13 Ideas For A Romantic Burgundy Wedding Theme

Wondering how to use this rich shade of red for your big day? Learn everything you need to know to plan a romantic burgundy wedding theme.

By Emily Forrest

burgundy bridesmaids dress
Photo by Zola

When it comes to wedding trends, one of the most on-trend wedding color ideas of the moment is, without a doubt, burgundy.

This deep reddish-brown shade is named for the wine hailing from the Burgundy region of France. Burgundy is a rich, jewel tone that’s perfect for a wedding celebration at any time of year. Thanks to its versatility, it can be easily paired with other colors to create beautiful palettes that are sure to delight during your big day.

Think it’s just the hue for you? We’ve gathered some of our favorite pairings to showcase the best burgundy wedding ideas and décor for you to use on your big day.

Why Have a Burgundy Wedding?

First things first. Before we jump into how to use burgundy in your wedding color scheme, let’s quickly cover why, exactly, you should consider a burgundy wedding color for your big day.

There are a variety of reasons burgundy has become a trendy, go-to color for weddings, including:

  • Burgundy works in any season... If you’re looking for a color that works year-round, burgundy is an excellent choice. Whether you’re saying your “I do’s“ in the spring, summer, winter, or fall, burgundy will make for a great addition to your wedding palette.

  • ...and for any wedding style. Throwing a rustic wedding? Going for a more art deco, Gatsby-inspired affair? Or is your wedding all about the boho vibes? Go with burgundy! In addition to its seasonal versatility, burgundy also pairs well with a variety of wedding styles and themes—so whatever your style, this deep red shade is a great choice for bringing that style to life.

  • Burgundy works as an accent or focal color. Some colors make for a great focal point of a color palette—while some work better as an accent. But if you go with a burgundy wedding theme, you have both options! Burgundy works well as an accent color (for example, by incorporating burgundy flowers and greenery into your wedding bouquets, having the wedding party wear burgundy accessories, like ties or pocket squares, or complimenting neutral linens with burgundy napkins) or you can make it more of a focal point (for example, by going with burgundy bridesmaid dresses).

  • Burgundy is the perfect color for elegant details. There are a lot of details involved in bringing a wedding to life—and burgundy is a color that works well for those details. For example, are you dreaming of elegant wedding invitations and save the dates? Try incorporating burgundy into your design. Want an eye-catching dessert for your wedding guests? A berry-hued burgundy cake is sure to add visual interest to your dessert table.

  • Burgundy matches with a variety of other colors. If you’re stuck between wedding color combos, you’re in luck—burgundy goes with a huge variety of color combinations. (More on that in a minute.)

Burgundy Themes and Color Palettes for Each Season

Though this berry hue is a naturally rich shade, it’s suitable for all seasons, depending on color pairings. Take a closer look at some of our favorite color schemes by season to select the best match for your wedding day.


Spring weddings are often filled with softer colors and lots of pastels, so it may seem odd to lean into such a deep color during this time of year. However, burgundy makes an excellent complement to these color schemes and makes for an enchanted wedding theme.

Creating a Romantic Burgundy Wedding Theme: What You Need to Know Photo Credit // Kim Craven Photography

1. Burgundy and Blush

Because they share a color family, burgundy is a match made in heaven for blush tones. This soft pink evokes the traditional colors of the season and lifts the burgundy shade. At the same time, the dark tone provides a certain elegance to its more delicate match. For the ultimate fairytale wedding theme, add pops of gold or sage green to really take this color palette to the next level.

2. Burgundy and Dusty Blue

An increasingly popular color choice, dusty blue is a gorgeously muted shade that contrasts perfectly with rich burgundy. Since both shades are primary colors, they complement each other effortlessly. To elevate the theme, add splashes of white or a vibrant green.


Summer weddings are usually filled with bold, vibrant colors that evoke the natural brightness of the season. Match rich burgundy with the right shades to help to create a vivid palette in line with the traditions of this time of year.

