Zach & Sean — The Day it All Began

How this couple planned a multi-stop scavenger hunt across NYC for the "perfect" proposal.

Zach & Sean — The Day it All Began
Photo by Zach & Sean

"Will you marry me?” Those four little words are the start of the adventure of a lifetime.

This week Zach & Sean share the day it all began...

The day it all began - Zach & Sean 1 Photo Credit // Zach & Sean


"From early on in our relationship, Sean made it clear that I would be the one proposing, and I knew it had to be big. After months of planning, the perfect NYC Spring Saturday finally arrived. And I was so grateful for the weather, because my meticulously planned, multi-part surprise proposal took place primarily outdoors.

Early in the morning, I left our Brooklyn apartment to “get coffee,” and I knew he had zero clue that anything was in motion. Minutes later, Sean’s best friend appeared in our apartment, blaring “Perfect Day” by Hoku (from the movie Legally Blonde, of course!) and he was wildly confused. She handed him an envelope labeled “Clue #1” that would lead Sean to his first stop on a scavenger hunt of places that became meaningful to us during our first year living in NYC together.

What followed was a multi-stop adventure across the city, with his best friends meeting him at each destination, leading him to the final proposal spot, where I stood waiting. I asked Sean to marry me in the middle of W 47th Street, outside of The Barrymore Theater where we (two huge theater nerds) saw our first Broadway show together years earlier.

A traffic cop had agreed to stop traffic for the occasion, and I popped the question as theater goers, taxi drivers, and a hidden group of our closest friends looked on. It was honestly a big blur – both of us blacked out in the moment, but he said yes! And that’s what matters. But I wasn’t done there.

I said we were going to “take engagement photos” in Central Park, and our small crew journeyed to the middle of the park. As we approached, Sean noticed the crowd of about 50 friends and family members – with signs, picnic blankets and a startling amount of champagne – gathered to celebrate. In a very surreal moment, our friends, family, and a number of strangers in the packed park meadow cheered and (and cried) as we enjoyed our first moments as an engaged couple, on the loveliest of Spring days.

The song Sean’s best friend greeted him with first thing that morning was a true manifestation: It really was the “Perfect Day.” "

The day it all began - Zach & Sean 2 Photo Credit // Zach & Sean
The day it all began - Zach & Sean 3 Photo Credit // Zach & Sean

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