15 Elegant White and Gold Wedding Ideas

Plan a chic and elegant ceremony and reception with these white and gold wedding ideas.

By Emily Forrest

white and gold reception
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One of the first decisions to make when planning a wedding is the color scheme. All of the other details are coordinated to align with this overall vision. And choosing a white and gold wedding aesthetic leaves the door open for endless ways in which to pull everything together.

The timeless combination is chic and elegant, yet simplistic and pure. It’s a good base to support other pops of color, but can also hold its own and serve as the perfect backdrop to any style of wedding. With so many ways to incorporate white and gold wedding details into your celebration, you can customize it however you wish and make it feel like your own.

Here, we’ve gathered several ideas for ways you can embrace this wedding color scheme and plan a picture-perfect day. Everything from your wedding invitations and your bridal party attire, to the wedding cake to the thank you cards, can receive the Midas touch and be etched in gold.

Why Couples Choose White and Gold

There are various reasons why a couple might opt for a white and gold color palette. As mentioned, the combination works wonderfully for a chic and elegant wedding.

That being said, it can add plenty to a more glam celebration. Using a crisp white as a base, along with gold accents, is a great way to lean into the luxurious uses of the color scheme. On the other hand, the more gold, the more glamorous. There's a large array between mostly-white and mostly-gold that, too, can be applied to numerous wedding themes. Vegas style celebrations, breezy beachy ceremonies, rooftop affairs, and more can benefit from a boost of white and gold.

Aside from the palette's versatility, both white and gold have special meanings. White represents light, goodness, and tradition, while gold is associated with warmth, wealth, good health, and relaxation. Both find great relevance when it comes to weddings, making them both meaningful and visually satisfying.

Embrace this wedding color scheme with many of our favorite opportunities for color. Find each of them below.

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1. Classic Wedding Invitations

White and gold wedding invitations add shimmer to dress up an otherwise simplistic design. For example, the Griffin wedding invitation design is a classic choice with a romantic script available in gold foil. Its formal elegance lends itself nicely to a more traditional affair. Alternatively, the Kalispell design offers a rustic appeal with a mustard color option to emulate a gold and white appeal.

Another beautiful option is the Interstellar design. It has a neat font with dots painted with gold foil for a simplistic appeal. This design works well for any style of wedding, whether it’s an outdoor space or a casual courthouse ceremony. The fresh appeal of a white backdrop with touches of gold makes it adaptable as plans for your wedding day unfold.

2. Color-Coordinated Ceremony Programs

Mirroring the style of your wedding invitations with white and gold wedding programs brings everything together in a cohesive way. The Griffin and Interstellar wedding invitation designs are also available as ceremony programs.

However, design options, such as the Manhattan Skyline (or other major cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and DC), with gold foil text is perfect for a city venue, and the Gardner suite design with flowers along the edge works well for a countryside space. Find which special elements embrace your wedding location best.

3. Unique Wedding Signage

Most wedding signage—we're talking welcome signs, seating charts, signature drink signs, etc.—end up coming out two ways: Black and white or with a transparent background. While we're big fans of each of these ideas, deviating from the usual color choices is an easy way to stand out. White and gold makes this especially doable, since you can opt for a white backdrop and gold printing. The end result is refined and eye-catching.

4. White Floral Bouquets

Creating a bouquet of white flowers is a stylish choice, especially when paired with a gold ribbon to wrap the stems. White is also a nice base when working in pops of color to bridesmaids’ bouquets. Coral, lilac, and yellow are complimentary for spring and summer weddings, while burgundy, orange, and forest green are optimal for fall and winter ceremonies.

Additionally, white and gold flower arrangements look lovely and offer lightness to any tablescape. Select a few different flower varieties to create a customized setting. For example, a minimalistic approach may be placing single white daisies in slim vases. For grander centerpieces, fill with flowers that boast fuller petals, like chrysanthemums or hydrangeas.

5. Bridesmaids Dresses and Shoes

Wearing white to a wedding when you’re not the bride has long been considered a fashion faux pas. However, there’s a new appreciation for how white and gold wedding party attire anchors other chosen wedding colors while offering a touch of sophistication. A few style ideas include:

  • Sparkly gold bridesmaid dresses to offset the elegance of an ivory bridal gown
  • Rose gold enhancements in place of the traditional gold standard
  • White heels or flats with gold bows or straps

Sleek, white bridesmaid dresses in varying styles and lengths do not take away from the spectacular nature of the bride’s gown. Plus, adding gold to any wedding attire automatically increases its glamorous appeal. Whether it’s woven into the dress fabric or used as adornments for shoes, it easily elevates any style.

6. Groomsmen Suits and Ties

When it comes to groomsmen attire, white suits are a fresh substitute to the traditional black or navy wear. In fact, it may be the more appropriate option for a beach wedding or a springtime ceremony. If you want to work in white and gold in other ways, consider a gold tie and pocket square instead. Gold cufflinks are another subtle way to work in the color without overwhelming the entire look.

