Enchanted Forest Wedding Theme

Want to sprinkle a little magic on your outdoor wedding? Here's how to bring the best out of your enchanted wedding theme.

By Jane Chertoff

Enchanted Forest Wedding Theme
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The First Look ✨

Stepping into an enchanted forest wedding will feel like a fairytale come to life. If you’re looking to have this whimsical aesthetic as your wedding theme, you’ll need a bit of imagination, plus green trees, ferns, flowers, and of course, lots and lots of twinkle lights.

Whether your enchanted forest wedding will be held outdoors in a literal forest or inside a ballroom you’ll transform into one, here’s what you’ll need to nail your fairytale wedding theme.

What Does an Enchanted Forest Wedding Look Like?

Enchanted Forest Wedding ThemeEnchanted Forest Wedding ThemeEnchanted Forest Wedding Theme *Photo Credit * // Alvea Studio When you think of an enchanted forest, moonlit woods and overarching pine trees may come to mind. At an enchanted forest wedding, you may find forest details throughout—from a floral and branch covered arch welcoming guests in, to candlelit tables covered in mosses, to a rustic cake topped with greenery. Candle lanterns light the ways for guests to find a dance floor lit up with twinkle lights, too.

Couples may want to extend the forest vibes to other parts of the wedding, too. Bohemian attire, floral crowns, and boutonnieres made from greens will all fit the theme well. Gifts and favors might include terrariums or small succulents guests can bring home.

Don’t forget about the creatures that live in an enchanted forest, too. Butterflies, foxes, or other animals can also be incorporated into your decor.

Of course, there are a lot of details to sort out to make an enchanted forest look magical. Make sure to get help from an experienced wedding planner and decorating team who can make your forest wedding come to life.

Location Ideas for Your Enchanted Forest Wedding

Enchanted Forest Wedding Theme *Photo Credit * // De Joy Photography

An enchanted forest wedding can take place indoors or out. Outside, of course, you have the benefit of being amongst the actual trees. But if that isn’t accessible, you can create an enchanted wedding forest look indoors, too.

Depending on your budget and how much you want to spend on outdoor wedding decoration ideas, you can create an indoor enchanted forest wedding anywhere. Just be aware: It can quickly become expensive to bring in trees, greenery, and mosses to make a blank space look like a forest. Discuss all costs with your wedding planner right from the start and look for ways to save on decor—buying some of it on recycled wedding websites, for example.

Outdoor enchanted forest weddings can also be a beautiful option. But depending on how established or remote the location is, it can be pricey to create a comfortable atmosphere for guests (i.e. working bathrooms). However, if there’s a forest nearby that also has a comfortable and established wedding venue on-site, it could be the perfect option for your wedding. Plus, you’ll save on decor costs—the beauty of the forest will speak for itself.

Other Details to Make an Enchanted Forest Wedding Come to Life


An enchanted forest bride may choose to wear an on-theme romantic or boho wedding dress with elements like lace, chiffon, and a long, flowing train. The first thought for bridesmaids' dresses maybe forest green, but you don't want your girls to blend in with the decor. Instead, choose a complementary color, like burgundy or blush, that will look beautiful in your enchanted forest. Gentlemen can get in on the forest theme, too, with a routine that’s made of greens instead of flowers.

Menu and Wedding Cake

Your wedding menu may be on-theme, too. When hiring vendors, ask your caterer if they can include elements of the forest into your menu with a broccoli soup or salad made with local greens. They can also decorate the main course plates with edible flowers or mosses.

Your wedding cake is another place where the theme can shine. Choose a rustic or “naked” cake that you can enhance with greens and mosses. You could use leaves or pine cones, too, depending on what’s available near your wedding site.

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