Winter Wedding Color Palettes

A wintry wedding can be absolutely stunning...if you use the right colors. Discover the gorgeous spectrum of winter wedding color palettes right with Zola!

By The Zola Team

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When you’re planning for a winter wedding, you know your decor will likely be slightly less colorful than at your friends’ tropical destination wedding. But a winter wedding doesn’t mean your color palette has to be as gray as the weather outside.

No matter what season you choose to wed, your wedding’s color palette should be a reflection of you, your SO, and your collective tastes.

But if you’re not quite sure where to begin, we’re here to offer some winter wedding color palette inspiration that goes way beyond Christmas red and green and winter white. These creative palettes will help you to embrace your venue’s seasonal appearance and begin making choices on invitations, accents, flowers, and even your wedding party’s attire.

Burgundy and Champagne

There’s nothing more romantic than a bouquet of deep burgundy roses. As a starting point for your color palette, imagine the visual impact this bouquet, full of vivid flowers and lush greenery, will make against your wedding attire.

Consider pairing deep burgundy roses and chrysanthemums with white and green to create stunning floral arrangements throughout your venue, bringing color and drama to the reception.

From there, you’ll need an accent color, too. A champagne wedding theme is a little more impactful than a neutral white, although you can use both together. Incorporating a few different shades from the same color family will take your wedding color scheme to the next level. Implement this color:

  • On table runners
  • With draped fabric
  • On chairs
  • With vases and candle holders

If your wedding party will be wearing matching outfits, champagne is a great neutral choice for bridesmaid dresses or groomsmen ties (although some participants may be excited about a burgundy wedding theme, too).

For a secondary accent color, blush pink could give your wedding a subtle sunset scheme. Incorporate it sparingly in bouquets.

Winter Wedding Color Palettes Photo Credit // Luckybird Photography

Navy and Gold

While navy and gold might seem a bit nautical at first glance, these strong, winter-appropriate colors create an impactful impression that fits perfectly with the winter season.

This theme could be perfect in the following scenarios:

  • At a rustic venue, accentuate wooden features with gold ribbon, navy runners and napkins, and elegant bouquets.

  • Use navy as a neutral base for gold and white place settings.

  • If you’re looking for a unique wedding ensemble, you and your spouse could even wear navy and gold.

  • Send a navy blue wedding invitation with gold accents to set the tone for your big day.

Use gold accents throughout the venue for a sparkling effect reminiscent of the night sky. You can try incorporating pops of gold on wedding invitations, your bouquet, or even on your wedding cake.

Because navy and gold are both fairly neutral, you’ll have a wide range of options when it comes to florals. Both colors look elegant against simple laurel greens, dark burgundies and reds, and even brighter pops of pink and yellow.

Wine, Ivory, and Blush

Bring warmth to the cold winter days with a wine and blush wedding palette. You can think of this as a highly elevated adult Valentine’s Day color palette—shades of wine rather than shades of pink.

Start with a bouquet of dark wine, light dusty pink, and white roses. From there, you can begin to imagine the rest of the setting:

  • If you’re getting married in a white dress or suit, dressing the wedding party in neutral mauve blush or deep wine colors could bring drama to the wedding photos.

  • Plan a floral-forward wedding, highlighting beautiful, deep-red hydrangeas, lighter pink flowers, and plenty of neutral greenery.

  • Swaths of blush pink and ivory fabric can bring softness and warmth to your venue.

This palette could work well for a vintage or boho wedding, although these classic colors will look great in most venues.

Copper and Laurel Green

If you’re interested in a more sophisticated, minimalist palette, copper and laurel green are both stunning colors that evoke feelings of winter, not the holidays.

When you choose copper as one of your wedding colors, it opens the door for dozens of charming accents:

  • Copper lanterns
  • Copper vases and cups
  • Copper frames for guest-book instructions, place cards, etc.
  • Copper wiring on boutineers

A copper wedding theme pairs beautifully with laurel green, making it easy to choose greenery for use throughout your venue. Pair these with champagne-colored roses, white flowers, and other neutrals for an unforgettable color story.

Purple and Gray

Purple is an on-trend color for 2020 weddings, and with options from lilac, to violet, to royal, a purple hue might be the perfect choice for your palette.

While a purple wedding color can be an intimidating shade at first glance, pairing it with gray makes for a sophisticated winter wedding choice.

