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The Best 35 Decor Ideas to Throw a Bridal Shower at Home

If you opt to have your bridal shower at home rather than at a venue, these bridal shower ideas will help.

By Ruksana Hussain

At home bridal shower
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Whether for convenience or budget, pandemic restrictions or personal preference, wanting to throw a bridal shower at home is your call—and it’s totally feasible. It will certainly save you the process of first finding and then paying for a commercial event venue, any additional costs as far as décor and onsite arrangements. Plus, it might even help you curtail that never-ending bridal party guest list.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few bridal shower ideas to get you started on planning and what that will entail. Then, for inspiration, 35 of our favorite bridal shower decorations (or, wedding shower decorations, if that’s more your style). Read on for all of the need-to-knows below.

What to Keep in Mind When Planning an At-Home Bridal Shower

1. Keep the Bridal Shower Guest List Practical

You’ll inevitably have less space to work with when planning an at-home shower, so remember to keep the guest list small. This will also conform to any safety precautions outlined by your city to address the pandemic.

If you’re having trouble paring down your guest list, consider implementing visitation windows of a few hours during the day. That way, you’ll see everyone you want in one day.

And don’t forget to add a note about all the safety measures you’re taking to help guests feel more comfortable.

2. Pace for Space

The space available at your home for all guests to freely move around might be limited, so keep in mind seating charts, flow of guests, and any specific games or other activities planned for the day. Have a designated space for gifts, and if you plan to unwrap in the presence of guests, ensure there’s adequate physical space for all to be seated during that time.

3. Design Around Decor to Easily Create a Themed Shower

When thinking of the bridal shower theme, you’ll want to design around the décor already present. Choose your theme for the event wisely, so you can minimize the amount of décor arrangements that need to be made ahead of the event. You can have an event planner come up with a shower theme and decorate your space, or you can do it yourself, but you will want to give it some thought for both budget and aesthetic reasons.

5. Take It Outdoors

Weather permitting, throwing a bridal shower in your backyard, garden, or other outdoor spot is a great idea. This also easily addresses any social distancing and safety measures that must be followed. Should inclement weather threaten the celebration, you can always head back indoors. Another bonus: Outdoor venues typically require fewer decorations, so if there’s a change of plans, you won’t have to worry about wasted decor.

How to Throw a Bridal Shower at Home Photo Credit // Terrence Harrison Wedding Photography

6. Plan for Virtual

You can always host a virtual bridal shower at home and have all your friends and family call in for a livestream event if you prefer not to have many people gathering at one location. Gifts can be sent to you ahead of the bridal shower and be unwrapped in real time for guests to see online. You can send guests a virtual background or cocktail recipe specially designed for the celebration, so everyone feels like part of a big event. This also makes for great photos and a cohesive video for your memory books later.

Don’t Forget the Food

The bridal shower food menu is just as important as any other element. If you’re hosting an in-person gathering, have several food stations across the space to help spread out guests. You can also opt for packed meals, bento boxes, or catered trays. For a virtual event, send little care bags with goodies to your guests ahead of their scheduled time with you. The food is certainly one aspect where you can splurge if you’re saving on your budget by throwing a bridal shower at home. Throwing a bridal shower at home can be as simple or involved as you’d like, depending on how much time, effort and other resources you have at your disposal. If you’re focused on preparing for your big wedding day, use this guide as a bridal shower checklist to ease some of the bridal shower planning. The most important factor though as the bride is to enjoy the celebrations and see the day unfold as planned. After all, it’s your special day and that’s all that matters.

35 Bridal Shower Decor Ideas for a Perfect Celebration at Home

With your at-home bridal shower party need-to-knows covered, let’s talk decor. Hosting the celebration at home is no reason not to decorate. In fact, with free reign over the space and practically no limitations (such as those you might have at a venue or restaurant), your options actually vastly open up. For some inspiration, see 35 of our current favorites when it comes to bridal shower decor below.

1. Bridal Chair

One popular element found at many bridal showers is a seat specifically for the bride. These are usually decorated in some way, be it covered in flowers, ribbon, tulle, or otherwise. Typically, the bride will sit here to lounge, eat, or—most often—open gifts, with her maid of honor at her side.

2. Balloon Arch or Installation

Who doesn’t love a large balloon piece? Whether you order one custom made or DIY one yourself, balloon arches and installations are eye-catching and sure to be the talk of the party (outside of the bride, of course). Have yours made within your party’s color scheme and set up by the entrance, gift table, dessert table, or photo booth.

3. Balloon Letters

Take balloons a step further by ordering letters that spell out the bride’s name, new last name (if she’s taking a new one), or similar wedding-style phrase.

4. Floral Garland

For an enchanted garden affair, drape floral garlands over the backs of chairs, hang on a wall or across tree branches, or use as table runners.

5. Champagne Tower or Wall

A bridal shower is definitely a cause to celebrate. Start the party off right by having a pre-set champagne tower or wall set up by the time guests arrive. Encourage everyone to take a glass of bubbly, then gather everyone together for a special toast to kick things off.

6. Dessert Display

Food can easily function as decor, too. Tiered stands, metallic trays, and a well put-together dessert table can beautifully display cake, cupcakes, macarons, tarts, cookies, waffles (if a bridal shower brunch is the vibe), and more.

