How to Use Your Wedding Gifts in More Ways Than One

Find out how you can get creative with the items in your home and make them work in more than one way.

By The Zola Team

Glass  Decanter containing citrus fruits and flowers as decoration
Photo by Zola

At Zola, we want you to be able to use your wedding gifts all the time. After all, these are items you’ll have in your newlywed home for quite some time. Sure, there are the obvious gifts that you’ll use everyday, like your toaster and informal flatware, but we rounded up some of our favorites at Zola HQ and styled them in ways that just might surprise you. Find out how you can get creative with the items in your home and make them work in more than one way.

1. Your Slate Board

One of the fun things about slate is that it’s easy to write on with chalk, but it can also clean up nicely. Though traditionally used for hors d’oeuvres, we styled ours as an elegant menu and a placemat for a casual Sunday supper.

one-gift-two-ways for-the-blog bkslate

Feat. Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board

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2. Your Classic Tray

Trays are a decor piece, but we think you can get even more creative with them. Dress yours up for Saturday nights as a mini bar, and then down for Sundays on the couch (candle, book, and cup of tea included).

one-gift-two-ways for-the-blog eccolo

Feat. Eccolo Chevron Tray

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3. Your Decanter

Skip the wine and try putting a flower arrangement in there. Still thirsty? Glam up your water with slices of citrus.

one-gift-two-ways for-the-blog luigibormioli

Feat. Orrefors Enjoy Carafe, Luigi Bormioli Classico Spirits Bottle, Schott Zwiesel Pure Decanter

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4. Your Cooking Ramekins

Who knew ramekins could be so versatile! We fired up the oven and made berry crisps in ours. But if baking is not your thing, then add a pop of color to your bathroom and style them as a decor piece.

one-gift-two-ways for-the-blog dansk-1

Feat. Dansk Kobenstyle Ramekins

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