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Jessica & Mike — The Day it All Began

How this couple pulled off a surprise proposal on their holiday in Hawaii.

Jessica and Mike — The Day it All Began
Photo by Jess and Mike

"Will you marry me?” Those four little words are the start of the adventure of a lifetime.

This week Jessica and Mike share the day it all began...

MikeAndJes 2 Photo Credit // Jess and Mike


"Mike and I designed a ring together, so while I (Jessica) knew an engagement was coming, I was SHOCKED that it happened when it did. How could he propose when the ring wasn’t ready yet?!

Mike knew that having my family present at the engagement would be really special for me. Additionally, as a couple we love to be active and have adventures. Because of all this, he thought our family trip to Hawaii for Christmas 2021 would be the perfect chance. The only problem was that our ring wasn’t going to be ready until January. Sneakily, he had been in communication with the jeweler, who found a cheap ring on Amazon that was an oval stone with two side triangles, which resembled part of our design. He bought the ring and a box, and packed it for the trip.

My mom, dad, and sister knew it was going to happen. Meanwhile, I was telling everyone that asked that the engagement would certainly not happen on the trip, as the ring wasn’t ready. In fact, right before the proposal I was taking a video of the stunning beach we were at. On the video, you can hear Mike calling me over (I tell him to wait a sec so I can finish the video lol). As I went to walk away, I turned to my sister and said “now THIS would be an awesome place to get engaged”.

When I got to him, he was not actually trying to show me a bird. Instead, he got on his knee asked if I would be his lifetime adventure buddy. I, of course, said yes. Apparently, he had been carrying the ring around with him everywhere we went on the trip until he found the ~right~ spot. So many times I went through his backpack to get snacks or sunscreen, which obviously made him sweat, but he hid it well.

Cleverly, he made a point of putting his wallet visibly in his pocket so that when I saw something in his pocket, I wasn’t suspicious. It worked!

Exploring the beach just after we got engaged, we found this beautiful, heart-shaped rock. Such a happy coincidence on a happy day!"

MikeAndJes 1 Photo Credit // Jess and Mike
MikeAndJes 3 Photo Credit // Jess and Mike
MikeAndJes 4 Photo Credit // Jess and Mike

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