How to Pull Off a Masquerade Wedding

If you’re searching for a unique theme for your wedding, look no further than a masquerade ball. From moody colors to music choice, this guide will show you everything you need to plan a memorable, masked bash.

By Emily Forrest

Masquerade Wedding
Photo by Kirth Bobb Photography

The First Look ✨

  • Whether you go for an all-white feather mask or a dark glitter-dusted mask, choosing the right facial covering is key.
  • Bring Out the Moody Colors: From deep plum table settings to dark grey wedding invites, a masquerade is all about the moody colors.
  • The Invitations: When it comes to invitations, silk-covered invite boxes or DIY invitations with plenty of feathers and glitter will do the trick.

Masquerade balls have a storied history. They date back to the 14th and 15th centuries, where they began as part of Europe’s carnival season. Today, they have since become a trend for creative and unique sophisticated wedding celebrations.

If you’re thinking of hosting a masquerade wedding, more power to you. These types of weddings symbolize everything from mystery and sophistication to elegance and dignity—and we’re all for them. Whether you’re hosting it indoors or outdoors, in the summer or winter, there are plenty of fun ideas to incorporate into your masquerade wedding day.

From music to goblet choice, let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite masquerade weddings ideas.

Types of Masks

Of course, all masquerade weddings ideas revolve around one very important component: the mask. If you’re planning a masquerade wedding, there are an assortment of masks to choose from. As the soon-to-be-married couple, choosing a mask for a masquerade wedding is as important as choosing your dress or suit.

To narrow down your choice, you’ll most likely pick between the following mask components: sparkles, feathers, rhinestones, crystal, and pearls.

Choosing your mask before you embark on the rest of the wedding planning is a wise choice. The bride who chooses the all-white feather mask, for example, may be more likely to go with simple white and gold table decor. The bride who turns to the lavish, black glitter mask covered in purple crystals, on the other hand, might opt for tablescapes that are bold in their colors and textures.

Make It a Surprise

A surprise masquerade wedding might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re feeling adventurous, go for it. When you’re trying to pull off a surprise masquerade wedding, there are a few ways to make it go smoothly. One way to do so: Host your wedding celebration on Halloween. Guests will already be in the mood for something spooky, and it won’t seem too unusual to attend a masquerade event. You can also opt for an intimate, dinner party-style masquerade wedding hosted in your home or a family member’s home (complete with an assortment of fancy finger foods).

Bring Out the Moody Colors

A masquerade wedding is all about mystery and moodiness. Moody hues can vary, but they all offer something chic and unique. One of our favorite color hues for a masquerade wedding incorporates red, deep plum, and mauve. We also love the idea of black, grey, and gold.

Let your colors shine everywhere from the table settings, to the invitations, to your bridal bouquet. The more daring of couples may even opt for wedding dresses and suits in moody colors—like a maroon colored pantsuit with a matching glitter mask. Now is your time to make that masquerade wedding dream come true.

Plenty of Candles

Masquerade Wedding Photo Credit // Unsplash

Candles create an ambiance unlike any other. Whether you’re opting for LED flames or going for the real deal, using candles in your masquerade wedding is a must. Integrate candles into your table settings, cake table, and even for your walk down the aisle. Gold lanterns or antique black lanterns are ideal options. If you want to go the extra mile with masquerade weddings ideas, you can even opt for mini lanterns with tea lights for your guests' seating cards.

Make sure to create an entrance that wows, too. Using candles to guide your guests inside, you’ll help them find their way through the dimly lit doors to the place where the ball begins.

Lots of Greenery

Greenery works in many ways. It can add brightness and vibrance to an all-white daytime wedding, or it can add something moody to a dim evening celebration. Think of an enchanted forest wedding theme with moss green colors and big-leaved plants in purple and green shades. The fun part about greenery when it comes to masquerade weddings ideas is that it can be utilized anywhere to jazz up the space and bring out the feeling of natural mystery. Add it to the seats, the table, the bathroom... anywhere and everywhere.

