The Ultimate Guide to Lavender Themed Weddings

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By The Zola Team

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There are numerous reasons to love the color purple, especially the soft, beautiful shade of lavender. This color calls to mind a graceful elegance with hints of romance and femininity.

By planning a lavender wedding theme, using both the color and the flower, you can create a wedding experience that feels soft, beautiful, and laced with love. Of course, it's always a good idea not to go overboard with anything, but, when you love lavender, you love lavender.

In a perfect world, planning your wedding in the midst of a fresh lavender field would be a thing, but, alas, it’s not. Creating your own lavender field isn’t very reasonable, either.

What you can do though, is dress up your wedding day with shades of lavender, and then use the flowers to enhance your decor, your attire, your food and beverages, and everything in between. Plus, send lavender wedding invitations to set the tone for your special day.

The History of Lavender

Lavender is thought to have originated in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and India, with a history dating back 2500 years or more. The plant is a flowering plant that’s a member of the mint family. Not only does it look pretty, but it also smells divine, too.

In biblical times, fresh lavender was often referred to as nard, and it was considered a “Holy Herb.” Ancient Romans scented everything from their beds, baths, clothes, and hair with lavender. The word lavender itself comes from the Latin word ‘lavare,’ which literally means “to wash,” thus explaining why it was so widely utilized for bathing.

Lovers of all things lavender know that the color is thought to symbolize devotion, love, and good luck. It also happens to be a very soothing, calming color. The scent of lavender is soothing, too, which is why it’s still used in soaps and lotions.

By incorporating the flower lavender, as well as the color and scent of lavender into your big day, you can foster calm, peaceful energy around your wedding and reception that will allow the romance of the moment to blossom.

Additionally, the lavender flowers are relatively inexpensive when compared to other floral wedding options. This means that for those of you who are budget-minded, lavender is an excellent choice all across the board. Keep reading for ideas on how to incorporate a lavender wedding theme into your plans, and create an unforgettable moment in time that you will cherish forever.

Lavender Wedding Attire

Lavender is great for wedding attire or as an accent color, as it nicely complements several different colors that you can pair it with. If you love the look of a traditional white or cream-colored wedding gown, lavender goes with it stunningly. You can dress up the ladies in your wedding party in lavender dresses, while the guys can wear a lavender tux with cream or white accents.

If you want a slightly different look to your wedding attire, something that is bolder and less traditional, you could flip those colors around and wear a lavender wedding dress. Meanwhile, you can dress your wedding party up in cream or white, or even another complementary color. Girls can wear white or cream dresses with a lavender sash, and guys can wear white or cream-colored tuxes and add lavender accents, such as a lavender tie and cummerbund.

An increasingly popular idea is for a bride to wear a light gray or silver wedding dress. It’s a beautiful color that pairs exceptionally well with lavender. You can ask your wedding party to wear a darker gray tuxedo and bridesmaid dress respectively, with added lavender accents, such as sprigs of lavender for your boutonnieres and lavender ribbons in the ladies’ hair.

You could even try something fun and quirky, such as asking everyone to wear lavender tennis shoes with their formalwear. It’s cute and unexpected, and it allows you to tie the color into your wedding attire in a way that’s fun. There are so many ways to mix things up to create a look that is refined and pulled together, but still gives a nod to the whimsical, while honoring the lavender wedding theme that you love so much.

The Ultimate Guide to Lavender Themed Weddings Photo Credit // Monica Mendoza Photography

Lavender Wedding Centerpieces

There are plenty of creative ways to incorporate lavender into your centerpieces.

  • Make lavender bouquets for the table, using sprigs of lavender, baby’s breath, and wheat for a rustic, vintage feel.

  • Make an arrangement with lavender-colored candles and pretty rocks in a contrasting color.

  • Make a floating candle centerpiece with small, lavender-scented tea candles lit within.

  • Find large, lavender-colored crystals to use as a centerpiece, or even consider battery-powered lavender salt rock lamps.

  • Fill Mason jars half way with dried lavender, tie some twine around them, and place a small candle inside the jar.

Lavender Wedding Decor

Decorating for your wedding is always exciting. There are many ways to use lavender buds as a part of your wedding decor beyond just in your table centerpieces. Since lavender is not super expensive, it can make a great decoration to jazz up your wedding chairs that line the aisle.

You can mix lavender sprigs with some greenery and baby's breath, or tie lavender sprigs together with wheat and attach them to the end chairs closest to your aisle. You could even line the aisle itself with lavender fabric and sprinkle it with white flower petals or silver confetti.

Another cute idea is to create smaller Mason jar arrangements similar to your centerpieces that you can scatter throughout the room on other tables, such as the gift table and the guest book table.

Little dishes of dried lavender in commonly neglected areas, such as the bathroom, also adds a nice touch to your wedding decor.

Some couples love the idea of draping guest tables in lavender linens and using another color for accents and centerpieces. Alternatively, if you like using contrasting colors, why not choose a different color for your table linens and then cover them with lavender table runners? It’s a more subtle look that still keeps with the lavender wedding theme.

Speaking of table runners, you could also add lavender table runners to buffet tables, and tie lavender sashes around reception chairs. There are so many different ways to use lavender in your wedding theme, so you just have to sit down and start writing out exactly what you want, which will help bring that vision to life.

The Ultimate Guide to Lavender Themed Weddings Photo Credit // Magnolia Photography

Lavender Wedding Color Schemes

There are so many colors that complement the lavender color scheme.

  • You can go with different shades of purple mixed with lavender, or, if you like to be a bit different, go with contrasting colors.

  • Mint green is a beautiful color to pair with lavender, and it keeps the decor looking soft and romantic.

  • Pink also looks amazing with lavender, no matter if you opt for brighter, deep pink or a softer, pastel pink. Darker pink provides more contrast and is eye-catching, but soft pink is dreamy.

  • Shades of blue work very well with lavender, especially pastel blues. Or, you can opt for darker hues for contrast in your color scheme. Shades of teal are beautiful when paired with lavender, too.

  • Lavender also goes extremely well with shades of silver and gray, in addition to other neutral colors, such as gold and beige.

  • Surprisingly, orange is another color that complements well with lavender, and it’s great if you prefer a brighter, more colorful theme for your wedding. There’s just something refreshing about these two shades when paired together.

Lavender Wedding Favors

Oh, favors, favors. There are many cute ways to incorporate lavender into your wedding favors.

  • You can give your guests little bars of lavender soap, wrapped and tied with a sprig of lavender.

  • You can give your guests pretty bags of dried lavender, attached to a small sprig of freshly cut lavender flowers.

  • If you prefer to give your guests something sweet at the end of the night, there are lavender-colored M&M’s that you can purchase by the pound. Put them in tiny decorative boxes tied with a lavender ribbon.

When in doubt, or in need of a bit of photographic inspiration, Pinterest always has a plethora of different ideas on ways to incorporate lavender into your wedding favors, along with creative ideas for just about everything else related to wedding planning.

Of course, lavender wedding theme ideas aren’t the only direction you can go in when planning your wedding celebration. However, if you’re a fan of something a little different that works well with a soft, romantic vision equally as well as a playful, colorful one, we declare that a lavender theme is darn near perfect.

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