What to Say During a Proposal

Are you ready to pop the big question to your partner, but unsure of what to say? Read on to learn about the best ways to make your proposal a memory your loved one will never forget.

By Monica Mercuri

What to Say During a Proposal
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Chances are, if you are considering popping the question, you’re reasonably confident the answer will be a resounding, “yes!” Long gone are the archaic days of iffy marriage proposals. However, there’s still a lot of pressure to make the moment meaningful. You can create an elaborate setting, but all that effort can sink in a hurry if you don’t know what to say. With a little forethought, you can be well on your way to knowing exactly what to say during a proposal.

Figuring Out What to Say During a Proposal

“Will you marry me?” Those four little words hold so much weight and the answer ultimately ends up determining the course of your future. If you’re thinking about popping the question, you may be concentrating on proposing creatively. However, you need to consider what you’ll say beyond those four words to nail the perfect proposal.

Reminisce About Your Relationship

Recall instances such as how you met, first impressions, a special moment, or your first date. Recounting things that brought you together is a fabulous way to build up to a proposal. The two of you may end up laughing and crying together. However, make it a highlight reel instead of a full synopsis featuring every little detail.

Tell Them Why They’re The One

Was there a moment with your partner where you just knew that you wanted to spend the rest of your life together? Mention it. Even if they’ve heard the story before, remind them what caused you to make that shift in your mind.

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Let Them Know What You Love About Them

Whether they make you laugh, understand you like no one else, or have similar interests, tell them about it. Voicing your list of reasons will make them feel good while reassuring them that they’re loved.

Ponder the Future

Couples often talk about where they want to live and their goals for the future. Maybe you’ve even chatted about kids, jobs, and future vacation plans. Let them know how you envision the rest of your lives together. Again, please don’t make it a diatribe. Touching on the highlights is evidence that you’re on the same page and will create a perfect marriage proposal.

End With Those Four Little Words

Don’t forget to end with the ever-pressing question. “Will you marry me?” is the best way to end a proposal. But don’t rush it—give them time to answer. A proposal is a sentimental time. Sometimes people are at a loss for words, so it’s ok to hug them and relish the moment.

How to Remember What to Say During a Proposal Speech

You’ve set the scene, the photographer is in place, and the after-party is ready. After all of that planning, you get down on one knee and draw a blank. Yikes! With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can recall the words effortlessly.

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Write It Down

Although this may not seem like an ideal solution, it outweighs just staring at your boyfriend or girlfriend while on one knee. Have a cheat sheet, or scribble cues in the palm of your hand. Either write your thoughts in full or simply jot words that will jog your memory as you cover each point.

Show Your Creative Side in a Romantic Way

An extension of simply writing your thoughts down and reading them is doing so in a creative way. Come up with a poem or write a letter to read out loud to your love. Do it on letterpress paper in your neatest handwriting, so that you both have a keepsake from your proposal. Besides, the ring, of course.

Pre-Record Your Sentiments

Consequently, this only fits in with certain types of proposals. However, if you make a home video or radio spot, you can do several takes to get it right. Even if you plan to propose without a pre-recorded message, you can create a voice note or video. This can help you remain calm and critique yourself before the main event.

Practice Making the Big Moment Perfect

Don’t wing it. Practice, practice, practice until you find the right words. Know what you want to say, and say it over and over again. Recite your sentiments to the dog. Declare your undying love to a house plant if you have to do so. Have a trusted friend help you remember. The more times you rehearse, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

Be Genuine

Ensure that what you’re saying to your significant other is genuinely how you feel. If your words convey your true feelings, it will be hard to mess up. Your thoughts will flow as you dig deep into your heart to let them know how much they’re loved.

Prepare Yourself

Whether you’ve given a speech or done a live performance, you know that people can be distracting. A cough, cell phone ring, or person glancing around can leave thoughts in a muddle. Be aware that your love may cry, gasp, or be emotional. After all, it’s a big day. Prepare yourself for the fact that you may have to pause for a moment.

Quick Tip: Be mindful that you may also tear up during the proposal. Allow your emotions to come through naturally. Therefore, don’t worry if you cry, laugh, or have to pull yourself together. This moment is supposed to be filled with emotion.

So, are you ready to propose? We are rooting for you. No matter how you choose to pop the question, it will be the beginning of a beautiful life together. You’ve got this!

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