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Bulk Wedding Favors: Where to Buy Them + 12 Ideas

Wedding favors are more affordable in bulk. Here’s where to buy bulk wedding favors for your special day.

By Laura Hensley

Where to Buy Bulk Wedding Favors
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The First Look ✨

  • Online retailers, from event suppliers to our very own website, make it easy to find and purchase many items at once.
  • Big box chain stores are typically easy to access and provide plenty of affordable gifts and supplies.
  • Etsy puts you in contact with tons of independent creatives, providing various unique options.
  • Handmade favors are a cost-effective way to make sure you end up with what you want—and enough of it.

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When planning a wedding there are so many things to consider, from decor to flowers, to the guest list. And, once you decide on who to invite, you’ll also need to decide on wedding favors.

If you’re planning a large wedding or on buying a large number of personalized wedding favors, it’s often a good idea to buy them in bulk. Bulk wedding favors are more cost-effective, plus it’s easier to place a large order than sourcing several small ones. Depending on your budget for the big day, you may only want to spend one or two dollars per person—which doesn’t sound like a lot, but can add up quickly. Even if you're limited yourself to wedding party favors or bridesmaids.

Here are some ideas on where to buy bulk wedding favors for your big day. Plus, a few of our favorite wedding favor ideas for each category.

TL;DR: There are plenty of places to buy bulk wedding favors, including online retailers, Etsy, and big-box chains that are both cost-effective and thoughtful. You can also go the handmade route and make your bulk favors—and you don’t need to be super crafty to do so.

Where to Buy Bulk Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Christopherduggan Photography

Online Retailers

If you’re buying bulk wedding favors, you’ll want to shop at retailers that have plenty of inventory in stock or that replenish inventory frequently. Online retailers such as Amazon allow for ordering from all over the world, meaning that if something isn’t available in your hometown, you can still get your hands on it in time for your special day.

Mini bottles of Champagne, either for the table or on a table for guests to take as they leave, make for great wedding favors. You can order small bottles from makers, such as Korbel, directly. You can also check with your local winemaker or distillery to see if they sell bulk quantities of their products.

Some online retailers are in the event-only business, such as In Casa Gifts, Weddingstar, The Wedding Outlet, For Your Party, and Beau Coup. They offer bulk wedding favors in everything from candle holders and coasters, to lip balm and mint tins. The options are endless, and you can find an affordable wedding favor that best matches your wedding theme and budget.

Here at Zola, we also have lots of budget-friendly wedding favors. Check out some of our favorite gift ideas below:

  • To-go wedding candy ($75.59 for 24): By the end of the night (or the following morning), your loved ones will be thankful for any sweet treats you were able to give them. Make yours extra special by purchasing beautiful silver-brushed chocolates in small champagne bottles. These romantic favor is sure to be enjoyed by all.
  • Matchboxes ($39.99 for 50): While other couples gift candles, gift your loved ones a classy collection of matches. Matchboxes or books as wedding favors can be simple and beautiful, especially when they are decorated with a foil stamp, like our favorites in our wedding shop.
  • Hand Sanitizers ($14.39 for 10): Couples in the age of COVID would be remiss not to gift their guests a mini hand sanitizer. They're beautiful, extremely usable, and are sure to get a delighted laugh or two. Don't be surprised when you see guests using theirs immediately upon receiving.

Big Box Chains

Big box retailers often have locations all across the US, making them ideal spots to get bulk supplies for a reasonable price.

Gifting wedding guests plants, such as succulents, is a popular idea—especially for warm-weather weddings. You can often order flats of small potted succulents from big-box chains such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. If you want to give guests “Just Married” gear such as party poppers, you can find large quantities of gifts from chains such as Walmart. Craft supply stores, such as Michaels, also sell inexpensive wedding favors, including bubbles, favor jars, and bags, which are handy if you’re making your gift.

