How to Safely Travel With Your Wedding Rings

Keep your wedding rings and other valuable jewelry safe while traveling. Here are expert tips from Jewelers Mutual to help protect your belongings on your honeymoon.

By Jewelers Mutual

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Planning your honeymoon is incredibly exciting—second only to planning your wedding, of course. Whether you and your partner are planning to jet set or road trip, chances are you’re thinking more about the excursions and dining options than you are about protecting your jewelry. That new rock on your finger needs attention too, though, along with any other must-have jewelry you plan to bring on your trip.

According to a recent travel study* by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, reports of lost or stolen jewelry while traveling have doubled since 2015 and only 1% of travelers report ever reuniting with their lost jewelry. And it can really sting: 88% of travelers agreed that they experienced an emotional impact from their jewelry loss.

How To Minimize The Chance Of Jewelry Theft Or Loss

  • Pack light. Only take the jewelry you’ll actually wear while traveling.
  • Make a list. Inventory the valuables you bring and make two copies of the list. Leave one copy at home and pack a copy to take with you.
  • Carry on. Never put jewelry in your checked baggage. Instead, wear with care.
  • Keep it with you. Never leave jewelry unattended. Store jewelry in your hotel’s vault when you’re not wearing it.
  • Insure it. Insure your jewelry before leaving home and be sure you have the right coverage. Standard homeowners and renters policies may not fully cover jewelry. Look into a jewelry-specific policy and be sure it’s effective while you’re traveling away from home. Your policy should cover theft, loss, damage, and disappearance.

Why do I need specific jewelry insurance?

Two words: Jewelry. Expertise. You trust your home to homeowner’s insurance and you trust your health to health insurance. Trust your engagement ring, wedding band, and other jewelry to jewelry insurance experts like Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, an insurer dedicated to only jewelry for more than 100 years.

A company that specializes in jewelry insurance understands the jewelry market and has safeguards in place to help your coverage limits match what it would cost to replace your jewelry in today’s market.

What should I look for in a jewelry insurance coverage?

Make sure you have comprehensive repair or replacement coverage that includes, loss, damage, theft, and disappearance. Also, ensure the coverage travels with you worldwide, wherever your honeymoon travels may take you.

This way to happy travels...

Have the peace of mind that your ring is protected for the road ahead. Gather more travel tips before heading out. You can get a jewelry insurance quote and apply in minutes at

*The Jewelers Mutual study was conducted in May 2019 by Kantar Group, a data, insights and consulting company. A sample of 1,044 adults aged 18-64 were interviewed via online self-completion.

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