5 Best Wedding Websites for 2023

Where should you make your wedding website? Here are 5 of the best sites to pick from, plus all the perks that set them apart.

5 Best Wedding Websites for 2023
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If there’s ever a time to be organized, it’s when you’re planning a wedding. Whether scheduling your engagement photos or communicating information to your guests, it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks if you don’t have a way to stay on top of things. Luckily today’s couples can do it all with the help of a wedding website.

Although you could branch out and create a site using a template from Wix or Squarespace, there is no reason to. Several companies have already done the work so couples can easily add their wedding day information and quickly get a site up and running. In addition, most sites track things like RSVPs for wedding events and gift registries.

Our list of recommendations will help you save time and money — all of the sites are free, although there are fees for upgrades. However, if you need a practical way to inform your guests and keep your to-do list organized, this list of the five best wedding websites for 2023 will set you on the right path.

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Zola began as a wedding registry site, so this platform is ideal for curating the perfect gift registry. However, there are so many other things this platform can do to help keep you on track and your guests informed about your big day.

The perks:

  • Couples get a free wedding website, so there’s no need to worry about an extra cost. It’s one less thing you have to add to your budget.
  • Password protection keeps your site secure and your information private. It also keeps unwanted, peering eyes from seeing things you don’t want them to.
  • Managing RSVPs is simple for your wedding reception and other events, such as the rehearsal dinner. Additionally, you can track who is bringing a plus one and any meal preferences or dietary restrictions within the RSVP system.
  • The wedding website builder has various templates so couples can select one that best suits their taste and style. Whether your preference is streamlined or bursting with colorful florals, there’s a site for you.
  • Your wedding registry is seamlessly added to your website, making it easy for guests to purchase gifts and track items you still need.
  • Whether you want a paper wedding stationery suite or digital invitations, Zola has both. You can select stationery that matches your wedding website to keep everything cohesive.

To consider:

  • Although the sites are customizable, there are limitations, especially concerning font and color changes.
  • There is a charge if you want a custom domain. Having one may seem unnecessary, but a custom URL helps your guests navigate the site easily.

Other perks:

In addition to curating a wedding website, Zola has an intuitive gift registry where you can add items from Zola’s gift section or integrate your other registries. There are also hundreds of articles on the site to help answer wedding planning questions. Zola also connects couples with local vendors and has digital save-the-dates, which is a big plus when planning your own wedding.

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It’s no wonder that Joy has a good reputation for wedding websites, as that is why the company initially started. Although the brand has grown to include other helpful aspects, it has really honed in on making highly functional wedding sites, especially concerning its guest list manager.

The perks:

  • Both convenient and budget-friendly, Joy offers free wedding websites. You can easily personalize them by adding bios for you and your partner and including dress code information on your site.
  • The RSVP management system goes above and beyond on this platform. Not only can you track your guest list, but you can keep tabs on which members of your wedding party are bringing a plus one.
  • In addition to tracking meal preferences, you can also ask your guests things like their favorite song so that you can let the band or DJ know which hits to play.
  • If both you and your partner want to log in, Joy offers multiple website admins so that anyone who needs access can gain entry. This aspect can help in numerous situations, for example, when you’re planning a destination wedding and your wedding planner needs to access information from afar.
  • When using the online RSVP system, guests can also respond on behalf of their partner or other immediate family members, simplifying the process.
  • You can divide your guests into groups to make it easier on you and ensure that they only see events that apply to them. No one wants to accidentally invite folks to the post-wedding brunch or rehearsal dinner if they shouldn’t attend.

To consider:

  • There are some design limitations with Joy’s platform. Many of the styles lean towards floral, so minimalist or modern couples may have difficulty finding a suitable template.
  • Because Joy is a leader in the wedding website space, many options exist. However, some features are overwhelming and require accessing the HTML codes, so you may have to ask your IT bridesmaid for help.

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Other perks:

Although Joy started with quality wedding websites, their platform has grown to include a wedding registry that keeps track of gifting across multiple gift registries. You can also order invitations to match your wedding site or consult their blog to get answers to some of your wedding planning questions.


Like some other sites, Minted didn’t get its start doing wedding websites. Once known simply as a place with gorgeous wedding invitation design templates, this company has grown to include artwork from independent artists and personalized gifts.

