Duties of the Father of the Groom

Learn about the different father of the groom duties with this helpful guide. Read on to discover more.

By Janina Villanueva

Father of the Groom
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The groom’s father is often one of the more relaxed members of the wedding party, as there’s more spotlight on the father of the bride on the wedding day. With less pressure and things to do on his end, the father of the groom gets to enjoy witnessing the best day of his son’s life as he marries the woman of his dreams. But, this doesn’t mean that the father of the groom’s role is less important. The groom’s father can make a lot of contributions to help make the wedding fun, successful, and memorable.

If you’re a father whose son is getting married, we have listed the things that are expected of you, from the moment he gets engaged up until his wedding day.

Before the Wedding

Don’t know what father of the groom duties you will have before the big day? Here are a few ways you can prep for your son’s wedding day.

Get to Know Your Future In-laws

If you have not been formally introduced to your future daughter-in-law’s parents, reach out to them soon, and invite them for lunch or dinner with the entire family to celebrate the couple’s engagement. Getting to know the bride’s family before the big day is a great way to merge the two sides.

Offer Financial Help

Gone are the days when the parents of the bride are the ones footing the entire bill. Nowadays, costs are mostly covered by the couple getting married, or they can be split in half with their parents. Depending on your wedding budget, some of the items you can take care of are the wedding rings, the wedding officiant, the groom’s suit, transportation, flowers, band or DJ, alcohol, and/or the newlywed’s honeymoon. Sit down with your son and his fiancée so that you can figure out how you can extend help.

Offer Support to Your Son

Be available to your son, especially during the wedding planning. Getting married is such a big step, and wedding planning can sometimes be chaotic. Be there to give him practical marriage advice and calm his nerves during the planning stage (which he’ll need). Aside from this, you can also use your strengths to help. Are you a builder? You can help with some DIY projects such as building yard games if they’re having the wedding outdoors or creating wedding favors. Spending time with the bride and groom will give you an idea of what they need and which areas you can be of the most help.

Host the Engagement Party and/or Rehearsal Dinner

Host the rehearsal dinner and/or the engagement party. The couple, or the bride’s parents, maybe paying for the wedding reception, but the groom’s parents can offer to take care of the rehearsal dinner, usually done the night before the big day. It’s attended by the wedding party and close relatives, especially those who have traveled far for the wedding. If you’re not hosting the engagement party, at least attend with a gift, and welcome your future daughter-in-law to the family.

Share Family Traditions

Share your family traditions or cultural traditions with your son. Weddings are personal and intimate, and one of the best ways to keep it this way is to incorporate family or cultural traditions into the ceremony. It may be a poem to be read, an item to be worn, or even a dance at the reception. Give them an idea of what these are, but let them decide what they would like to include on their wedding day.

During the Wedding

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The father of the groom's duties isn’t over just yet. You’ll most likely be helping anywhere you can on the big day.

Get Ready With the Groom and Groomsmen

Get ready with your son during the morning of the wedding. The guys would hang out in the groom’s room, while the ladies would be at the bride’s room getting their hair and makeup done. Make sure that your son eats in the morning and is prepped and ready on time.

Be Present for Photos

Family portraits are done while getting ready and immediately after the ceremony. Do not disappear, and be the person who will gather your family members together for a smooth flow and make things easy for the photographer.

Walk Down the Aisle With the Mother of the Groom

Walk down the aisle with the mother of the groom. Both parents of the groom have a significant role at the ceremony, and they can either walk down the aisle together or with the groom before sitting in the very front of the venue, on the right side.

Say a Few Words

You might be asked by the couple to give a wedding toast at the reception. This is your time to “introduce” your son to the bride’s family by sharing some of his amazing traits, as well as a little bit about his childhood. Your wedding speech will also include thanking the guests for coming and welcoming your daughter-in-law to the family.

Dance With the Bride

There will be parent dances, where the groom will dance with his mom, and the bride will dance with her dad. But, when the party begins, remember to share a dance with your new daughter-in-law, which can also be special and will mean a lot to your son.

As the groom's father, the best thing that you can do is to be there to support your son. Welcoming wedding guests and making sure that everyone is comfortable is always a good idea for the big day. As long as you’re there helping the happy couple where they need it most, everyone will appreciate the extra effort.

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