

NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender


The NutriBullet makes a great gift for a health-conscious groom. He’ll be able to make smoothies, protein shakes, margaritas, soup, and so much more with just a few presses.

Buy on Zola, $99.99

Oil and Vinegar Bottles


Holding on to plastic olive oil and vinegar bottles can make your pantry look disorganized and dirty. Try giving your friend these hand-blown glass bottles with oak stoppers to class up his pantry.

Buy on Zola, $49.99

48. Carving Set

Classic 2-Piece Carving Set

This set includes a long-tine carving fork and a slicing knife with scalloped edges. These tools will help the husband-to-be get prepared for any BBQ the new couple holds in their future.

Buy on Zola, $99.99

Champagne Preserver


Raise a glass to the happy couple! To celebrate this day, give them a nice bottle of champagne to pop that evening or after they get married. Make your gift even more memorable with these printable labels.

Buy on Zola, $15.99

download champagne labels

Pasta Maker


Making pasta can be intimidating, but once you get the hang of it you’ll never go back. Pass the love of cooking on to your son or daughter and their new partner with this pasta maker from Anolon.

Buy on Zola, $39.99

Airbnb Gift Card


Instead of a physical gift, give the soon-to-be newlyweds an Airbnb gift card for a weekend away. After the wedding is over and the everyday stressors set in, a weekend away can be so refreshing.

Buy on Zola, $100+

Alternative Duvet Insert


Increase the coziness of the soon-to-be newlywed’s bed by 100% with this duvet insert from Parachute. This insert is medium weight for warmth year-round and contains 100% hypoallergenic microfiber fill for those with sensitivities.

Buy on Zola, $269–$329

Coleman Cooler

48-Quart Cooler

Set the lovebirds up for a lifetime of adventure with a 48 Quart Cooler. This Coleman Perfoemance Cooler offers the perfect balance between portability and functionality that will last through any adventure.

Buy on Zola, $34.99

54. Wine Glasses

Puro Cabernet Wine Glass, Set of 6

Elegant wine glasses are always a welcome engagement gift and this lead-free vintage Bourgogne glass is the perfect place to start. Find out their favorite type of wine and choose the appropriate glass.

Buy on Zola, $83.99

Cast Iron Skillet


A good cast iron skillet is the key to so many delicious dishes and lasts for years. Help the new couple get started with a quality skillet from Lodge.

Buy on Zola, $34.99

Kitchen Linens


Get the newlyweds started on the right foot with new kitchen linens. Quality oven mitts, dish towels, and pot holders look great and protect your loved ones in the kitchen.

Buy on Zola, $12.95+

Duvet Cover Set


Purchasing quality sheets and bedding can get expensive for newlyweds. Help them get a fresh start with a quality duvet cover and shams.

Buy on Zola, $99.99–$129.99

Faux Fur Throw


Help the couple class up their place with a chic throw. Be sure to choose a style that matches their aesthetic and don’t be offended if they swap it for a new color.

Buy on Zola, $36.99

iRobot Roomba Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 694

A robot cleaning your house all day while you’re at work? Yes, please! This gift is especially thoughtful for couples with furry friends that shed.

Buy on Zola, $239.99

Simplehuman Stainless Steel Trash Can


Though trash cans aren’t the most glamorous gift, a nice bin makes a huge difference. These Simplehuman trash cans feature polished stainless steel, hands-free opening, and fitted trash bags.

Buy on Zola, $199.99

61. Luggage

Freeform 21" Carry-on Spinner

Luggage is hugely valuable for the jet-setting couple. Gift the new couple a set of quality suitcases that will carry their belongings safely from place to place.

Buy on Zola, $189.99

Once you decide on the perfect gift, use these free printable designs as gift tags for an extra personal touch. Try printing them out on cardstock and tying them to your gift with ribbon or twine. We included several different designs so you can get creative!


download gift tags

download gift tags

Engagements are the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in a couple’s life that calls for celebration. While a couple’s wedding registry can be a helpful source of gift inspiration, an engagement gift is the chance to gift something more unique or personal. Whether you’re a close friend or family member of the couple or a coworker or neighbor, acknowledging the news with a thoughtful gift goes a long way.

Whatever gift you decide to give them, the couple will feel honored that you took the time to recognize the momentous occasion! If you want to personalize your gift, use these printable gift tags for a special touch.