The perks:

  • One big perk about using Minted is that you can peek at a live preview of your website as you make changes. This feature takes out the guesswork and enables you to ensure that everything is aligned and functioning in real-time.
  • The RSVP form tracks and manages multiple events, which makes creating or changing your reception seating chart a breeze.
  • Although their wedding websites are free, couples can pay an expert $49 to get their site up and running. You may want to leave this expenditure off of your budget. However, having someone create and add wedding details to your site is something to consider, especially if your to-do list is already lengthy.
  • Another unique upgrade option is to have a completely custom wedding website designed by a Minted artist. For $270, you can wow your wedding guests by having a site that matches your wedding venue or perfectly reflects your style. These sites also include a custom domain name that will be easily remembered.

To consider:

  • Some consider the customization options a pro. However, dangling that beautiful carrot in front of couples also tempts them to make an upgrade they may not be able to afford.
  • The free wedding website templates have limitations on how you can customize them. Therefore, you may need to splurge on personalized wedding website designs if you’re searching for other options.

Other perks:

If you can afford the custom design upgrades, Minted is the best wedding website if you want something one-of-a-kind. In addition to beautifully designed sites, this company also has top-of-the-line wedding invitations and stationery suites. It’s also a great place to purchase personalized gifts for your wedding party.

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WeddingWire began primarily as a place to connect couples with local wedding vendors. Nowadays, the brand offers so much more, including stylish wedding websites. In addition, they pride themselves on being user-friendly and having several wedding planning tools.

The perks:

  • Like most other companies, WeddingWire offers free websites, making it easy for couples to test the designs without a financial commitment.
  • The drag-and-drop feature allows you to create seating charts as needed. So, if someone joins or bows out last minute, you can rearrange the plans in a snap.
  • A curated wedding planning checklist helps you keep on track. Do everything from messaging your wedding professionals to managing your budget within your site.
  • Guests can easily navigate your website to find information, such as your wedding date, love story, and wedding hashtag, to use on social media. All you have to do is fill in and supply these details for your guests to access.
  • If you need help determining what to serve at your reception or choosing a song for your first dance, survey your guests to help you and your partner decide. Doing so is a fabulous way to communicate with your attendees and get them excited about the big day.
  • The site is available across devices, whether online or on the mobile app.

To consider:

  • You can make your site private with a passcode, which can be viewed as a plus for the couple. However, if guests are in a pinch trying to find the venue address on their phone and can’t remember the password, they could be left scrambling for information.
  • The design offerings are a bit lackluster and not highly customizable. However, they will get the job done. So if you’re not looking for something unique, this one will do and is comparable to some other sites.

Other perks:

Looking back at WeddingWire’s beginnings, if you are searching for wedding professionals, this company is a perfect place to start. It has a hashtag generator, wedding planning inspiration articles, and a registry option. With the ability to accomplish so much in one space, this brand is worth a look.

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The Knot

When it comes to The Knot, wedding websites may not be the first thing that pops into your head. The platform originated as a way for couples to learn about wedding trends and get advice leading up to their big day. However, things have grown a lot since those initial days.

The perks:

  • The Knot has an accompanying wedding app that makes sending messages and updating your guest list easy when you’re on the go.
  • One of the first things couples will encounter when registering for their free wedding site is design options based on style, such as rustic or classic, which can aid in a template decision.
  • You can add a photo gallery of you and your partner and a bio so everyone can get to know your love story before the special day.
  • Wedding website designs have matching invitations so that your look can remain cohesive from start to finish.
  • The functionality of the planning and event management tools is intuitive and allows you to see RSVP notifications in real-time. Additional items, such as a wedding checklist and budgeting tool, also help The Knot remain highly relevant as a wedding website option.

To consider:

  • A custom domain costs an additional $20, although having a unique URL allows guests to find and remember your site easily.
  • Having a wedding website will add you to The Knot’s marketing email list. You may start receiving an overabundance of communication, so be sure to opt-out or unsubscribe to minimize incoming emails.

Other perks:

Because The Knot started as a place for couples to have their wedding planning FAQs answered, the article archive has a wealth of advice. In addition, you can purchase wedding attire and rings and use their wedding registry program. This company also helps you find local vendors and sells invitations, so it truly is a one-stop shop for all things wedding related.

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Zola: The Wedding Registry, Reinvented

Toss the spreadsheets and planning binders, and utilize your wedding website fully. Zola is a fabulous place to start as you begin wedding planning and communicating with your guests. From announcing your engagement and keeping your registry to collecting RSVPs and uploading wedding photos, Zola is a wonderful choice for a wedding website and gift registry. It’s simple! Get started setting up your wedding website and registry at Zola — the big day will be here before you know it. Happy planning!

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