The Top Wedding Colors for 2022

From “maroon” and “sangria'', to "sage" and "cinnamon", here are the top wedding color trends for 2022 weddings.

By Monica Mercuri

Top Wedding Colors for 2022
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The First Look ✨

  • 2022 couples are getting very detailed about their wedding color palettes.
  • Muted earthy tones are the shades most included in 2022 wedding color palettes.
  • Metallic tones are also very en vogue for next year’s weddings, and many couples are selecting pink, white, green, and blue shades for their big day.

There are a lot of factors that determine the overall vibe of your big day. Details such as your venue, season, and color palette serve as the foundation for other decisions, such as florals and invitation design. Although you may already have your heart set on a particular venue and time frame for your wedding, you and your partner may be having trouble pinpointing your wedding colors.

Zola's First Look Report polled over 3,300 couples who weighed in on the tones for their big day, so take cues from our findings and gain inspiration from the top wedding colors for 2022.

Two 2022 Color Trends to Watch

Before delving into the top hues for 2022 weddings, a few overall trends are consistent among modern couples.

Couples are getting specific with their 2022 wedding color palettes.

Although choosing one or two shades is perfectly acceptable, today’s brides and grooms are honing in on very specific palettes. Zola’s respondents were extremely detailed when chatting about their color schemes.

One couple noted that their big day would feature hues of gold, ivory, plum, midnight, forest green, and lilac. Another duo said that their day would have nods to muted bohemian tones; they chose shades of muted pink, rose gold, quicksand, rose, and white coupled with florals of pampas grass, Ruscus, and orchids. It’s not necessary to be ultra-specific, but don’t be afraid to really hone in on an entire scheme.

Muted, earthy tones prove to be a favorite for 2022 weddings.

Over the past few years, the rise of boho weddings has brought deep, natural tones to the forefront. Although these colors are generally associated with the bohemian style, the color palette transcends being one-note. From formal galas to backyard micro-weddings, muted, earthy colors are in the spotlight. Additionally, think beyond red, orange, and green to include blues, metallics, and lush neutrals.

However, not all couples use boho-inspired palettes. In 2022, there will be a rise in weddings inspired by fall colors, jewel tones, tropical hues, and rainbow-inspired color schemes. No matter your style, the 2022 trending wedding colors are full of inspiration, so pick the shades that showcase your personality as a couple.

Top 5 Wedding Colors for 2022


If you love red, this is your year, especially if you adore deep, tonal hues. Red doesn’t necessarily mean the bright shade used for lipstick, so think a bit darker. Burgundy and its offshoots, such as maroon, sangria, oxblood, wine, mulberry, cabernet, and chianti, are trending. Deep reds are lovely any time of the year, although they’re perfect for fall and winter weddings.


Deep tones take center stage when it comes to orange hues. Cinnamon, clay, terracotta, rust, and burnt orange are gorgeous and blend well with other colors. However, don’t relegate oranges to fall weddings, as the shade will have a presence in 2022 weddings all year long. Plus, terracotta and cinnamon hues can serve as accents in combination with other wedding colors.


When it comes to green, there is no limit to the depth of the tone. Light, dark, and bold green hues are stylish for 2022 weddings. Couples are adding sage, hunter, olive, eucalyptus, and emerald tones into their wedding color palettes. Green acts as a neutral, so lush greenery can be inexpensive and perfect for adding dimension to your bouquets and wedding centerpieces.


Like greens, 2022’s trending blue tones vary in pigment, some of which skew a bit towards a green color. Authentic blues, such as navy and dusty blue, can soften a wedding. In comparison, brighter tones of teal and turquoise can add pops of unexpected color on their own or when combined with other hues.


Champagne, copper, gold, silver, bronze, rose gold—if it’s metallic, it’s trending. Metal tones are easy to incorporate into weddings—think accessories, decor elements, and ribbon—and 2022 is here for it. So, pick a metallic style, and weave it throughout your special day. Every wedding deserves a bit of shine, from simple events to formal black-tie affairs.

Top Companion Tones for 2022 Weddings

While some colors are in the spotlight, a few tones are perfect at taking a backseat and allowing other shades to shine. 2022 is seeing the emergence of couples using a few trending hues that blend flawlessly with just about any color palette.

  • Navy - Couples are using this deep blue color to pair with burgundy, rose gold, and noir.
  • Champagne - This barely-there tone accents most other colors, but 2022 couples adore champagne with rust, taupe, emerald, merlot, ivory, and different neutral hues.
  • Sage - For your 2022 wedding, blend the light, leafy green of sage with rust, tan, blush, taupe, dusty blue, and terracotta tones.
  • Gold - Because gold is metallic, it is widely used and consistently paired with coral, olive, and burgundy in the upcoming year.

2022 Wedding Color Trends by the Numbers

Beyond the trending color palettes, Zola’s couples weighed in on the individual shades that they’ll be including on their big day. Over 30 percent of 2022 couples said that they were using green and blue. White was the frontrunner, making an appearance in almost 40 percent of weddings, making sense as it’s a color traditionally associated with the wedding day. Pink also had a surprisingly high response, with nearly 25 percent of couples saying that they would include it in their 2022 wedding color palette.

The least popular colors were yellow (only appearing in eight percent of weddings) and brown, chosen by only three percent of couples. Although brides and grooms are very detailed with their 2022 wedding color palettes, there are still five-and-a-half percent of duos that are undecided about their color scheme. Additionally, seven percent are opting out of having any specific palette.

Choose colors that you love, no matter your take on the trending wedding colors for 2022. Consequently, if you’re undecided, let Zola help. Get specific palette inspiration, learn how to choose your wedding colors, or pick the quintessential colors for your wedding season. Zola’s expert advice section has all you need to plan your big day from start to finish, using beautiful tones for the perfect wedding.

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