You Need a Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Here's What to Include

Every bride needs a wedding day emergency kit at their disposal. Here’s what to include in yours for your big day.

Photo by Zola

After months of planning, you’re finally ready to walk down the aisle and see all your wedding planning efforts come to life. You’ve double and triple-checked your wedding timeline, locked your vendors, written your vows and fine-tuned every last detail. Once the big day arrives, however, it’s important that you’re well prepared for any unexpected mishaps—because let’s be real, on-the-day emergencies do happen!

While you hope you won’t have to actually use it, having a wedding day emergency kit is key to handling wardrobe malfunctions, makeup mistakes and anything else that may arise between the morning of your wedding day and the moment you walk down the aisle.

Here’s your guide to creating a wedding day emergency kit that will have your back in the face of any spill, snag or beauty blunder you may encounter on the way to say “I do.” We promise you’ll be able to handle it with your emergency kit on hand!

What Is a Wedding Day Emergency Kit?


A wedding day emergency kit is a collection of essentials to help you manage any mishaps you may encounter on the day of your wedding, mainly of the fashion and beauty variety. Ripped or frayed hems, missing buttons, or a forgotten pair of earrings always come up at the least opportune time, but having an emergency kit on hand can help you solve these problems and more.

What Should Be in a Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

While you can’t know ahead of time what tricky scenarios you might run into on your wedding day, being prepared for just about anything can give you some much-needed peace of mind in case they do happen. A good way to figure out what you should include is to mentally walk through your wedding day from start to finish and think of any “what if” situations that may arise. Then, you can determine what you might need on hand—and avoid having to make a last-minute errand before you walk down the aisle.

What you decide to include in your kit is ultimately a matter of personal preference, but it can be helpful to get an idea of what must-haves most brides like to have on hand.

Table of Contents

  • Must-Haves
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Freshen-Up Items
  • Fix-It Items

Must-Haves: Top 10

If you’re traveling lightly and don’t want to pack every single item listed in your wedding day emergency kit, here are the top ten must-haves we recommend.

  • Sewing kit
  • Bobby pins
  • Stain removing wipes or pen
  • Superglue
  • Nail polish
  • Safety pins
  • Pain reliever
  • Blotting papers
  • Lint roller
  • Sole inserts for heels

Clothing and Accessories

You’ve carefully planned your dream wedding fit—dress, shoes, accessories and all—and you want to ensure it all comes together without a hitch once the big day arrives. Packing the following items will ensure you’re prepared for any last-minute fixes that may arise!

  • Jewelry Cleaner: Having a jewelry cleaning kit on hand ensures your accessories and wedding rings will shine bright in any close-up photos.
  • Sewing Kit: A simple needle and thread is all you’ll need in the event of minor tears or snags to you or your bridal party’s gowns.
  • Fashion tape: Fashion tape can fix a multitude of fashion faux pas if you or your bridesmaids’ gowns aren’t cooperating as you planned.
  • Sole inserts for heels: If you’re wearing heels, cushioned sole inserts are a lifesaver for all the standing and dancing you’ll be doing.
  • Lint roller: A lint roller will ensure everyone is fuzz-free before any photo-ops.
  • Static guard: Static is the last thing you want to deal with on your big day, so be sure to have some static guard on hand—preferably odorless.
  • Lighter: A lighter comes in handy if you’re dealing with small frayed edges on your veil or dress—burning them off can solve the issue in a pinch. Keep in mind synthetic fabrics will burn quickly—a split second of flame exposure is all you’ll need.

Hair and Makeup


Make sure to bring along these essentials to keep your hair and makeup picture perfect all day long.

