Pink Wedding Theme Ideas

Looking to have a pink-themed wedding? Trying to incorporate pink in your wedding reception decor? Read more for our complete guide on pink-themed wedding ideas.

By The Zola Team

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There are so many different ways to plan a wedding. One of the first aspects that most couples start with is choosing their wedding theme and color palette. By choosing a theme and color palette, it helps you guide the direction of everything else related to planning your big wedding day.

One of the most popular wedding themes of the day is a pink wedding theme. Pink is a perennially popular color for brides, with plenty of versatility, romance, and fun wrapped into a single color.

Of course, pink isn’t just a single color. There are shades of pink ranging from deep fuchsia, to more of a mauve pink, to the palest of pale pinks. The particular shade or shades of pink you choose to use can set the entire tone of your wedding ceremony. Deeper shades of pink can create an air of glamour and elegance, while pastel pinks can help craft a whimsical, vintage vibe.

The only caveat is being careful not to go overboard. You don’t want your wedding to look as though there was a Pepto Bismol explosion in the reception hall. Looking for the right way to incorporate a pink color scheme into your wedding day? Look no further, we have all the pink-themed wedding inspiration you need!

Colors That Complement Pink

In the interest of not going overboard, consider pairing other colors with pink as your main attraction. There are many shades that play well with the color pink, from beautiful metallic shades, to black, grey, and even navy blue.

Why not try pairing a deep fuchsia pink with shades of silver and dark grey? Or combining a mauve pink with navy blue? You could even make your wedding simply feature differing shades of pink. The combination of pastels with bright colors provides enough interesting contrast that you don’t have to fear going overboard.

For instance, you could go with a very deep, dark pink as a beautiful accent color to be used sparingly, and blend it with a light pink and a creamy pastel with the merest hint of pink.

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Pink Wedding Attire

Picking a color for your dream wedding dress is top priority. This will be dictated by one of two things, either the color palette you choose or tradition. A traditionalist will opt for the classic white or cream wedding dress, whereas a non-traditionalist will consider an alternate color for her wedding gown. Neither way is wrong, both are a matter of preference.

If you opt for a white or cream gown, you can add pink detailing, such as a pastel pink bridal sash, pink beading, or sparkling pink jewelry. You could even pair the dress with glittery pink shoes as a nod to your favorite color, while still keeping with tradition.

Dress up your wedding party in your favorite pink shade so that you and your dress really pop in all your wedding photos, or dress them in a complementary color with pink details, such as pink shoes to match yours, and pink ties and cummerbunds. Styling each bridesmaid dress to be a different shade of pink can also complement nicely with a traditional, white wedding dress.

If you don’t mind thinking outside of the box, you could flip the script and wear a pink wedding gown. A deep shade of pink can be very striking, especially when you dress up the rest of the wedding party in more neutral or pastel colors.

You could also wear a wedding gown that offers just the palest glimmer of pink. Pale pink, as a wedding dress, is sleek and elegant, and doesn’t veer too far from tradition, which can be a happy medium for couples that aren’t sure how much they want to buck the norms.

If you veer more towards whimsy, dress up the rest of the wedding party in pale colors to match, and if you veer more toward drama and glamour, dress them up in a darker color, such as black or grey. Either way, you’ll all look amazing for your wedding photos, and that’s what counts, right?

Pink Wedding Stationery

If you adore a more modern spin on your wedding invitation invites, save-the-dates, and related stationery, why not go with a raspberry pink accent color, with black and white detailing? It’s fresh, chic, and classy. This will give your guests a sneak peek into your color scheme, and will leave them excited for the big day!

For those that love a young, fresh, upbeat style, you might try incorporating elements, such as bright green cacti, ferns, or other succulents into your motif. Consider incorporating elements that align with a summer or spring wedding, depending on your wedding date. You can also experiment with watercolor designs to keep things fresh and youthful. Watercolors also happen to pair well with an overall vintage style, if that’s your thing.

