Cost of Wedding Flowers

Find out how much your wedding flowers should be costing you and learn how to budget for them.

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Wedding flowers are a significant part of the design and style for your big day and, unfortunately, they come at a cost. Generally speaking, your ceremony and venue will be filled with blooms in bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, altar displays, and pew decorations, to name a few of the arrangements you can expect. Then you and your guests will move onto the reception which typically incorporates flowers in centerpieces, table garlands, chair decorations, and sometimes even on the cake. Given the endless possibilities, it’s easy to see how all these touches can add up to one costly part of your budget.

That’s why it is important to decide on your floral budget before making flower choices for your venue and, in some cases, prior to speaking with a florist. Being able to tell your florist a firm budget for your wedding flowers makes it easier for them to guide you through the planning process.They should point out must-haves versus nice-to-haves and steer you toward more affordable wedding flowers. So, how much should wedding flowers cost for your dream wedding? Where do you even begin? Check out our tips for creating a flower budget that will work for you, and a few sample budgets to help get you started.

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How Much Do Flowers Cost For a Wedding?

The average spending on wedding flowers in the US is $1,500, with the majority of couples spending between $700 and $2,500. Planning an accurate and conservative budget will help you avoid any surprises when it comes time to pay your bills. While the total cost of your flowers will depend on your location, the season of your wedding, the type of wedding flowers you choose, and the quantity you order, certain items can be estimated to help you get an idea of what’s a reasonable expectation for your wedding. Below is a list of popular wedding floral arrangements normally included on the big day and a price range for each. As you look at the list, think about where you live or where your wedding will take place to determine an accurate budget. For example, in a notoriously expensive area like New York City, you should expect to pay closer to the top of the range. A wedding taking place in a smaller or rural enclave might expect to pay something closer to the lower end of the scale.

  • Main Bouquet: $120 to $350
  • Wedding Party Bouquets: $50 to $250 each
  • Boutonnieres: $15 to $50 each
  • Pin-on Corsages: $25 to $60 each
  • Wrist Corsages: $40 to $80 each
  • Flower Girl Petals: $50 to 75 per bag
  • Altar Arrangement: $85 to $600
  • Aisle Decorations: $75 to $350 each
  • Sign-In Book Display: $130 to $275
  • Place Card Table Arrangement: $60 to $350
  • Head Table Centerpiece: $60 to $250
  • Sweetheart Table Garland: $10 to $60 per foot
  • Guest Table Centerpieces: $75 to $450 each
  • Cake Flowers: $20 to $120

As these ranges vary greatly, it’sa good rule of thumb to allocate eight to ten percent of your overall budget for flowers. Those couples wishing to use a lot of flowers may decide to spend a larger portion of their budget for their arrangements, with the total cost for this element of their wedding coming in well over $4,500. In contrast, other couples may choose to incorporate more decor elements with only a few flowers, spending significantly less on flowers and only paying a few hundred dollars in total. As you plan your wedding, it’s up to you to decide what’s most important to make your day special.

Sample Flower Budgets

Still wondering how much do wedding flowers cost? To get an idea of how you might consider planning your wedding budget, here are a few examples.

Wedding Flower Budget #1: $6,320 This is an example budget for a couple in southern California using more expensive blooms as the primary decoration element for their summer wedding.


  • Main Bouquet: $280
  • Main Boutonniere: $40
  • Three Wedding Party Bouquets: $360
  • Three Wedding Party Boutonnieres: $120
  • Four Father/Grandfather Boutonnieres: $80
  • Four Mother/Grandmother Corsages: $200
  • Two Flower Girl Petals: $120
  • Two Altar Arrangements: $600
  • Aisle Decoration: $1,500 Reception
  • Place Card Table Display: $260
  • Head Table Centerpiece: $180
  • Ten Guest Table Centerpieces (large): $2,500
  • Cake Flowers: $80

Wedding Flower Budget #2: $2,934 The next budget is an example budget for a couple planning a winter wedding in the Midwest using affordable flowers as an element of their minimal decor.


  • Main Bouquet: $130
  • Main Boutonniere: $18
  • Two Wedding Party Bouquets: $120
  • Two Wedding Party Boutonnieres: $32
  • Two Mother Wrist Corsages: $80
  • Two Father Boutonnieres: $32
  • Decorative Garland: $480 Reception
  • Two Entrance Arrangements: $350
  • Six Single-Blooms on Cocktail Tables: $60
  • Place Card Table Display: $150
  • Eight Guest Table Centerpieces (small): $600
  • Sweetheart Table Garland: $72
  • One Bar Arrangement: $120
  • Greenery for Place Settings: $800
  • Two Restroom Arrangements: $240

These budgets, while made up of estimates, show how quickly different floral elements can add up to a high cost no matter where you live. Having a budget in mind when you first meet with your local florist is helpful, but don’t be afraid to rely on their expertise. Your florist may have suggestions or creative ideas to help you manage costs while still creating the wedding of your dreams.

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Why Are Flowers So Expensive?

Knowing how much you should expect to pay for your wedding flowers is definitely helpful for your planning, but it might have you wondering why they come with such a hefty price tag. Well, there are a few reasons for this, and once you know them, it seems logical that you might be paying more than you had initially expected.

Florists Provide a Product and a Service The total cost of your wedding flowers includes the physical displays and arrangements, of course, but those don’t make themselves! In reality, creating beautiful centerpieces, bouquets, backdrops, and arches requires an extensive amount of time and effort. So, you are paying for the labor that goes into crafting every individual element of your floral arrangements. Plus, you are paying for your florist’s unique expertise and creativity, which can be invaluable.

The Flower Itself is Expensive If you receive your initial pricing estimate from your local florist and are surprised by the total cost, consider which flowers you have selected. High-end blooms like garden roses or peonies will cost you a lot more than chrysanthemum or ranunculus blossoms. Some flowers are pricier as a result of their prestige, but seasonality and regionality can play a role in the cost as well. For example, depending on your location and the time of year, certain flowers may need to be special-ordered from different parts of the country or even world. One such bloom is Lily of the valley as they are generally only available outside greenhouses for two to three weeks in May. Similarly, certain flowers are more delicate than others requiring greater care and more labor to keep them fresh. All of this is factored into the price you are paying. The good news is that a majority of the more expensive blooms have beautiful alternatives that will fit into your budget.

Need more tips on how to cut costs on your wedding flowers? Check out our complete list.

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