Funny Wedding Favors Guaranteed to Make Your Guests Chuckle

Our guide to funny wedding favors that will have your guests giggling in no time.

By Jennifer Prince

Funny Wedding Favor
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The First Look ✨

It doesn’t take much to tickle your funny bone. You quote lines from “Seinfeld” and “The Office” flawlessly because you’ve binged episodes more times than you want to admit. Conversely, maybe your sense of humor flies under the radar as you chuckle at TikToks and relatable memes before bed. No matter what makes you laugh, our list of funny wedding favors is guaranteed to make your guests giggle.

Sayings to Add to Funny Wedding Favors

Sometimes, the actual wedding gifts and favors don’t have to garner a laugh. However, coupling a beautiful thank you wedding gift with a humorous tag can make your guests snicker. Some of these favors are corny, others are cute, but they’re all punny, IOHO!

  • These are grounds for celebration. Give a small bag of freshly ground local coffee labeled with the saying and brewing instructions.
  • We couldn’t love each other s’more. Small bags containing ingredients of sweets and treats—such as chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers—are a big hit when tied with this phrase.
  • It’s plain to see, we’re meant to bee! This funny wedding favor saying can accompany small jars of locally sourced honey, beeswax wraps, or candles.
  • Thanks for spicing up our day. Put a gift tag with this text on jars of flavorful spices for your guests to cook up at home.
  • Spread the love. A tiny mason jar of gourmet jams and jellies are perfect to go along with this whimsical saying.
  • We’re nuts for each other! Use this adorable text to accompany upscale nuts and trail mixes.
  • Let love grow. Wildflower seeds—bonus for locally-sourced—and tiny succulents are so cute paired with this phrase.
  • We tied the knot, so take a shot! Tie gift tags with this saying on tiny alcohol bottles for a fun favor that your guests can enjoy post-wedding.
  • Thanks for popping over to our wedding. Either have bags of gourmet popcorn at each place setting, or hire a kettle corn service to pop on site.
  • We were definitely mint to be. This playful text can go along with epicurean mints or anything mint flavored, such as chocolate mint cookies. Yum!
  • We’re on to our appley ever after. This one’s for you if you love a play on words. The phrase could accompany anything apple-flavored, such as jelly or dried apple slices.
  • Donut mind if we do! Slide a freshly made donut inside bags with this saying for funny wedding favors.
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Best Wedding Favors to Get a Laugh

Personalized Cookies Featuring the Faces of the Couple

Generally, you should be giving your guests personalized gifts and favors with your names or wedding date. However, when it comes to being creative and humorous, opt for custom cookies for your wedding day gift. You could have them made with a funny saying, although our favorite choice is to have them feature your faces. Not only is this adorable, but your guests will get a laugh out of eating your hair or eyes.

Live Sketched Caricatures of Your Guests

Some funny wedding favors don’t have to be waiting at each place setting. And we adore this idea because it doubles as wedding reception entertainment. Hire a caricature artist to draw pictures of guests. Guests can have their portraits sketched at their leisure during the reception, and the results are almost always hilarious.

Funny COVID-19 Wedding Favors

If Coronavirus impacted your special day, make light of a difficult situation. Various funny COVID-19 wedding favors, such as soap bars that say “spread love not germs,” can be amusing. Another option is a locally made candle with a custom label that says “smells like our postponed wedding.” A saying accompanying your favors, such as “it’s about time,” would get a chuckle. Get creative when incorporating fun favor ideas that give a nod to the struggles leading up to your big day.

Funny Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Kiernan Michelle Photography

“Funny” Wedding Favors That Get a Hard Pass

Anything Inappropriate

Ok, if you chuckled when you read “hard pass” above, we’re talking to you. You may think that—forgive us—nudie glasses and penis-shaped lollipops are hilarious, but we doubt that your grandparents will think so. We’re blushing just thinking about it. Save anything that focuses on the sexual aspect for the bachelor or bachelorette parties, if you must.

Something That Would Offend

When in doubt, don’t. In addition to the aforementioned inappropriate items, stay away from anything that could potentially offend any wedding guest. We’re all being educated about issues that have to do with gender and culture. Therefore shy away from things thought of as distasteful along those lines. Also, consider the values of your guests. For example, if you have a family with a history of alcoholism, skip the boozy wedding favors. No matter how funny the accompanying saying would be, it’s best to choose something else.

The best wedding favors let your guests know how much you appreciate their attendance, while evoking a smile. Maybe you are the Chandler in your group of “Friends,” or possibly you just love to laugh. No matter what, giving thoughtful thank you gifts is something your wedding guests will certainly remember.

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