It’s important that you’re not boxed in. You can mix and match colors to your heart’s content and come up with the perfect pink wedding invitations results that are amazing. Go with colors and designs that best represent you as a couple and the vision you both have for your wedding day.

Pink Favors and Gifts

Maybe you have plans to put some welcome gifts in your guests’ hotel rooms, or to surprise your each bridesmaids with goodies. Both ideas are great, but they’re even greater when they are color-coordinated.

You can help set the tone for your pink-themed wedding by using pink gift boxes for wedding party gifts.

Some great wedding party gift ideas are:

  • Monogrammed flasks in your wedding colors.
  • A gift set of yummy bath products.
  • Jewelry that can be worn with their wedding attire.
  • Robes and slippers for pre-ceremony bonding time.

If you plan to leave guests a little welcome gift in their hotel rooms, small pink gift bags are an excellent choice to stay in keeping with the wedding theme, as it continues to foreshadow what the guest experience will be like as the big moment looms closer.

As for wedding favors, you can add pink detailing, such as ribbon, and dress up almost any favor idea. For instance, sheer pastel pink sachets tied with fuchsia ribbons are simple and pretty—even better, they’re super easy on the budget. You can put candy inside each sachet, along with a monogrammed note with your wedding date, and viola.

Pink Flowers and Arrangements

The use of fresh flowers can bring a magical, romantic feel to your wedding decor, especially if you’re obsessed with all things floral. Bright bunches of pink peonies, deep pink roses, and everything in between are beautiful additions to any wedding ceremony and reception.

One way to give a timeless flower a modern update is to use it in intriguing arrangements and shapes. There are options such as the arm sheaf bouquet—sometimes referred to as a pageant bouquet—as well as cascading bouquets.

These types of arrangements often fly under the radar as couples prioritize other types of arrangements, such as hand-tied bouquets and round corsages. The arm sheaf bouquet is cradled on one arm in the same way that a pageant queen cradles a bouquet after a victorious win, offering a floral idea that’s both unique and unexpected. Pick flowers of varying shades of pink, or mix it up with other flowers in complementary colors.

Cascading bouquets are also making a big comeback. These bouquets are beautifully luscious and can help create multiple decor looks, from chic and elegant to bohemian and wild decoration, the possibilities are endless. Some even feature trailing vines, which can work well for a magical, enchanted pink wedding theme.

Pink Wedding Theme Ideas Photo Credit // Butternut Blonde

Pink Centerpieces and Decor

Are you planning to set up a lounge area for the reception and host a cocktail hour? This happens to be an excellent opportunity to incorporate some color splashes and show off your pink wedding theme.

Blend different shades of pink with varying degrees of intensity, or pair your favorite pink shade with a color such as black or royal purple for a more dramatic look. You can put pink runners on longer tables and lay out your hors d'oeuvres banquet-style. As an added touch, provide plates and cups in a muted pink color or a complementary color for guests to partake.

When cocktail hour is done, sheer linens tied to your reception room chairs in a pale pink color can look ethereal and romantic. Try draping the tables in a darker color, such as grey or navy blue for contrast, with pale pink linen napkins or blush napkins and favors for place settings.

Tall vases with beautiful floral arrangements always make wonderful table centerpieces, especially if the tables are large in diameter. You can also place them on guest reception tables and on the gift table. Try incorporating flowers such as pink peonies or pink roses that you used in your own bouquet on the reception tables to make your pink wedding theme shine the entire day!

If you opt for smaller, more intimate dining tables it’s better to go with flower arrangements that aren’t as tall, so that everyone can see over them and chit chat without hindrance. Although tall vases might be a bold statement and a beautiful decoration, consider decor that won't deter your guests from socializing. Alternatively, pink candle arrangements are pretty for centerpieces and can also be used on other tables, such as the guestbook table.

As for lighting, hanging lantern lights in shades of pink can be eye-catching without being overbearing, as can strategic mood lighting that’s placed around the perimeter of the room in hues of pink.

Creating a pink wedding theme can be as subtle or as over-the-top as you like, it’s your wedding after all. Make of it what you will and bring on the pink.

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