Wedding Anniversary Ideas at Home

Celebrate your anniversary in the comfort of your own home. Make your day feel special with these at-home wedding anniversary ideas.

By Shira Telushkin

Wedding Anniversary Ideas at Home
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Sometimes, the best way to celebrate your wedding anniversary is right at home. Here are some at-home wedding anniversary ideas to start the celebration off on the right foot.

Do a Fun Activity

The gift of spending time as a happy couple might be the best gift of all, but you have to make it count! Plan a few hours at least, and fill the time with a relaxing activity where you can each have fun and just enjoy each other’s company.

Cooking Project

Think of a meaningful dinner recipe—whether it’s your grandmother’s famous babka or a dish from the country where you spent your honeymoon—and then make a day out of bringing the meal to life. Cooking is a fun way to spend time together and explore a new skill as a married couple. Choose a recipe that doesn’t require special equipment that you don’t have (such as a mixer), and make sure that the ingredients are easily accessible. The focus should be on the fun, not the effort.

Spa Day

Plan a spa day at home. If you’re looking for quality time together, set aside a day to tend to your bodies. Think face masks, homemade hair treatments, and massages. Buy nice bath salts, lavender essential oils, or quality moisturizers to really elevate the experience.

Schedule a Photo Shoot

Depending on public safety recommendations in your area in regard to allowing strangers into your home, consider hiring a professional photographer for a couple’s anniversary photoshoot. A lot of couples have photographs from major milestone events, such as engagement photos or with their newborn children, but there is something romantic and special about celebrating simply another year of your marriage together. For more adventurous couples, consider reaching out to photographers that specialize in burlesque-themed or otherwise sexy photoshoots to produce photos that the two of you can enjoy together for years to come. You can also be your own photographers and then plan serious or silly photoshoots. Dress up in fancy garb, scour your closets for props, pose like the gorgeous creatures you are, and then pick your favorite pictures of one another to turn into a fun album.

Swap Favorite Books or Movies

An anniversary celebration day at home is also a chance to appreciate your partner’s tastes and interests. For the literary couple, spend a day in one another’s favorite poems, books, or movies. Maybe the two of you can pick a book that you both remember loving in high school and read it together, or dig out that poetry book from your college years that you underlined obsessively. Read out loud to your partner (it might feel awkward at first, but you’ll get the hang of it). Whether it’s a movie, a poem, a piece of art, or a book, sharing work that one of you finds beautiful or moving can be a uniquely intimate experience. So, cozy up in bed and spend some sophisticated, nostalgic time together.

Give a Gift

Celebrating your wedding anniversary at home doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the gift-giving element of the day. Think especially about wedding anniversary gift ideas gifts that can be used together, as a couple, and which will elevate the experience of your home. Most of all, reach for gifts that will be truly used and enjoyed.

Matching Pajamas A set of matching pajamas is a wonderful gift for a couple looking for a fun, sweet way to celebrate their anniversary. Look for silk, cotton, patterned, piped, or any pair that both partners will enjoy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either, as many online outlets have matching pajamas for a range of budgets.

New Bedding

New bedding is a perfect gift for a couple looking to celebrate their anniversary together at home. Couples can pick out luxury sheets made of any particularly soft or beautiful fabric, or shop for new pillows or blankets that will upgrade their sleeping experience. Maybe you’ll even consider a new mattress to usher in another year of wedded bliss.

Kitchen Gadgets

Whether it’s that air fryer that your partner won’t stop talking about or yet another way to brew your cup of morning coffee, a new addition to your kitchen is a great at-home wedding anniversary gift.

Home Improvement

Every house has some home improvement project that has lingered on for months or even years. This year, give the gift of crossing one more thing off your house “to-do” list. Look for some element of your home that your partner has been meaning to tend to, and make sure that it’s a big enough job to constitute a meaningful gift of time and attention. You can choose to keep quiet about it at first, and wait for your partner to notice before you reveal that you decided to help out.

Conclusion: Celebrating your wedding anniversary at home can be special and exciting. Check out these Zola tips on how to make the home wedding anniversary an occasion you will never forget.

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