3. Burgundy and Gold

Matching rich burgundy with metallic golds creates an exquisite and romantic atmosphere for your wedding day. The natural characteristics of gold hues brighten the otherwise dark shade of burgundy, bringing it into the summer months' daylight. Keep other colors in the palette neutral, so as not to overwhelm either of these two main colors.

4. Burgundy and Sunflower

Cheerful sunflower shades combined with jewel-toned burgundy makes an especially lovely palette for late summer months when the season begins to turn towards autumn. Pair the colors with a grass green to play up the earthy vibes of this palette.


Fall is one of the most natural times of year to use burgundy shades. As a rich hue, burgundy matches well with the more neutral colors so characteristic of autumnal weddings.

5. Burgundy and Navy Blue

Much like one of our spring palettes, burgundy and navy blue are in complementary color families, making them a perfect match. But because both shades are deep and rich, the key is to keep the rest of your palette neutral. This helps create a romantic atmosphere that won’t overcrowd your celebration with color.

6. Burgundy and Warm Grey

A warm grey color, supported by other warm neutrals, is the perfect match for bold burgundy. This pairing allows burgundy to be the star of your wedding color palette, giving your decor an elegant appearance. This color scheme is particularly well suited for rustic or bohemian wedding inspiration.


During colder months, rich colors tend to provide warmth and elegance when used as decor. If you’re planning a winter wedding, burgundy may seem like an obvious choice. Still, the colors you choose to pair it with can significantly impact the appearance of your big day. Opt for deep neutrals for an unexpectedly elegant palette that will play on a modern wedding design.

7. Burgundy and Brown

Since burgundy has brown undertones, pairing it with a rich brown shade is a natural choice. The two colors work together to create a simple elegance that is stunningly beautiful. Give this palette an extra punch with a pop of dark, hunter green—a shade that evokes the season's tidings.

8. Burgundy and Black

Pairing burgundy with black will make the red hues of the color pop and appear brighter than they do with other palettes. Add in pops of other neutrals, such as an icy white or soft beige, to make burgundy a true showstopper.

Romantic Touches

While burgundy is a color that tends to evoke a certain level of romanticism, the details of your decor and how you choose to utilize the shade throughout your celebration is what will create an elegant and romantic design. It is essential to consider everything from the burgundy wedding invitations to the floral arrangements and bouquets to design a romantic burgundy wedding theme. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

9. Roses

With hundreds of different varieties and colors, roses are one of the most versatile wedding flowers. Select a rich red shade to match your burgundy theme, and let the roses shine in your various arrangements and displays.

Creating a Romantic Burgundy Wedding Theme: What You Need to Know Photo Credit // Kim Craven Photography

10. Tapered Candles

These tall, slim candlesticks are an increasingly popular addition for tablescapes and centerpieces. Much like garden roses, taper candles effortlessly evoke feelings of romanticism, so including them in your wedding decor is an easy way to amp up your theme. Plus, as the sun begins to set, the soft glow adds another touch of elegance.

11. Fabric Drapings

Create a renaissance vibe by draping burgundy fabrics across the ceiling and down the walls of your venue. Fabric drapings create a tent-like effect that will have your guests imagining they are at a celebration in a completely different time. Plus, the burgundy color will evoke a feeling of luxurious royalty.

12. Ethereal Dresses

When it comes to your bridal party, opting for flowing fabrics and dress shapes will perpetuate a feeling of romanticism. Select empire waistlines or fit-and-flare styles to have your bridesmaids’ dresses add to your theme. As a bonus, these styles tend to be universally flattering, which will keep your ladies happy.

13. Bold Suits

Add even more romantic burgundy shades to your celebration by having the groomsmen wear burgundy suits. This bold pop of color will look stunning against a white bridal gown. If having all the groomsmen wear burgundy seems a bit over the top, consider having your groom wear burgundy; dress the others in neutral suits with a burgundy tie or boutonniere.

Bringing It All Together

Creating a romantic burgundy theme may seem overwhelming when you first start wedding planning, but it’s much easier than it sounds. The richness of the color effortlessly evokes a romantic feeling. All you have to do to design the wedding of your dreams is pair it with the right colors for your season and the best details.

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