Check out some of our favorite gift ideas below:

  • Flower seeds ($1.98 each): From boho to garden wedding, plant seeds make a satisfying and affordable wedding favor. Not only are they easy to purchase in bulk, but just as easy to set up at your reception. Simply fill a flower pot (or, if you want to go big, wheelbarrow) with dirt and stick them in just enough to stand. Guests can then choose to take a packet as they leave.
  • Mini succulents ($234 for 60): Perhaps your loved ones would be more into a low-maintenance plant. If you're guest list isn't full of green thumbs—or you're unsure how many people would actually take seed packets—consider mini succulents. These favors come with pails and thank you notes, so all you have to do is assemble and set them up to take.
  • Bubble wands ($19.99 for 100): Perhaps gift your guests something they can use immediately, like wedding bubbles. Guests will rejoice in picking one up at their table or on their way into your reception, sure to pull it out for some fun throughout the day or night.


Where to Buy Bulk Wedding Favors Photo Credit // BrianHatton Photography

The best wedding favors are the practical ones. Etsy is full of affordable gifts that are often made by independent artisans or small businesses, which is important if you’re trying to shop local.

From custom popcorn bags to miniature soaps, search Etsy for bulk wedding favors at any price point. You can customize your search by cost, location, and wedding theme. Popular, affordable options are seed envelopes or seed papers, which allow guests to plant the seeds at home and watch them grow.

Check out some of our favorite gift ideas below:

  • Luggage tags ($208 for 50): Guests of destination weddings will be fond of a keepsake they can use on the trip—and for many more trips to come. Luggage tags are classic, high quality, and surprisingly don't break the bank when bought in large batches. Opt for individual monograms or a design that fits the feel of your celebration, without being too specific. That way they can be used time and time again.
  • Candles ($200 for 50): Tap into your guests' sense memory with a favor that brings them back to your wedding day. Candle wedding favors—even tea lights—are a luxurious gift that can be personalized in a unique way—through scent. Go for those with personalized lids, as opposed to front labels.
  • Personalized shot glasses ($163.28 for 50): For the group that knows how to keep the party going, consider gifting personalized shot glasses. We recommend going with a design that isn't too event specific (avoid your names and wedding date), so your guests are more likely to hold onto theirs and use them for years to come. Give them something they can display in their cabinets or on their bar carts that brings back fond memories.


If you’re on a tight budget and are happy with getting crafty, it’s often very cost-effective to make your own DIY wedding favors. Using supplies from craft stores or dollar stores, you can create unique wedding favors.

The options are endless with DIY wedding favors. Some couples opt for homemade soy candles, while others craft “cocktail kits” consisting of a mixer, mason jar, small bottle of alcohol, straw, and nametag. If you’re a whiz in the kitchen, you might want to make some homemade jams or granola mix for guests.

From bath salts to lavender sachets, there’s also plenty of wellness wedding favors that you can easily make at home. If you want to go a party bag route, consider buying an assortment of candy and treats and packaging them to create little goodie bags. Everyone loves a tasty treat to take home.

Check out some of our favorite gift ideas below:

  • Favor box or bag ($8-$15 each): Gift boxes (or gift bags) are a great way to gift your guests a handful of small and affordable, yet usable items. They're especially nice for destination weddings, in which guests will appreciate sunscreen, chapstick, deodorant, and the like. While the items can be found online and in stores, wedding favor bags can be bought right here on Zola.
  • Delicious drinks ($5-$7 each): The day after your wedding, guests will appreciate the takeaway canned wine (or cider, or beer) they were able to grab on the way out. Turn a delicious drink into a wedding DIY favor by attaching a decorative straw (with tape or something on theme, like twine) and handwritten gift tag. Note that this is an especially refreshing option for a beach wedding.
  • Handwritten Notes ($2-$4 each): Nothing aptly expresses a 'thank you' like a handwritten note. If your budget for favors is small, but you'd still like to express gratitude, consider penning notes that guests can take home with them. These can be written from the heart or include a favorite film/TV/song quote. Attach something small, like a couple fun stickers or Hershey's chocolates, and you're set. Pro tip: Purchase a pretty little notebook to motivate yourself to write in.

There are tons of options when it comes to purchasing bulk wedding favors. Regardless of your wedding aesthetic and budget, a small gift that says 'thank you for coming to my wedding' is within reach. That being said, it’s important not to stress too much over your favors. Remember, at the end of the day, guests will take home wonderful memories of your nuptials, and those will last forever.

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