What Are Silk Wedding Flower Bouquets?

Learn about the benefits of using silk wedding flower bouquets and how to beautifully incorporate them into your wedding ceremony and reception.

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Silk wedding flower bouquets are becoming increasingly popular, especially for couples who want to save on costs and preserve the integrity of their petals for years to come. Some couples choose silk for all their wedding flower arrangements, while others decide on a combination of both between the ceremony and the reception. Either way, silk flowers are every bit as spectacular as the real deal, since they come in many of the same varieties as fresh flowers.

Curious? Learn more about the benefits of using silk flowers in your bridal bouquet and how to incorporate them when planning your special day.

Benefits of Silk Flower Bouquets for Wedding Celebrations

Flowers are one of the first items on the wedding planning list to cover. There are benefits to both silk and fresh flowers to help you decide which is best for your own bridal bouquets and wedding decorations.

Budget-Friendly Floral Designs

Fresh flowers can be hard to come by without a hefty price tag, especially if you’re buying out of season or hoping for exotic blooms to make your bridal bouquet complete. However, you may be able to duplicate the bridal bouquet of your dreams for a less expensive cost. As you create your vision of what you want your wedding flowers to look like, speak with your florist and research silk flowers online as a way to potentially save money and still have everything meet the aesthetic you want to achieve.

While you may want to hold fresh flowers as you walk down the aisle, maybe the hopes of having a room full of flowers for the reception will be better met cost-wise with the help of silk wedding flower arrangements. Keep in mind that not all silk flowers are automatically cheaper than the ones fresh from the florist, but if you’re looking for rare finds or want a large amount, it may be the best way to go.

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Weather-Resistant Blooms

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on wedding flowers, often without warning. From humidity and high temperatures to snow, sleet, and everything in between, unfavorable weather conditions can cause your pretty petals to look less than what you dreamed of when the time comes to carry them down the aisle.

The beauty of choosing a silk flower bouquet for your wedding ceremony is that they’ll maintain their shape regardless of what's brewing outside. Rather than worry about withered-looking blooms, you’ll be assured your flower arrangements will hold their shape without a problem.

Silk flowers are a great option for summer outdoor weddings, especially, when there may not be a shaded area to keep the bouquets looking fresh. Certain delicate flower types may easily wilt when in direct sunlight and not be in the greatest shape by the time ceremony rolls around.

Alternatively, if you’re having a destination wedding somewhere with unpredictable weather or where your flower of choice may have a difficult time holding up to the conditions, silk flowers may alleviate any concern you have about how they’ll look when the time comes to make it official.

Long-Lasting Petals

Bridal bouquets with silk flowers last far beyond the ceremony and cheers at the reception and can be kept as touchstone memories for years to come. Flowers are the main element of any wedding and it’s sad to see them go so quickly once a real flower’s shape begins to fall apart. With silk flowers, you don’t need to water them and provide them with enough sun to keep them alive. All that’s needed is a secure spot where you can showcase them for as long as you wish.

Another memorable idea is to have a duplicate wedding bouquet made so you have one that’s fresh for the wedding and one made of silk to keep forever. Both will be equally elegant and once the live flowers have taken their toll, you’ll still have the beauty of your bouquet to hold onto. While most fresh flowers can withstand the time of a ceremony and reception and still look flawless, there’s no doubt about how well they’ll stand up when you’re using silk flowers.

Allergy-Free Alternatives

As lovely as fresh flowers are, it doesn’t leave a couple in great shape if either of them is allergic to flowers. Red, itchy eyes and runny noses aren’t exactly what one wants on their wedding day. Rather than suffer through sneezes and scratchy throats, silk flowers are a perfect antidote to allergy sensitivities.

The same could be said for someone who has a sensitivity to smell. If you want a room full of flowers, the overwhelming odor can lead to headaches and other side effects not worth the fresh flowers. Create the wedding bouquet and flower arrangement of your dreams without worrying about allergies by using silk flowers. It may spark extra inspiration knowing that nothing will hold you back in terms of the type of flower and how many you can carry down the aisle.

How to Incorporate Silk Wedding Flowers Into Your Celebration

Silk wedding flower bouquets can be used in various ways for your wedding celebration. In addition to the bridal party carrying silk flowers, you can use silk petals for flower girls to scatter as they walk down the aisle. They provide sturdiness when creating corsages and flower crowns for weddings. It may be easier in both cases to use silk flowers as they’ll hold their shape as you twist the stems and weave them with ribbon to create a special look for the bride.

With silk floral arrangements, you can include them in a wrist corsage, boutonniere, wedding decor, or even spread throughout the wedding party. Another idea is to have fresh flowers for the ceremony and silk substitutes as decoration for the reception. Whether you want to create an elaborate wedding arch with flowers, stunning centerpieces for each table, or add flowers to decorate your wedding cake, all of this can be easily done with silk flowers and in many cases, most likely at less of a cost to you. It still depends on the type of flower you want and the size of the arrangements, but there are ways to make it memorable without it costing too much.

What to Look for in Silk Flower Arrangements

When searching for bridal bouquets with silk flowers, consider color, quality, and customer reviews. Not all silk flowers are created equal, which means you’ll want to look at several florists or brands before deciding on the flower arrangements you want. Look for a rich color. Faded hues and a limited variety of shades may mean the color you’re hoping for won’t look as vibrant in person.

You’ll also want to test the quality of the flowers. When possible, visit the florist and have a look at the exact type of flowers you’re considering for your wedding day. When looking online, ask if they can send a sample or buy a small amount to see if the color and quality is up to par with what you’re expecting.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure to peruse customer reviews to see what others say about the color, quality, and value of the silk flowers that you have your eye on. Brides that have come before will be honest in how well the florist met expectations with their silk flower bridal bouquets. It takes careful consideration to ensure that you’re getting the flowers you want to complement your celebration. It’s important they meet your every desire for such a momentous occasion.

What Are Silk Wedding Flower Bouquets?Photo Credit // Zola

Silk Flowers vs. Fresh Flowers: Which to Choose?

Both silk flowers and fresh flowers are beautiful in their own ways and each come with their own benefits and drawbacks. The choice is ultimately up to you and how you want the aesthetic of your wedding to be. Using a mix of the two gives you the best of both worlds, if flowers are one of the main decisions on your list. However, if you are keeping things simple and want flowers that will last a lifetime, then a simple silk flower bridal bouquet may do the trick.

Silk flowers have come a long way and look as real as fresh ones do. They hold their shape well, appear just as elegant and vibrant in photos, and can be easily mistaken for real blooms. Regardless of which option you choose, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your wedding details. Everything is representative of the two of you as a couple and you should feel confident in standing by what gives you the best quality and style for the budget you’ve established.

However you decide to dress up and decorate your wedding day details is such a personalized choice, which is why every wedding is magical in its own right. If you’re having a difficult time deciding between the two, consider what elements are most important to you as you narrow down your options.

Factor in budget, weather, color, and quality when looking at flowers and speaking to florists about your vision. Once you’ve covered all bases and have all of your bridal bouquet questions answered, you’re sure to make the optimal choice for what will work best for your wedding day.

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