45th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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By Taylor Bryant

45th Wedding Anniversary Gift
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45th Wedding Anniversary

Forty-five years and the love is still alive. You’ve got four and a half decades under your belt and that deserves taking a moment to pause and celebrate.

The traditional theme for this particular milestone is sapphire. The blue gemstone symbolizes wisdom, faithfulness, and sincerity, and is said to bring gifts of joy, prosperity, inner peace, and beauty—all things required in a marriage that’s lasted as long as yours has. The modern theme happens to be the same, which means that this year is all about the blue hue.

If you’re having trouble coming up with sweet and original 45th wedding anniversary party ideas, we’ve got a bunch of suggestions ahead. Some follow the traditional theme, while others are alternative ideas and experiences that we’re sure your loved one will appreciate. Keep reading to discover our favorite 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

Sapphire Watch

A color combination like gold and blue is unconventional and also really, really cool. The sapphire face will truly stand out amidst the other bland watches in your lineup. If you’re looking for 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas that are unique, yet classic, this watch will be the perfect gift.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

We’re sure you’ve crossed off plenty of things on your bucket list while being together, so why not keep the streak going and book a ride on a hot air balloon? You’ll lift off at dawn and float atop mountains and valleys; it’ll be an anniversary worth remembering.

A Personalized Bracelet

It’s easy to gift someone any old piece of jewelry, but in celebration of 45 years together, we suggest stepping it up a notch and adding a little personalization, such as a bracelet that you can engrave with a saying of your choice in your own handwriting. It’s a sentimental, unique touch.

Blue Kitchen Appliance

Looking for a practical 45th anniversary gift? Your kitchen is likely in need of an upgrade at this point, so go for something fun and unexpected, such as a royal blue appliance. Dutch ovens are classics and can be passed down to your kids (or grandkids) for years to come.

An Adventurous Date Night

Have date nights completely fallen to the wayside into year 45? Well, that’s understandable. Start them back up with a gift that will do the planning for you. All you have to do is pick from 20+ experiences, which range from a dessert tour to a champagne brunch cruise to sightseeing. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the day so much that you’ll start making a habit out of it again.

Drinking Glasses

This anniversary definitely deserves a toast or two, and these old-fashioned drinking glasses are perfect for doing just that. Celebrate this milestone anniversary with these beautiful drinking glasses and use them for years to come.

Blue Irises We wouldn’t typically recommend flowers as an anniversary present (at least not as the only present) but 45 is special because, while it’s not official, many credit the blue iris as being the traditional flower for this particular year. Plus, we’re suckers for uniquely colored plants (naturally, of course). Irises also symbolize faith and hope, which we can all use more of. But, if you can’t get your hands on the delicate flower, delphiniums, hydrangeas, and hyacinths are other blue-hued options.

Wooden Wall Hanging

Here’s a gift that tracks how much time you’ve spent together by literally counting the moments you’ve shared. Pictures are great, but it’s also nice to see the amount of love and the number of hugs and laughs exchanged spelled out as a reminder.

Sapphire Earrings

Add some uniquely colored bling to your lady’s collection with a pair of sapphire blue earrings. Thankfully, blue looks great next to any hue.

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Trip to London

Fun fact: The Royal Family has a thing for sapphires. You might remember Princess Diana’s stunning sapphire engagement ring, which is now worn by Kate Middleton. Queen Elizabeth II was also given a matching sapphire and diamond set by her father King George VI for her wedding, which was just the start of her impressive jewelry collection. Additionally, she was the first British monarch to have a sapphire jubilee.

Which is why a trip to London would be a perfect and royally-fitting 45th anniversary getaway. You can visit the Tower of London to see the Queen’s array of jewels up close, take a stroll through Hyde Park, and even ride the London Eye. It’s the perfect trip for any anglophiles or even just someone who enjoys looking at pretty things.

Blue Weighted Blanket

This might not be the most romantic gift of the bunch, but practical can be just as sweet as sentimental. We like this particular blanket because it's weighted, which means that it feels like a warm hug when you pull it on. The weight also helps to restore the nervous system and is said to aid in achieving a faster and deeper sleep. And, of course, it’s the perfect size for two so you can rest soundly together.

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