Goblets and Glassware

Masquerade Wedding Photo Credit // Unsplash

Once you’ve settled on your floral colors and the colors of your plates and utensils, you can narrow down your glassware choices. We like to think that no masquerade wedding would be complete without goblets. Clear goblets will let your beverage colors shine, while deep purple or burgundy goblets will help set the mood of the table. Of course, don’t forget what goes into the goblet, too. For flute-style glassware, think of bubbles with a hint of blackberry liqueur. Red wine, dry martinis, and dark and stormy cocktails are other popular options for a masquerade wedding.

The Masquerade Cake

Cakes for a masquerade wedding come in all shapes and sizes. White, multi-tiered cakes with alternating square and circle layers, polka dot and striped cakes, and cakes topped with masks and feathers are all deliciously excellent choices. With classic masquerade wedding cakes, you’ll find plenty of purples, golds, blacks, and silvers in the batter and frosting. Some couples even opt for plain white cakes adorned with deep red roses or cakes dusted in glitter.

Inspired Table Settings

A good place to start with your list of masquerade weddings ideas is the table setting. There are a variety of ways you can go to elicit the moody, mysterious atmosphere of a masquerade wedding. Some stand-out table settings we’ve seen are based on black and red colors with a table adorned with roses and hints of gold.

If that isn’t quite your style, you can also go the route of a black table cloth with black plates, gold utensils, tall candles, and elaborate floral displays that incorporate oranges and deep greens.

A mask and feather on each guests’ plate is a good idea, too, as it ensures that everyone has a mask to wear for the evening’s festivities (in case they forget theirs at home).

Masquerade Music

To bring your masquerade wedding to life, you’ll want to make sure to have all the best masquerade music. Whether you’re hiring a string quartet or a deejay, the right masquerade music will help set the mood.

While dark, waltz music might be the more traditional path, some couples hosting a modern masquerade wedding might turn toward hip hop and techno. If you’re looking to keep things simple and budget-friendly, a playlist with plenty of Mozart will do the trick.

The Invitations

One of the first masquerade weddings ideas you’ll have to settle on is your invites. Black invites with silver or gold writing and an embellished printed mask is a classic option. More lavish couples may consider something more mysterious, like a silk-covered invitation box with a mask hidden inside. Or, if you’re feeling artistic, gather up some crafty pals and get to work on some DIY plum wedding invitations complete with feathers and glitter.

Sparkling Shoes

No detail of a masquerade wedding goes unnoticed—not even the shoes. Whether you’re going for sneakers or stilettos, sparkling shoes for a masquerade wedding are key. Whether you’re going with cream-colored or deep green shoes, think lace, feathers, glitter, and jewels. If you’re really wanting to stay with the theme, consider getting some clip-on shoe feathers to complement your mask (yes, they do exist).

Wild Flower Arrangements

Some of the most original masquerade weddings ideas rest in the flower arrangements. Floral decor, whether it's the centerpieces or the bouquet, will give your masquerade wedding its own one-of-a-kind vibe.

For the flowers, look towards those moody colors if they appeal to you. Incorporate elements like faux peacock feathers, lace on the candle holders, and crystals drooping from the arrangements. You can opt for elaborate, rectangular displays that make a statement on the tables with deep purples and oranges, greenery, and reds. Decorate with gold and silver glitter embellishments, pearls, and jewels. You can even make a mask the star of your bouquet and surround it with magnificent and unexpected black flowers.

Masquerade Photo Booth

A masquerade wedding naturally means dressing the part. And any time there are costumes involved, it’s a good idea to have a photo booth. Complete your photo booth with props like extra masks, empty gold frames, and feathers. Surround the booth with plenty of moody colored, metallic balloons, and a sequin backdrop curtain. With the string quartet playing and the dark and stormy cocktails flowing, your guests will relish in a photo booth fit for the fanciest of masquerade weddings.

The idea of a masquerade wedding has become more popular in recent years. Plenty of couples are ready and willing to do something that will surprise and excite their guests. After all, the beauty of an out-of-the-ordinary wedding is that it will be talked about for years to come.

Whether you’re doing all black florals or going crazy with peacock feathers on your table settings, we hope our masquerade wedding guide has been inspiring.

If you’ve hosted a masquerade wedding, or plan to in the future, we’d love to hear what sort of masquerade weddings ideas you incorporated or plan to incorporate. From feathers to glitter, to everything that’s moody and mysterious, we can’t wait to hear how you made your masquerade come alive.

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