January Wedding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Jump into a new year and new beginnings by throwing a January wedding. Here's your guide to planning your ceremony this month.

By Alexis Ferguson

January Wedding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know
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Ringing in the new year with the hope of new beginnings? Sound like the perfect time to jump into newlywed life together.

January weddings are filled with excitement, optimism, and overall good vibes. A brand new class of couples are kicking off the year by tying the knot. Not to mention they get all the attention as people look forward to starting the year off right with big celebrations and memorable milestones.

Planning a January wedding can be a tall order, but we’re here to help make sure the ball doesn’t drop on your wedding day.

The Basics

History And Culture

  • The name “January” is originally derived from the Roman God Janus, the god of beginnings, doorways, and passages; the perfect lore for a New Years wedding.
  • Garnet, January’s birthstone, is said to bring consistency and stability to those that wear it. So if you’re hoping for things to go off without a hitch on the day of, consider incorporating this stone.
  • Carnations, January’s birth flower, also happen to be a symbol of devotion, love, and loyalty. What more is there to say?

Ideas And Inspiration

What's In Season?

The season’s foods and florals are built to withstand the elements and bring the best of what the season has to offer to your tablescapes:

  • Hot and hearty foods like roasted meats and vegies are bound to warm your guests up. Use this chance to show off more of your favorite roasts with a coffee bar filled with unique flavors.
  • Already popped plenty of champagne? Fill your drink glasses with mulled wine and cider instead.
  • Primrose, tulips, camellias, and daffodils add vibrance to any arrangement, especially those showcased at snowy ceremonies. Combine these florals with foliage like spruce branches, eucalyptus, and tiny pinecones.


New year - same season. Here are a few weather tips that will ensure you pull your winter ceremony off safely.

  • Winter conditions vary from region to region every year. More northern U.S. states can look forward to frequent snowfall even lower temperatures as the cold season settles in, while southern states can keep an eye out for rainy days to come.
  • If snow is an essential detail of your wedding plan, be sure you’re up-to-date with the forecast dates for your wedding. But do keep in mind possible travel delays like closed roads and delayed flights if there’s a chance of heavy snow!
  • No matter your region, storms can pop up on the radar at any time, even when you checked the forecast twice! Always have a plan B and consider investing in wedding insurance if possible.


January has few holidays, but it is good to know these dates to plan your wedding on or around them.

  • January 1: New Year’s Day
  • January 16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tip: Martin Luther King Jr. Day always lies on the third Monday in January. If you chose to, you can honor the legacy while taking advantage of the long weekend for your nuptials.

Theme Ideas

January weddings are always ready to bring the chills. Expect to impress your guest with these wedding themes.

  • A rustic wedding in a backyard or barn can be an excellent setting for your wedding day. Fresh flowers and candles littering the lawn all complete the cozy vibe.
  • Go fully modern with a wedding that highlights your unique personalities. Check your favorite restaurant, park, or museum for their wedding services and availability.
  • Leave your guests with more than beautiful memories. How about a mystical ceremony filled with crystals and fortune-filled favors to guide them through the year?

Clothing Ideas

The key to pulling off winter wedding attire is the balance of comfort, warmth, and fit.

  • Sure, you can toss a bulky jacket on top of your favorite formal wear, or you can elevate the look with velvet, wool, or cashmere to keep you warm while showcasing your fitted ensemble.
  • Don’t forget that the right footwear is crucial (even if you opt for a floor-length piece). There’s always a boot that can suit just about any look and keep your feet protected from the elements.

Quick color tip: Muted pastels are beautiful just about any time of year, but if you want to incorporate a bit of glam, add some metallic shades to your palette.

Zola Facts

Curious how other couples are planning their January weddings? Here are some fun facts from Zola about weddings kicking off the new year.

Couples’ Favorite January Wedding Invites + Paper Designs

January’s most popular Invites + Paper designs on Zola that couples can’t stop falling in love with.

  • Octavia Suite- This painterly design features baroque florals and solid background, perfect for highlighting your wedding details.
  • Blake Suite- This formal design features a solid contrasting border with clean type and script accents.
  • Livonia Suite- This painterly design features dreamy, watercolor eucalyptus branches and delicate typography.

Average Guest Count for January Weddings

The average number of wedding guests on the guestlist for a January wedding is 150.

Popular Registry Adds for January Weddings

Couples getting married in January have these top three must-adds on their wedding registries:

Things To Consider


January is a month of opportunity in more ways than one. With few weddings and even fewer holidays, your ceremony is bound to stand out!

  • Though January isn’t the most popular wedding month, it is surely a top month for engagements! If you got engaged early this month, consider planning a wedding in a year’s time for a full month of anniversary celebrations.
  • You can expect light schedules this month for your guests and even your vendors depending on your region. Still, be sure to start your outreach early and get your Save the Dates out to your loved ones in time to make it atop the lists of things to look forward to.


Off the heels of the busy holiday season, January tends to be a quiet month for weddings. So, if you are lucky, your venue might come at a great deal.

  • If you find yourself with extra room in your wedding budget, consider splurging on practical wedding favors like towels, coasters, or candles your guests will be able to use throughout the year.
  • Though vendors may have a few more availabilities this month, don’t miss out on booking yours as soon as possible.
  • With most venues swapping in fresh new decorations at the start of the year, you could save a few extra coins on wedding decor if the aesthetic fits your vision.

Determined that a January wedding is right for you? Planning a mid-winter wedding can have its hardships (namely in the volatility of the weather this time of year), but trust the thrill of the new year to bring much-needed joy and energy to you and all those helping you along your wedding planning journey. Happy planning!

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