Wedding Tradition: Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Looking for ideas for your “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”? We've got some right here!

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Wedding Tradition: Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
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For ages, the phrase “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” has been synonymous with weddings. The motivation behind the tradition is to bring good luck. So how can you incorporate the beloved rhyme into your ceremony? We looked into the origins and put together various ideas to help you bring the tradition to life.

Zola: Something Borrowed Photo Credit // Emma Thurgod Photography

Origins of This Wedding Tradition

This iconic saying started as a wedding superstition intended to ward off evil spirits, and potential infertility, as well as protect the bride. Adhering to the “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” tradition is now thought to bring good luck—both to the ceremony and the union.

Something Old

Accessories may well be the easiest way to incorporate this tradition on your special day. Perhaps there is jewelry within the family that you can incorporate into your wedding day look. Maybe you can wear the same pair of earrings your mother wore on her wedding day. Keep the lineage alive by mirroring a previous wedding that’s already occurred within your family.

Vintage is also the way to go. Your something old doesn’t necessarily need to be a family heirloom. It can be a thrifted item from a secondhand store. There’s loads of older costume jewelry on offer at vintage stores that you can transport from a long-gone era and store shelves into the present. Perhaps a beaded comb to place in your hair and help affix your veil.

Another idea: a pair of retro heels or even the gown itself if you have a penchant for vintage style and want to go that route for your wedding dress.

Something New

Zola: Something Borrowed Photo Credit // Evelyn Alas Photography

There are many ways to bring a new element to your wedding. If purchasing a brand new gown, the dress itself can stand in on your special day. If choosing a necklace, a locket is a wonderful way to go, as it allows you the ability to go double. Your locket could be brand new, but inside both halves could display treasured family photos to give the necklace an element of something old, too.

Your something new could also be your wedding shoes or even your undergarments.

Something Borrowed

Reach out to friends and family. They’re your likeliest resource when it comes to borrowing something for your big day. Not only that but maybe the item that you borrow and incorporate can be something that appeared at their wedding. You could borrow a wedding veil or a clutch to keep your makeup in for refreshing. Jewelry is rather expected when it comes to lending requests and you might even be able to scour photos so that you’re asking for specific items when it comes time. You can also leave your request open-ended and see what items come your way for the day.

Something Blue

Your something blue can be as simple as a blue ribbon pinned to the hem of your dress somewhere within the layers of the gown’s skirt. And that bow can be created out of store-bought ribbon or even a thin piece of fabric from a blue item of clothing that holds sentimental value to you. If you’re looking for something equally discreet, but an item that will play a practical role, you could opt for a blue garter.

Other blue options include royal blue wedding invitations, blue-tinted gemstone earrings or blue blossoms within your bouquet. You can choose something dainty, like blue baby’s breath, especially if you’d rather it be obscured within a larger arrangement. For something bolder, hydrangeas are another way to go.

This is the time to lean into sentimentality. It never hurts to have a good luck charm or two on your wedding date. Weddings are billed as a big day for good reason—they’re an event that creates lasting bonds and memories. And if you draw upon those that already exist within your own life and personal history to carry out this tradition, you can’t go wrong. It’ll make this special occasion feel even more special. Whether you go for wedding shoes, earrings, a veil, or a garter, there are many ways to complete this old wedding superstition. There’s power in nostalgia—maybe something so powerful as to ward off any bad luck and carry you forward with only the best energy.

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