Tierra & Kirk — The Day it All Began

How this couple had a "FLAMIN' Hot" proposal.

Tierra & Kirk — The Day it All Began
Photo by Tierra & Kirk

"Will you marry me?” Those four little words are the start of the adventure of a lifetime.

This week Tierra & Kirk share the day it all began...

Tierra & Kirk - The day it all began Photo Credit // Tierra & Kirk


"During to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tierra and I primarily teleworked from home. While working from home, I notice how comfortable Tierra was, wearing her onesie and keeping her hair bonnet on.

On the morning of November 8, 2021, Tierra and I embarked on our normal work-home day as usual. However, there was a twist to the day's plan. Tierra had informed me earlier that she was going to take a yoga class at noon. So, I decided to seize the opportunity and ride my Peloton Bike while she was out of the house. Little did I know, Tierra changed her mind and decided to stay home instead.

As I completed my Peloton Alex Toussaint ride, Tierra surprised me by walking into our workout room and catching me fumbling around in the closet. She brushed it off and went about her business, unaware of my secret plan. You see, I was retrieving her ring from the closet, and my "Date Night" proposal plans were already in motion.

Tierra put on her Fenty onesie, her hair bonnet, and decided to have a cup of coffee and enjoy her guilty pleasure, a bag of XXTRA Flamin' Hot Cheetos, for lunch. While she worked and ate, she noticed me pacing back and forth in the kitchen, still wearing my sweaty workout clothes. Confused, Tierra asked if I was okay, and I assured her that I was.

Moments later, I approached Tierra and said, "Wipe your face, baby, because you have Cheeto crumbs all over it," and gave her a kiss. As she wiped her face, I looked at her and said, "Baby, it's time."

With that, I got down on one knee and said, "There is no better time than now. This is us in our true and raw elements, no masks, and our relationship is not for show."

"With your hair bonnet on, eating Hot Cheetos, and wearing your onesie, Tierra, will you marry me?"

Of course, Tierra immediately started crying and said, "YES," before jumping into my arms.

After the proposal, I explained to Tierra that it wasn't supposed to happen that way. I told her that since she didn't leave the house as planned, I had to "wing it" and revamp my proposal on the fly. I didn't want her to become suspicious if I had suggested going out to eat.

And so, in the midst of our everyday comforts and unexpected twists, our love story took a beautiful step forward, reminding us that true love embraces the raw, imperfect moments and transforms them into cherished memories."

Tierra & Kirk - The day it all began 2 Photo Credit // Tierra & Kirk
Tierra & Kirk - The day it all began 3 Photo Credit // Tierra & Kirk

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