A Guide To Garden Themed Weddings

All you need to know to plan the perfect garden wedding.

By Taylor Bryant

Garden Themed Weddings
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There’s something extra romantic about garden-themed weddings, but your big day doesn’t have to take place outdoors for it to be just as special. In fact, that dream can be out of reach for a lot of people, whether it’s because of cost or location. Thankfully, you can still have a garden-inspired wedding experience that’s connected to nature.

From details like the food menu to the attire, it’s the little things that gather together to create something big and magnificent. So, ahead, we created a guide for how to plan your own garden-themed wedding. All it takes is a plan, determination, a little imagination, and lots of flowers.

Choose a Wedding Venue

A Guide To Garden Themed Weddings Photo Credit // Shoot The Cake Photography

Now, the perfect setting for a garden-themed wedding would, of course, be in an outdoor garden. A place where you can be surrounded by fresh flowers growing out of the ground rather than bunched up in a bouquet. But, of course, that’s not always a reality. Maybe it’s too expensive or you don’t want to contend with potentially poor weather on your big day. Understandable! There are still other options—like an indoor greenhouse, a tent propped up outdoors, a conservatory, or a glass-walled area. Going more traditional with a venue like a banquet hall or hotel is also an option, as long as you have permission to transform it as you please.

Think About the Time of Year

Picking a season is especially important if you’re having an outdoor affair, but it’s also something you should consider even if you’re bringing the party inside. Why? The season will determine what flowers will be available for you to use. If you want lots of tulips, then you should opt for a spring wedding, if peonies are your favorite, a summer wedding is best to ensure they’ll be in full bloom.

Tease the Theme

The first indication of your wedding theme usually comes by way of the wedding invitation. So, if you want to give your guests a sneak peek (and plant the seed ahead of time), select a floral motif with a specific color palette or greenery design of some kind to tease it out and set the tone. If your wedding venue is outdoors, include a note encouraging them to wear clothing appropriate for a lawn celebration. Or, hint that they can lean into the garden theme and wear something floral-inspired to blend in.

If you’re unable to have your wedding in an actual garden, another (less expensive) option is to have your engagement photos shot in one.

Dress the Part

A Guide To Garden Themed Weddings Photo Credit // Shoot The Cake Photography

Speaking of outfits, a floral print wedding dress is a darling way to embrace the garden theme. Other ideas involve floral accessories or adorning your hair with buds. If you don’t want to go literal, we’ve also gathered up [wedding dress styles] that we think pair perfectly with a garden-themed wedding.

You can also have your bridal party dress the part in floral dresses or accessories of their own. While the groom and his friends probably won’t be down to wear floral tuxedos, they might be willing to compromise with flower ties or cufflinks. A blooming uniformed theme is best.

Garden Up the Food

The obvious choice for a garden-themed wedding is to have lots of, well, greens. But that doesn’t exactly make for a very exciting menu. So one alternative is having a flavorful, well-rounded plant-based meal (it’s great if the couple is also vegan). Another nice hint is keeping the menu carnivore-friendly and just incorporating edible flowers into some of the dishes as well as in drinks and desserts.

Green Decor

Of course, the best chance you have to make your theme be known is by way of garden wedding decor. For centerpieces, go with wildflowers that look like they were just plucked from a nearby garden or succulents instead of cut blooms to add a natural vibe. Direct your guests to their seats with pressed floral place cards. Hang a floral garland or canopy above the dance floor. Have a green altar or a lush greenery backdrop where guests can take pictures. And string romantic lights around the venue to really embrace the romanticism that a garden evokes.

Planted Party Favors

One final wink to your theme is via your party favors. If you have floral centerpieces, you can encourage guests to take them home so they don’t go to waste. Or, another eco-friendly idea is gifting seed packets that guests can plant themselves and enjoy for years to come.

Follow this guide, with some tweaks and edits depending on your taste, and you’re bound to have the most magical fairytale garden-inspired day.

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