  • Bobby pins: To tame pesky flyaways or an uncooperative ‘do.
  • Tweezers: Remove any errant brow hairs that you might have missed in your pre-wedding brow prep.
  • Nail polish that matches your manicure and pedicure: If your polish becomes chipped, having your matching shade on hand can mask it in a breeze.
  • Nail polish remover: For when nail polish ends up where it shouldn’t.
  • Hairspray: Pack a travel-size hairspray for any last-minute touch-ups that you or your hairstylist might have missed.
  • Small brush or comb: Keep your do’ tame and tidy (same goes for your boo’s crew!)
  • Lotion: Have some lotion on hand to ensure your skin is baby soft and hydrated.
  • Small mirror: Essential for last-minute makeup checks and touch-ups once you’re on the way to your ceremony.
  • Oil blotting sheets: Keep facial oil to a minimum with blotting papers.
  • Chapstick: Today is not the day for chapped lips—do be sure to pack some chapstick!
  • Nail file: If your mani needs a quick fix or touch up, a nail file can save the day in a pinch.
  • Q-tips: Have some Q-tips on hand to fix any mascara residue and handle any makeup touch-ups.
  • Tissues: For a runny nose or any teary-eyes—whether it’s allergies or all the emotions you’ll be feeling on your big day!
  • Razor: If you or anyone in your bridal party missed a spot while preparing for the big day, packing a razor is a pain-free fix!
  • Lash glue: If you’re wearing falsies, have some extra flue on hand to take care of any uncooperative lashes.

Freshen-Up Items


Once your wedding day is in motion, you’ll likely be going non-stop until you and your boo make your getaway at the end of the night. Packing some items to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day will go a long way!

  • Floss: Because it never hurts to deep clean those pearly whites before your partner plants their kiss!
  • Breath mints, gum, or mouthwash: Bad breath is the last thing you want to deal with on your wedding day. Be sure to pack gum or mouthwash to keep it at bay.
  • Deodorant: Depending on the length of your wedding day timeline, you’ll likely need to reapply at some point.
  • Tampons or pads: Even if you think you won’t need them, someone in your crew might!
  • Baby powder: Baby powder works wonders for any chafing you might experience in your dress, and it also works well for absorbing body moisture if you're dealing with a hot day or crowded reception.
  • Sample size perfume: Keep your favorite scent going strong throughout the day with a sample size of your perfume.

Fix-It Items

Accidents happen—sometimes at the least inopportune time you could imagine (like on the day of your wedding!). Give yourself some peace of mind by bringing some handy tools that can solve just about any problem in a pinch.

  • Safety pins: Safety pins have countless uses—have them on hand to manage small dress tears, reattach a broken strap, or to secure boutonnieres if the florist forgot them.
  • Superglue: Superglue can come through for a variety of mishaps, whether it’s a loose nail or something wonky happening with your dress.
  • White chalk: If you suddenly find yourself with a stain on your dress that won’t come out, white chalk can help cover it up.
  • Stain removing wipes: Accidents happen—if you need to remove a stain in a pinch, be sure to have stain removing wipes for a quick fix.
  • Clear nail polish: If you’re wearing hosiery or tights that have a snag or run, sealing it with clear nail polish can stop it from unraveling further.
  • Scissors: Scissors come in handy for snipping any loose threads or removing lingering clothing tags you missed.

Miscellaneous Items

While fashion and beauty items might take up the bulk of your wedding day emergency kit, don’t forget these items you might not have thought to bring—you’ll definitely want to have them on hand!

  • Pain reliever: Dealing with a headache on your big day is the last thing you want, so be sure to have some pain reliever on hand.
  • Antacids: To keep an upset stomach or heartburn at bay.
  • Sunscreen: If you’re having an outdoor wedding, be sure to apply sunscreen before you get your makeup done!
  • Bug spray: To handle any uninvited mosquitoes who decide to make an appearance at your outdoor wedding.
  • Bandaids: To mend any blisters or shaving cuts you might be dealing with.
  • Blister stick: A blister stick can work wonders in protecting your heels and toes, especially if you’re wearing brand new shoes that aren’t quite broken in yet.
  • Portable phone charger: A charged phone is a must for any last minute calls to vendors or family members helping to set up the reception.
  • Extra pair of contacts (if you wear them): If you wear contacts, be sure to pack a fresh pair in the event that you lose one while getting ready.
  • Eye drops: Dry eyes can be extremely uncomfortable, and even more so on your wedding day. Pack some eye drops to put a stop to the issue.
  • Small snacks: Walking down the aisle on an empty stomach definitely isn’t ideal. Have some quick, healthy snacks on hand to combat this without ruining your meal at the reception.

While you might have already fine-tuned all your wedding planning—from your vendors and wedding invites to curating the perfect wedding registry—don’t forget to iron out your day-of plans when the big day finally arrives!

While this list might seem overwhelming, you can never be too prepared when it comes to something as important as your wedding day. Even if you don’t personally end up using some of the items you include, someone else in the wedding party might—and that alone is worth it!