Signature Wedding Drinks to Serve At Your Wedding

Don’t overlook the fun and easy way to add a personalized twist to your wedding with a signature drink. These suggestions have an option for every taste.

By Shira Telushkin

Signature Wedding Drinks
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The signature wedding drink or signature cocktail can be a fun way to spice up the offerings at your wedding and add a little personality into the culinary experience and wedding catering. Here are some suggestions for signature wedding drinks.

Why to Have a Signature Wedding Drink

Weddings are communal experiences, and the more that guests feel a sense of comradery with one another, the better the vibes will be. One great way to introduce that communal feeling is with a signature wedding cocktail.

For couples looking to keep their budgets down, the signature wedding cocktail can also sometimes cut costs with caterers. For example, some couples will serve wine and beer open bars, plus the signature wedding drink/wedding cocktail.

List of Signature Wedding Drinks to Serve At Your Wedding Photo Credit // Sasha Prince Photography

What to Consider When Choosing a Signature Wedding Drink

Go personal. The signature wedding drink should ideally reflect something about you or be a match for the venue, location, or theme of your wedding. Don’t try to be a crowd-pleaser and choose a drink you won’t enjoy.

But do think about the crowd. That said, if you adore white wine, sprite, and tomato juice, don’t try to make your off-beat tastes the central drink of the wedding. You want people to drink the stuff, so think broadly within the categories of bar drinks, but stay true to your heart.

Don’t forget logistics. The signature wedding drink should ideally be something that can be made in a big batch or whipped up quickly. If your bartenders are muddling individual glasses of mint all night, you’ll lose enthusiasm for the drink.

Remember presentation. The signature drink ideally will be recognizable and add some fun to the celebrations. Whether that’s the copper mug of a Moscow mule for winter weddings or the choice of something vibrant and striking in color—like our Blackberry Honeysuckle drinks—don’t overlook the power of a bold visual.

When it comes to the signature drink, many couples choose one for each partner or try to come up with a fun and cute name for the drink. If you and your partner do have strong and well-known drink tastes that will mean something to your guests, go for it. But for most couples, the stronger bet is to find a drink you love and serve it, without confusing your guests with a unique name.

Signature Wedding Drinks to Serve at Your Wedding

List of Signature Wedding Drinks to Serve At Your Wedding Photo Credit // CZone Entertainment

The Singapore Sling: Take out the cocktail shaker to make this iconic pink gin-based drink that originated at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. You can’t go wrong with its sweet and sour notes.

Pimm’s Cups: This traditional British garden party drink is sweet, delicious, and sure to be a wedding favorite for you and the wedding guests.

Lemonade (Personalized): Lemonade is a drink everybody loves, and there are endless ways to personalize the beverage to your tastes. Think rosemary, blackberry, raspberry, lime, or mint for a burst of color. Just add vodka, and you are good to go.

Tom Collins: This elegant, tall drink has all the sophisticated taste of gin with enough sweetness to please everybody as one of the wedding signature cocktails.

Margaritas: The margarita is a favorite cocktail, and some couples choose three or four signature styles in which to serve it at their wedding. You can offer pomegranate, spicy, classic, watermelon and basil, mango, or any flavor you prefer. This is a favorite cocktail recipe that can be dressed up with a lime wedge garnish and served in a mason jar with fun signature wedding drink names that go with your wedding day.

Moscow Mule: The Moscow mule is the drink to beat at the holidays, and this delicious cocktail will make incredible photographs.

Sangria: Trying to figure out the best wine for wedding festivities? What about Sangria? Sangria is the perfect signature wedding drink offering. The drink looks beautiful and will be enjoyed all night.

Tinted Champagne: If you want to keep the Champagne flowing, but want to make it more visually interesting, think about tinted Champagne in the colors of your wedding.

Gin and Tonics With a Twist: Think about adding a colorful twist, like a sprig of rosemary, a dash of grapefruit juice, or anything that will make the drink as magical as the wedding.

Spiked hot chocolate: Spiked hot chocolate is the ideal drink for a winter wedding, especially if guests will be milling around both outside and inside.

Many couples wonder what signature wedding drink they should serve at their wedding. This list of signature wedding drinks will help you decide what drink your wedding needs!

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