Personalizing Decorations for Any Wedding Shower

Looking to learn how to make personalized decorations for a wedding shower? We’ve got you covered! Read on for more inspiration.

By Amanda Mitchell

Decorations for Wedding Shower
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Congratulations, your BFF is heading down the aisle, and you’re in charge of making sure that the wedding shower is a celebration, a party, a shebang. This day is about your close friend—a representation of both who he or she is, and who he or she is going to become as part of a couple—and your only duty is to make sure that the shower is a representation of his or her personality and a smaller, more intimate version of what the big day will look like. Here at Zola, we gathered plenty of gorgeous, beautiful ideas for decorations to make sure that your friend is celebrated in every way possible.

Paper Decorations

Looking for affordable decorations for a wedding shower? From origami to handcrafted paper flowers, paper is a great, low-cost way to effectively decorate for an event. Crêpe paper can be saved for a kid’s birthday though, because streamers have no place here. Instead, honeycomb paper balls can be a gorgeous and inexpensive way to decorate for a bridal shower. Paper straws in the color scheme are an eco-friendly drink suggestion, and anything you might want to use as a decoration exists in paper already: flowers, pinwheels, whatever you need. A fun paper garland hung as a curtain behind the betrothed can always create a beautiful photo opportunity and complement your wedding shower theme.

Wall Decorations

Kim Kardashian set the standards of the flower wall, and your wedding shower can be as great as hers was. A photo opportunity is always welcome at a wedding shower, and creating a flower wall or a balloon wall can be a gorgeous Insta-moment, plus it’s an opportunity to create a memory of a lifetime. Imagine a group photo taken in front of an over-the top, wildly imagined balloon arch—memories for a lifetime. A commemorative balloon decorated with his or her future married name can always boost a profile at a party.


Personalizing Decorations for Any Wedding Shower Photo Credit // Unsplash

Food, the best part of any event, and the hardest part to plan. Don’t worry, ask your BFF what his or her favorite food is, and there are plenty of ways to make sure that his or her taste (and taste buds) are represented at the wedding shower. Go crazy on a candy bar, with all his or her favorite candies—no one’s saying no to a sour straw or a peanut butter cup. Do you have a best friend who is also a potato aficionado? Mashed potato bars or a french fry buffet can get their spud-taneous urges flowing. If your friend is having a tropical themed wedding, incorporate pineapples, papayas, and tropical fruits and colors into the table decorations.


One issue that always arises in wedding shower decor is the question of whether or not to use the chosen bridal colors in the event. If you’re really unsure, ask your friend—maybe he or she wants their chosen colors to be exclusive to the big day. If so, integrating his or her favorite color into the decor can be a wonderful option, and if the wedding colors are also his or her favorite color(s)… stick to neutral tones. Whites, beiges, and greys get a hard rap for appearing to be sterile, but with the right touch, those colors can absolutely make for the most intimate of affairs.

Functional Decor

Personalizing Decorations for Any Wedding Shower Photo Credit // Unsplash

Wedding showers are great opportunities to both learn and create something beautiful. Having your guests learn how to arrange flowers, create graffiti, decorate cakes, or participate in another activity can create an ambiance or decoration for the event. Let guests make centerpieces that they can take home and use to decorate their homes.

For real decor ideas that can also serve as take-away gifts for attendees, set a Polaroid camera near your photo wall, and have a time where guests can take a photo with the future betrothed. Clip the Polaroid photos to clothespins decorated with flowers, glitter, or sequins and allow them to serve as a DIY decoration for your party that the guests can take home at the end of the day.

Having a mimosa or champagne bar? Create customized drink flutes in place of traditional name cards for guests, so that no one loses their glass and they get to walk away with both a commemorative gift and a beautiful memory.

Best Wishes

Attendees of this event likely have a close, personal relationship with whomever the party is for—make sure that they’re as much a part of the party as your friend will be. Wedding showers are a great opportunity for guests to provide their “something borrowed” or “something blue”—ask attendees to bring something to be integrated into the wedding. Wish books are also a wonderful idea—have a separate, decorated table where guests can take photos to be included in the book and write their happiest well-wishes for the future bride and groom. An even more innovative idea is creating a wish jar, where guests write their hopes for the couple’s future. Once the wedding excitement has ceased, whenever your friend (or his or her spouse) is having a hard day, he or she can choose a well-wish from the jar to brighten any moment.