Wedding Boutonniere Alternatives

Looking for some wedding boutonniere alternatives? Look no further. Read on to find out more today.

By Deanna deBara

Wedding Boutonnieres
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A wedding boutonniere is a wedding accessory—traditionally constructed from fresh flowers—that many grooms (or brides that rock a suit) choose to wear on their lapel on their wedding day.

But, just because it’s a go-to accessory for many doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice for everyone. There are plenty of people who don’t like the look of a floral boutonniere and, luckily for them, there are plenty of wedding boutonniere alternatives that add a touch of style and visual interest to their lapel—no flowers required.

But, what exactly are those other options? Let’s take a look at seven wedding boutonniere alternatives for the groom (or bride) that wants to think outside of the box with his (or her) lapel accessory:


Just because you don’t want to use florals for your wedding boutonniere doesn’t mean that you have to shy away from the plant world altogether. Different types of greenery (such as eucalyptus or ivy) have a more rustic look that would fit in perfectly at an outdoor or boho-inspired wedding.


Speaking of boho weddings, if you want your boutonnieres to have a whimsical, boho vibe, you may want to try feathers. A few feathers tied together and then fanned (or feathered) out can make for a great boutonniere alternative. You can either use feathers in neutral colors for a more natural look—or, if you want to have more fun with it, try dyeing the feathers to match your wedding colors.


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If your wedding has a culinary spin, you can work that into your boutonniere alternative design by crafting the boutonniere out of different fruits.

Hosting a vineyard wedding? Craft your unique boutonniere from grapes. Getting married in a tropical locale? Try incorporating a pineapple. Getting married in the summer? Incorporate refreshing summer fruits, such as lemon, into your boutonniere design.

If you do decide to use fruit in your boutonniere, make sure that you pair it with other elements (such as greenery) to make it look intentional, visually interesting, and well-designed (otherwise, you run the risk of looking like you just have a piece of fruit attached to your shirt).

Autumn Leaves

If you’re having a fall wedding, using autumn leaves as a boutonniere alternative is a great way to incorporate seasonal elements into your wedding attire—and add a gorgeous pop of color to your lapel in the process.


Origami is the art of folding paper into a variety of intricate shapes and figures—shapes and figures that are both visually stunning and would make for a gorgeous wedding boutonniere alternative. Origami is also an extremely versatile option; you can choose paper in a variety of colors and patterns, and you (or the origami artist) can shape that paper into a seemingly endless variety of designs. Plus, unlike flowers, which can come with a steep price tag, the cost for origami materials is extremely affordable.


If you want to fasten something other than a wedding boutonniere to your lapel as you say your “I do’s,” why not go with an old-fashioned pin?

Pins are another wedding boutonniere alternative that offer a huge variety of options. You can wear a text-based pin that carries a special message (whether that’s nicknames for you and your wedding party, or an inside joke that is sure to make your soon-to-be-spouse laugh), a colorful pin that adds visual interest (and matches your wedding colors), or a pin of your favorite character or sports team. Whatever feels meaningful to you and your wedding party, chances are that you can find it represented in pin form—and wear it as a wedding boutonniere alternative when you walk down the aisle.

Lego Bricks

If you used Lego bricks as a kid (or if you’re a big kid at heart and still use them now), you know that you can build literally anything out of Lego bricks—and that includes the perfect wedding boutonniere alternative to wear on your wedding day.

Again—because there are so many different types of Lego bricks and Lego sets, when it comes to crafting your stand-in wedding boutonniere, the only real limit is your imagination. Want to build your boutonniere around a Lego replica of yourself? Go for it! Want to recreate your first date in Lego form? Have at it! Want to build a picture frame out of Lego bricks—and then put a picture of you and your partner inside before attaching it to your lapel? Have fun!

(You can also get your wedding party in on the fun by hosting a “building party” and having everyone build their own Lego boutonnieres before the big day.)

If you don’t want to rock a wedding boutonniere on your wedding day, there are a ton of other options out there. And, now that we’ve gotten our creative juices flowing, all that’s left to do is get out there and choose the wedding boutonniere alternative that feels right for you and your wedding style.

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