7. Jewelry and Other Bridal Accessories

From everything from the bridal gown to the flower girl’s dress, rely on flecks of gold to deliver a special finish. A gold bracelet or cuff, a delicate gold necklace, or white and gold ribbons in the hair are all ways you and your bridal party can dress up what you wear. You can choose to have everyone look uniform, or opt for varying styles that incorporate the color scheme. Either way, the common thread of gold and white keeps everyone from clashing.

For brides, in particular, lining your veil with gold trim or wearing a gold sash and gold shoes as accessories to a white gown are classic ways to wear gold. A gold headband or hair pins are also ways to work in the color in a fashionable way. While most would agree to keep the gold jewelry and accessories to a minimum, when coordinated appropriately, it serves as a lovely complement to any wedding dress style.

8. Reception Decor

In addition to your choice of flowers, white and gold wedding decor is a chic and stunning choice. Using gold accents for plate chargers, candle holders, and table runners blend in nicely with a blank, white canvas.

Keep in mind that certain venues already have built-in gold details, such as chandeliers and chairs or cake stands and centerpieces. Having this color scheme apply to gold-framed photos of you as a couple, gold-plated initials sitting at the bridal party table, or gold confetti lining the tables and floor are other easy-to-add wedding reception decor ideas. Consider what you already have to work with as you envision what it’ll look like on the day of your wedding.

White and Gold Wedding Ideas Photo Credit // Shane Hawkins Photography

9. Gleaming Dinnerware

Furthermore, white plates, tablecloths, and tealight candles pair well with just about any other place settings and table decorations you may have at your reception. Consider swapping out traditional silverware for gold silverware and standard white dinner plates for those with gold rims or accents. For extra luxury, gold-rimmed glasses and flatware bring a special touch and take the setup to another level.

10. Eye-Catching Photo Backdrop

Keep your gorgeous white and gold color palette in your loved ones' memories with a reception photo booth. Photo booths are an opportunity to get creative and fun with decor, meaning you can definitely bring on the gold. Utilizing a gold frame with white flowers or something as simple as golden streamers. Either is sure to leave an impression.

11. Edible Gold Cake and Sweets

A traditional, white wedding cake paired with the golden hue of Champagne work together as the centerpiece to any reception. A few ways to highlight gold details even further are:

  • Start with a white, tiered wedding cake and line each tier with gold ribbon
  • Choose a gold wedding topper with your initials
  • Dust the top of your wedding cake with edible gold flakes

Edible gold can be used for other sweet treats besides the cake itself. Decorate individual cupcakes, chocolate truffles, or other desserts that will accompany the wedding cake with gold flakes. There’s no such thing as too much indulgence when it comes to celebrating your nuptials.

12. Glittering Drinks

Sometimes, the smallest details are the most impressive. Ask your venue or drinks vendor if you can purchase edible gold flakes or glitter dust to be used in your drinks. Limit them to your signature cocktails or champagne if you don't want to purchase a ton—or want it to be a special surprise. A few other white and gold options for drinks include striped straws and gold stir sticks.

13. Shimmering Confetti

Create a fun and surprising dancefloor moment with a gold confetti drop or pop. Metallic colors gleam better in the light, making gold an ideal color to use. However, you can also mix in some white for a more chic look.

14. Take Home Gifts and Wedding Favors for Guests

Get creative with gold when deciding on take home gifts for your wedding guests. Use gold bags and string to tie small bundles of sweet to-go treats, such as gold, foil-wrapped candies, fortune cookies, or caramel corn. A simple idea: a mini bottle of Champagne tied with a curled ribbon wrapped around the neck.

Apply the white and gold wedding theme to wedding favors as well. Incorporate gold balloons, streamers, and noisemakers or sparklers to your reception decorations. Each of these special touches only emphasize the festive feeling.

White and Gold Wedding Ideas Photo Credit // Shane Hawkins Photography

15. Thank You Cards and Stationery

When the honeymoon is over and life as a married couple has officially begun, kick it off in style with gold-embossed cards. Thank you cards in gold have a far greater effect than the same sentiment in black and white. Consider it your one last wedding flourish as you start your life anew.

Use the color scheme for your wedding stationery, or opt for gold text using your newly married initials. However you choose to say thank you, make it stylish with white and gold.

All That Glitters Is Gold

There’s no limit to how you can incorporate gold decor into your big day. Depending on your style of wedding, you can play around with the white and gold details to match the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.

The beauty of gold is that it can sit center stage or work as a supporting role to your wedding decor and details. It’s beautiful in every setting and works with all wedding styles and seasonal trends. From a formal celebration to a casual backyard ceremony, coordinating gold details automatically amps up the wow factor, which is ideal for any wedding.

It’s easy to build upon a white and gold color combination and plan a ceremony and reception that feels fresh and modern, as well as romantic and inviting all at the same time. From the simplest event to the fanciest affair, relying on gold as a common thread is an ideal way to go as planning begins. Other wedding trends may come and go, but the gold and white pairing never goes out of style.

With Zola, you can even customize your wedding website to be in beautiful white and gold. See how easy it is yourself. For more resources and guides on choosing the best wedding theme for you, check out more of our Expert Advice.

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