Top Fall Wedding Themes

Fall weddings mean cool weather, yummy treats, and holiday celebrations around the corner. Here are a few top fall wedding themes your guests would love to see come to life.

By Rachel Varina

Top Fall Wedding Themes
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The First Look ✨

With the weather turning cooler, the leaves changing colors, and the winter holidays right around the corner, autumn is one of the most popular wedding seasons. While you can accomplish pretty much any vision if you say your “I dos” between September and November, there are a few specific themes that really shine. If you’re looking to celebrate the season, here are a few of our favorite wedding themes for fall that will make your guests feel all of the autumn vibes.

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Apple Orchard

Part of celebrating the autumn season for many people includes heading to an apple orchard to pick fruit, sip on cider, and take pictures amongst the trees. The picturesque setting is the perfect spot to say your “I dos,” and can easily evolve into a beautiful, full theme. Utilize reds/burgundies, forest green, and navy blues, and add “apple” elements, such as spiked cider, apple desserts, and fall-colored florals to your autumn wedding. Walking down an aisle of apple trees and carrying a lush bouquet of greenery makes for an elegant and seasonally appropriate celebration.


If there’s one thing that most people think of when they picture autumn, it’s the foliage. Whether you have a wedding up north where the leaves turn vibrant colors or down south where the weather stays warm, utilizing foliage as your fall wedding theme is a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Select wedding colors in yellows, reds, browns, oranges, and greens, and, to match the fall foliage, include leaves and other greenery in places such as your bouquets, your centerpieces, and your place settings for a unique twist on traditional florals.


Autumn is the time of harvest, and it’s the perfect fall wedding theme since it’s all about bringing people together. To make this work for your celebration, lean into the elements of seasonal foods, fall colors, and family togetherness. Consider serving traditional harvest dishes such as roast turkey or chicken, colorful sides of roasted veggies, and desserts including pies and cookies served family style. Whether you opt for a Thanksgiving wedding or just one honoring the season, harvest elements such as gourds and foliage colors pull the entire theme together.


Fall is the time when children go back to school, which is why a nostalgic theme is a great option for teachers, professors, or those who are kids-at-heart. Elements such as childhood pictures as table numbers, apples as place settings, and after school snacks such as mini-pizzas and popcorn make this a fun way to give a nod to your past, while looking forward to your future. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the theme by including throwback music or teaching your guests how to do a classic dance such as the “Electric Slide” or “Thriller.”

Jewel Tones

Top Fall Wedding Themes Photo Credit // Sherri Barber Photography

Just as the autumn season brings foliage and harvest, it’s also the time when rich, deep colors and luxurious fabrics take front and center. While you don’t need to have your event at a castle or manor (but it’s definitely an option), think of that sort of mood when creating your jewel toned fall wedding theme. Colors such as purples, golds, burgundies, and emerald work beautifully together and create a deep and royal-type setting. Outfit your wedding party in velvet and include plenty of long-stemmed candles, add jewels to your centerpieces, and serve decadent dishes for a wedding that’s dripping in class and luxury.


With crisp weather and falling leaves, autumn is the ideal time for a rustic wedding. Celebrate the autumn wedding season with elements such as drinks in mason jars, Southern comfort food, warm drinks, and maybe even a hayride for children (or the just married couple). To decorate the space, you can utilize lanterns, gourds, stems or wheat, and chalkboard signs to pull it all together. Whether you rent a barn or create a tented space, a rustic wedding is a fun way to lean into the popular elements of the season.

Ski Town

If you and your SO are known to hit the slopes, why not give a nod to your hobby by having a celebration in a ski town? Not only will your guests get to see the gorgeous fall leaves, but they’ll also get to enjoy some winter wonderland vibes, too. These charming towns alone create a dreamy place to say “I do,” and with views of the mountains, as well as some softly falling snow, your loved ones will be feeling the romantic vibes. Lean into the wedding theme by serving warm drinks or dishes customary to the area, offering classes for pals staying over the weekend, and setting up a photo area for guests to snap a picture in front of the breathtaking views. By having your wedding in the fall, there’s a good chance that you’ll get spectacular, cool weather, while beating the brutal chill that comes with winter.


The best season to have a vineyard wedding is during the fall, so why not turn the setting into a full-on vineyard theme? The rows of grapes will set the tone and allow easy choices for the perfect color scheme, such as purples, burgundies, greens, and golds. Name cards can balance on wine corks, and grapes can be used for everything from centerpieces to desserts. Additionally, you can have calligraphed labels placed on wine bottled from the vineyard for your guests to take home post reception to remember the special day.


With Halloween being one of the biggest fall holidays, and usually the event that kicks off the season, it makes sense that it would be a popular wedding theme. While it might seem unorthodox, there are plenty of ways to make a Halloween-themed wedding fit your vision. Go all out with costumes, jack o’ lanterns, and candy. If you’d prefer a more elegant affair, dress your party in black, and utilize plenty of flickering candles, moody hues, and decadent treats for your guests to indulge in. You can even have mini pumpkins or lace masks at each place setting to tie the whole theme together.

Fall is one of the most popular times to have a wedding, and for good reason. With magnificent weather and the holidays just around the corner, you can’t go wrong when you say “I do” during autumn.

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