Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Looking for unique men’s wedding bands? This guide has got you covered. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

By Jennifer Prince

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Your love story is just that—YOUR love story. It’s a beautifully woven tale of how you met, your first impressions, and who said those three little words first. Now, that narrative is leading you to the altar where you will speak those two little words—I do—and exchange wedding vows. Just as your love story is unparalleled, your rings should be, too. Finding an extraordinary piece is a cinch, as there are a plethora of unique men’s wedding bands out there. From varying your finish to considering custom rings, here are a few tips on finding the perfect one.

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Photo Credit // Unsplash

Consider Offbeat Materials for Your Wedding Ring

Wed with a plain gold ring if you must, it’s perfectly acceptable. However, there is a whole host of other materials for modern men’s wedding bands. Platinum and hues of gold are beautiful and traditional, yet other alternative metal options, such as titanium, tungsten, steel, chrome, and zirconium, offer durability at a fraction of the cost.

Forsaking precious metal is also an option. Men’s wood rings are perfect for the guy who loves the look of rustic men’s wedding bands. Ceramic is unique, and its surface has a rare sheen. Of course, you can choose ink to create a tattoo, which is the ultimate in cool men’s wedding bands. Silicone also offers functionality, while coming in a variety of colors.

For those who wish to take it a step further, combining materials can have beautiful results. Titanium and wood wedding bands have layers of white metal and grainy timber to create a striated look. Mixing alloys, such as steel and zirconium, is also very striking. Layering materials is a great way to add offbeat elements without having to commit fully.

Quirkier options include unique men’s wedding bands made out of coins, antlers, and vintage silverware. Indeed, it seems as though the sky’s the limit!

Don’t Forget About Gemstones

Gemstones aren’t merely for engagement rings, nor do they have to be massive to be featured on men’s wedding rings. If your guy craves a single stone diamond wedding band, go for it. In contrast, don’t discount gems just because that’s not his style. This piece of jewelry should be personal, so choose a precious metal, gemstone, or inlay that complements his style and personality.

Modern men’s wedding bands offer an array of gemstone styles. Some focus on a grouping of diamonds in a cluster, yet others have stones embedded in the surface and follow an “eternity” style. Even for guys, white diamonds aren’t the only option, as colored stones and black diamonds can serve as excellent focal points. Furthermore, unique men’s rings peppered with smaller gems can be quite lovely, yet masculine at the same time.

Play With Color

Building off the point above, there are quite a few popular stones that can add color to men’s wedding rings. Sapphire is a consistent favorite, but other bands with emeralds, rubies, and aquamarines are also quite typical.

Although metal tends to come in either a white or yellow tone—think of gold—some variations can add color. Rose and green gold are created by combining a variety of different alloys. Black wedding bands consist of tungsten, zirconium, steel, or carbon fiber. If you prefer brown, men’s wood rings have a variety of tones ranging from light to dark.

A silicone wedding ring will do the trick for guys who genuinely love a splash of color. There are other silicone options available in subtle hues of gray and black. However, there are also bold choices, such as navy, purple, and even camo patterned. Finally, if your guy craves variety, a tattooed ring has an endless stream of possibilities.

Look at Vintage Wedding Bands

Genuine, one-of-a-kind pieces abound with vintage men’s wedding bands. Etsy and other online sites have pre-loved rings from bygone eras. The estate section of your locally-owned jewelry boutique or an antique store may also offer a vast selection.

It may take a bit more searching to find exactly what you want, but part of the experience is the thrill of the hunt. Some men’s vintage rings have engraving inside that reflect its history, which is perfect for those who are sentimental. An old love story can continue with your own by giving new life to a pre-owned ring.

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Photo Credit // Unsplash

Vary Your Finish

Sometimes, guys want something unusual without totally breaking the mold, and that’s ok. Choosing a traditional ring is a wise choice, but take the opportunity to look at the variety of metal finishes. Here are a few conventional textures and their definitions.

  • Polished - When a classic wedding band has a shiny finish, it’s been polished. It’s beautiful and reflective, yet it will most likely have to be repolished periodically to buff out scratches from everyday wear.
  • Matte - Also referred to as satin, a matte finish is smooth to the touch. Unlike a polished ring, a matte finish doesn’t have the same level of shine.
  • Brushed - This technique uses a wire brush to achieve its unique texture. The depth of the brushing creates different looks. These can range from a seemingly matte, barely brushed finish to deeper, more noticeable grooves.
  • Hammered - Hammered rings are a bit more organic. The final hammered look can also vary depending on the tools being used. Often this technique is combined with a matte finish so that the ring isn’t reflective.
  • Sandblasted - Sand creates a slightly grainy feel and texture on the surface of sandblasted rings. However, this application usually creates a fine, smooth finish.
  • Stippled - Designed to mimic the surface of stone, small pins are used as mini hammers to create a smooth finish.
  • Carved - This is where unique men’s rings can vary. Designs such as braiding, geometrics, florals, and cutouts, appear on carved men’s bands.

Other unique options are more personal. Cool men’s wedding bands can feature an impression of a fingerprint, personalized engraving, or the wavelength of your partner’s voice.

Hire a Designer for a Custom Men’s Wedding Band

For the most personalized experience, you can work with a jewelry artist specializing in custom men’s wedding bands. Designers are accustomed to creating unique rings and can bring your ideas to life. An artisan can also incorporate heirloom metal and stones into your piece of jewelry.

Consult a local designer or look for a jeweler that also does repairs, as they can often create custom designs. A handcrafted and unique wedding band is perfect for couples who are having difficulty finding a ring. An artisan can blend the aspects you like into one stunning ring.

There is so much to look forward to on your wedding day, and exchanging rings is just one of them. The world of unique men’s wedding bands is broad. As a result, finding one that reflects your lifestyle, taste, and budget can be a breeze. No matter which band you choose, you’ll have a stunning piece to continue a love story that is uniquely yours.