15th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

In need of a few 15th-anniversary ideas? Our experts are here for you. Read on for our top tips and advice.

By Ruksana Hussain

15th Wedding Anniversary Ideas
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A milestone moment, the 15th wedding anniversary is symbolized traditionally with crystal, denoting a crystal clear love between the couple. The modern iteration is a watch, honoring the time you’ve spent together and all that you have to look forward to. Roses are the floral tribute, while red is the color for the occasion and a red ruby is the gem of choice.

Clearly this is one of the easiest anniversaries to find the perfect gift. But if you’re in need of 15th anniversary ideas, our team at Zola can help. Below are some of our favorite 15th wedding anniversary ideas that are both unique and traditional.

Keep It Cool With Crystal

Crystal glassware, engraved pint glasses, crystal decanters, or other barware add an extra shine to the minibar where you’ve both built a considerable lineup of favored libations over time.

Consider a well-designed crystal glass 3D family photo for the mantle or by the fireplace to mark your 15th wedding anniversary with all the new members and memories over the years.

For the home, crystal glass centerpieces, serving platters, or bookends bring in some extra oomph and make for great conversation starters at your next party. Place them around your home and common spaces to enjoy every day.

Pair the gift with crystal ring holders, candlesticks, or table lamps for both to enjoy in the bedroom, an area that’s oftentimes left out of gifting considerations.

Make a statement with a large crystal chandelier in the heart of your home or soothing salt lamps to invite health and wellness into your lives. Whichever crystal gift you choose, we’re sure this gift idea will be a complete success with your husband or wife.

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Revel in the Roses

Fifteen red roses for the special occasion would be perfect. but let’s go the extra mile and make it 15 bouquets of red roses delivered throughout the day for those die-hard romantics.

If you live near rose gardens or botanical gardens where roses are in season, you now have a venue for a special evening organized for you both to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary.

Fill up your home with rose-scented candles, essential oils, and even a custom blend unique rose fragrance from the local perfumery. Remember rose petals for the bathtub, and even leading all the way up to the cozy setting with Champagne flutes and music to boot.

Red rose petals also feature as a surprise ingredient in celebratory dishes. Indulge in rose-flavored ice cream and liqueur, lemonade, and jello shots for fun dessert ideas.

Find that restaurant near home that’s named after roses. For a play on words, take your spouse to the roses instead of bringing it all home to them.

Go Modern With Watches

Stylish wrist pieces with crystals or rose red elements is one of our favorite 15-year anniversary celebration ideas. Don’t forget to make a point to engrave your initials on there to remember the special occasion.

If your spouse is a collector, then a limited edition or vintage creation is a welcome addition to the cherished ever-growing collection, too.

Even better, refurbish a hand-me-down piece from a parent or grandparent. There’s nothing like holding on to a little piece of family history in these moments. Add a little piece of you with an embellishment, monogram, or another subtle touch.

For those with their pulse on the latest trends, a high-tech smart watch with streamlined connectivity to all devices around the home is a thoughtful token of your love.

Paint the Town Red

A red ruby jewelry collection in an intricate design beautifully wrapped in a bejeweled keepsake box will be a prized possession and the talk of the town.

Pack a basket to get your spouse red-y for a surprise picnic–you’ll need red wine, raspberries, red apples, cherry tomatoes, and a red blanket.

For a gift that really wows, there’s nothing like a red Porsche or Mercedes waiting outside to take you to your adventure. Rent out a luxury ride for your 15th wedding anniversary and drive around in style.

Turn heads when you indulge with a shimmering red dress or suave red dinner jacket to show everyone you’re celebrating a big day in your lives.

Let the color of love dictate the day. Rent out a red barn, deck it up with the couples’ favorite things and people, and host a grand party everyone will remember.

No matter what route you choose to spotlight this special day in your lives, remember to keep the good times rolling and fond memories flowing. On your 15th wedding anniversary, plan for another 15 years of wedded bliss and growing your home and hearth with your abundant love for each other.

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