Consider the following approaches:

  • Plum purple, silver, and gray
  • Deep purple, lilac, and gray
  • Several shades along the purple-to-gray spectrum

Incorporating silver can provide more options for table decor, whereas using various shades of purple ensures vivid bouquets and also makes for interesting bridesmaids dress options.

White tableware and accents can help break up the saturation, if needed.

Metallic and White

Give your wedding a roaring 1920s vibe by focusing on white, gold, and brass. This ultra-luxe color scheme could also be perfect for a New Year’s Eve wedding. If you’re passionate about rose gold or silver, these metallics are great options, too.

Thanks to the neutral white base, it’s easy to mix and match.

Shop for metallics, or take a DIY approach and spray paint the following pieces of decor:

  • Vases and cups
  • Candle holders
  • Lanterns
  • Garlands with metallic ornaments
  • Frames for the welcome sign

You can even incorporate metallic fabrics as hangings, runners, and tablecloths, or spring for metallic plates.

For flowers, consider white and pale blush flowers along with plenty of greenery. You could even spray paint some of the greenery gold to carry the theme through.

Gray on Gray

Gray is very on-trend for weddings. We’re not talking drab gray, though. To sophisticated minimalists, a palette of different gray hues and textures is the height of elegance, plus it’s easy to include in nearly all details of the big day.

  • Gray and white invitations communicate elegance and style
  • The wedding couple can easily dress in shades of white and gray
  • Choose a cake or cupcakes with ombre gray frosting
  • Set the table in white and silver
  • Grey candles, natural stone accents, and pops of accent color can complete the scene

With a minimalist color palette like this one, beautiful florals really shine. Choose white roses, plenty of greenery, and even a few unexpected pops of color. You can also incorporate live succulents with a natural gray hue (these also make great guest gifts).

Berry Tones

Raspberry, currant, and blackberry may seem like summer colors. However, a jewel-toned color palette is perfect for bringing warmth and drama to a winter wedding.

Imagine gorgeous bouquets with deep, dark flowers, pops of pink, and plenty of cream and green. From there, add berry hued candles, gold accents, and elegant placards. Raw or dried pomegranates could even make an interesting decorative element.

Berry tones can be a beautiful statement at a rustic wedding venue. The pops of color will contrast with the blues usually associated with the winter season to give your wedding a fun-loving, warm feel.

If the wedding couple plans to dress in simple gray and white, berry tones could also be an interesting choice for accents like shoes and ties, or for the bridal party.

Blue, Cream, and Silver

For an unexpected choice, incorporate a light slate blue into your winter wedding. It’s the same palette as the winter sky, helping to highlight the beauty of the season.

Incorporate your chosen blue with:

  • Runners, tablecloths, etc.
  • Your guest book
  • Draped fabric
  • Balloons
  • Candles
  • Wedding party attire

A light grayish-blue can even be a unique choice for a wedding dress.

To pair with your statement color, select white and ivory bouquets with plenty of roses, lilies, and seasonal florals. If available, you could even include sprigs of blue elderberry. Wrap the base in blue ribbon, and secure a boutonniere with silver wire.

Silver will also make an attractive accent color for everything from candlesticks, to cutlery, to chairs or metallic plating.

A Color Scheme as Unique as You Are

Many of the above options focus on light, neutral palettes with a few pops of statement color. However, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate your favorite color into your wedding if a bolder choice calls to you.

Some potential, unique color schemes include:

  • Yellow and cream: Incorporate pops of yellow in the form of flowers, dried wheat, and ribbons to bring the sunshine into your venue.

  • Fuschia: Deck the halls with dramatic fushia flowers, dress your bridesmaids in it, and make sure your wedding is the most colorful thing guests will see until spring.

  • Blue, gray, and aquamarine: A gray day at the beach might look a lot like winter in the woods. Draw on this inspiration and incorporate bold, vibrant colors.

After all, it’s your wedding, and if you’ve always dreamed of incorporating a specific hue into your nuptials, there’s certainly a way to make it work.

Every wedding color palette is about balance. Use a bright hue sparingly for a minimalist effect, or use bright hues everywhere for a rich, colorful wedding where even the most off-beat color choice feels like a natural part of the overall impression.

Winter Wedding Color Palettes Photo Credit // Weddings by Two

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