What to Pack for a Bachelorette Party

Pack the right gear for your bachelorette party to ensure you and your friends have the best weekend. Here's a list of things to bring to a bachelorette party.

By Elizabeth Blasi

bachelorette party
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Just like any other vacation, a bachelorette party weekend needs a packing list. While the necessary accessories and wardrobe choices may depend on your bachelorette theme or locale, this list will make sure you have all the basics for your weekend. Let the IG likes roll in—here’s everything you need to pack for a bachelorette weekend.


Obviously, much of your bachelorette party outfits will depend on your location and the theme, if applicable. Here, though, are a few must-haves for every party style.

  • Bride-To-Be Outfits: This goes for the bride only! Bring at least two outfits that are mainly white to set yourself apart from the rest of your bridal party. If you’re going to the beach, pack a white bathing suit. If you’re headed to the mountains, a fluffy white sweater will do. Otherwise, find a little white dress or romper and wear it around. If you want to really stand out, request that the rest of your bridal party avoids white for the weekend.
  • Going Out Clothes: If you’re the type of girl who is all about coordination, have a conversation with your party ahead of the weekend. Decide on one night of the weekend for your bridal party to wear similar looks. If you’re wearing white, for example, ask the others to stick to black for one night out. You can also work ahead of time to have matching shirts or bathing suits made for the occasion.
  • Dress For The Occasion: Like we said, your attire depends on your location, style, and theme. Make sure your bridal party is ready for whatever with the right clothes for the weekend. You’re not going to pack the same outfits for a Vegas weekend as you would for a relaxing spa trip. Think ahead and come prepared.
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It’s a celebration after all—decorate for the occasion. Typically whoever plans the bachelorette party (usually the MOH) is responsible for filling the hotel room, Airbnb, or other accommodations with themed decor. Visit our Wedding Shop for tons of bachelorette party decor options.

  • In The Room: Make sure to pack garland, balloons, even themed (or humorous) wall decor for the weekend.
  • For The Food: Simple decor can be added to spice up an evening out. Head to the restaurant early and cover the table in confetti. If you have a cake, be sure to add a relevant cake topper. And place a chair sash on the bride-to-be’s seat for when she arrives.
  • Custom Cups: Keep your bachelorette party sustainable with reusable cups for your bridal party. Monogrammed tumblers or shot glasses are a fun way to keep trash to a minimum. These also serve as great party favors for your group to take home.
  • Themed Koozies: In that same vein, custom koozies are a practical way to add a touch of decor and theme to the weekend.

Food & Drink

While you may have dinners, brunches, or meal outings throughout the weekend, don’t underestimate the hunger and thirst of a bachelorette party group.

  • Snacks: From frozen meals to fruit to easy-to-grab snacks (like chips) make sure to have enough for late-night meals, pregaming snacks, and morning-after hunger-fixes.
  • Alcohol: Avoid spending a large amount of money on drinks solely at bars by having a few drinks at your accommodations. Include a mix of spirits, beer, and wine—and remember to eat while or before drinking.
  • Cocktail Mixers: Because nothing ends well by drinking spirits on the rocks or in shot glasses. Have fun with this and create custom cocktails for the special occasion.

Party Favors & Gifts

Everyone loves a reason to party and celebrate with specialized gifts and favors.

  • The Sash: In order to let everyone around you know that you are the bride (or a part of the bridal party), a descriptive sash is necessary.
  • Hats: Whether baseball caps or floppy sun hats, gift your group a quality color-coordinated accessory they can wear long after the weekend comes to a close.
  • Shirts: Just like hats, customized shirts are a great opportunity for a bachelorette photo opp.
  • Beauty Gifts: Depending on the theme of the bachelorette party activities, beauty gifts like face masks, nail polish, or other makeup are great, practical favors. Get ready for a night out with a relaxing at-home spa moment or give your party something to hide any dark circles the morning after.
  • Next Morning Cures: If you and your bachelorette party decide to spend a night out, chances are the next morning might be a little rough. Put together a ‘next morning cure bag’. Include Advil, a water bottle, electrolyte tablets or Gatorade, a granola bar, and common cure-alls like band-aids, mints, and undereye patches.
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Games & Activities

Bachelorette games keep the party festivities moving. They’re also a great way to pass time or break the ice.

  • Photo Booth: Create a photo booth from scratch with a cheap backdrop and some photo props you can buy online. Gift the bride-to-be a polaroid camera and a few packs of film. Grab a photo book and fill it throughout the weekend with your custom photo booth images.
  • Board & Card Games: Bring a deck of cards or a fun adult-themed game for casual nights or to kill time during the day.


If you’re traveling a good distance for your bachelorette party, you’ll need to remember some important logistical items, too.

  • Passports: If you’re country-hopping for the weekend, don’t forget your passport—and copies of your passport.
  • Itineraries & Confirmations: This may fall more on the responsibility of the Maid of Honor or bachelorette party hosts, but make sure to have a printed itinerary of the accommodations and any booked activities in case there are issues with wifi or cell service.

Every bachelorette party is different. This list certainly isn’t comprehensive but will serve as a friendly reminder as you and your bridal party prepare for your weekend. Send it around in a group chat and be sure to discuss packing plans early enough so no one forgets anything important.

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