7. Favor Table

Likewise, your bridal shower favors can double as an eye-catching piece of decor. Whether you plan on giving out custom champagne flutes, soaps, jars of jam, or candles, they can be arranged beautifully atop a special table. Bonus points if the favors are on-theme with the shower.

8. Monograms and Personalizations

For the classic and creative bridal shower, consider creating a monogram or personalized emblem that can be printed onto various pieces of shower decor. Think the bride’s initials or a symbol that’s representative of the theme. Include it on bridal shower invitations, napkins, signage, and similar for a chic and coordinated appearance.

9. LED Balloons

Evening celebrations would do well to take the leap from standard balloons to light-up LED balloons. These beautiful pieces of decor twinkle against an evening or nighttime backdrop, while adding a bit of whimsy to your shower.

10. Photo Booth Backdrop

Guests will flock to a gorgeous photo booth backdrop. These can vary greatly depending on your theme or party aesthetic, though we love those that are composed of florals, fabric, or balloons.

11. Custom Place Cards

Pull your table settings together by purchasing or creating printable, custom place cards. Not only will these help your guests know where to sit, they’ll also help the event feel a touch more formal.

12. Confetti Poppers

Add some excitement to the day by handing out confetti poppers in your color palette. Doing so towards the beginning of your bash means you’ll have a fun sprinkle of confetti all over the place for the rest of the shower. If poppers aren’t ideal (say, your dog gets afraid), try these Gold Confetti Boxes ($1.99) instead. Pro tip: If you’ll be outside, seek out biodegradable confetti—or, opt for flower petals instead.

13. Mason Jar Centerpieces

Amp up a boho-styled celebration by placing centerpieces in mason jars. These can be flowers, sure, but also greenery, candles, and even sand and shells.

14. Chalkboard Sign

Some of the most impressive decor pieces are incredibly simple to put together. Pull out or buy a sizable chalkboard and some chalk, then use both to create a custom sign. This can be anything from a welcome sign to a wedding countdown that the bride can take home and keep updating.

15. Record Player Display

Skip the Spotify playlist and, instead, have a nice record player on display spinning some of the bride’s favorite music.

16. Custom Welcome Signage

Order or custom make a welcome sign just for the occasion. You can DIY your ow acrylic sign with vinyl letters or a paint pen and a plexiglass sheet.

17. Letter Sign

Just as eye-catching are letter signs, typically made of plastic, wood, and even often lights. If it’s in your budget (or you’re particularly crafty), order one with the couple’s last name. That way, it can be reused as wedding or home decor.

18. Floral Arrangements

Traditional, classic, and exceptionally fresh, nothing quite compares to fresh florals. Place bouquets around the room as centerpieces or decorative arrangements. Your choice of flowers, greenery, and even vase can be customized just to your liking.

19. Refreshment Station

Whether it’s a mimosa bar or a series of flavored water dispensers, guests are bound to love a refreshment station. Complete yours with a series of ingredients and toppings, such as fresh fruit.

How to Throw a Bridal Shower at Home Photo Credit // Shutterstock

20. Lanterns

Indoor or outdoor, lanterns add a dose of elegance and whimsy to any occasion. Hang a few from tree branches, use them as centerpieces, or place them along a pathway into the shower.

21. Printed Pictures

Let’s get sentimental. Photographs can be a touching and beautiful way to adorn a bridal shower. There are multiple ways to use them, too. Turn photos of the happy couple into a hanging banner—which can also be used for bridal shower games, such as guessing how old the couple was or how long they’d been together. You can also ask each guest to bring a photo of themselves with the bride that can be hung on a corkboard or framed.

22. Cards and Gifts Table

If the bride hasn’t expressed a desire for no bridal shower gifts, expect guests to bring at least a few. In preparation, set up a table specifically to receive them. Include a small sign indicating that it’s the gift table, a card holder, and perhaps some flower petals or confetti sprinkled atop the surface.

23. String Lights

String lights are not only magical, but extremely versatile. Hang them, drape them, wrap them around trees—the possibilities are virtually endless.

24. Floating Tealight Candles

Take advantage of any outdoor (or indoor) fountains by placing some tealight candles in the water. Lit or not, they’ll add an air of calm and finesse to the scene.

25. Decorative Candles

Similarly, consider using decorative candles and candle holders all around your space. Votives, hurricane holders, taper candle holders, candelabras—the options are plentiful. If you’re concerned about open flames, LED candles are also beautiful without causing you worry.

26. Themed Reusable Straws

What’s better than a fun, themed straw? A nice, reusable straw that guests can take home. Order them in your occasion’s or the wedding’s color scheme and hand out as guests arrive or before a special toast. Just remember to purchase those that come with small carrying cases! Not only will your guests be thankful for the convenience, but you can further customize them.

27. Pretty Parasols

Will your bridal shower be outside in the sun? Consider purchasing and setting up parasols for your guests. Not only will they shield them from the heat, but look stylish while doing so.

28. Vintage Dinnerware and Glassware

Take your meal set-up to the next level with vintage dinnerware and/or glassware. Aside from looking stunning, this is actually quite easy to achieve. In the weeks leading up to the shower, go thrifting for pieces. Start a collection that you can clean up and use on the special day.

29. Rustic Ladder

For a cottagecore styled shower, consider dressing up a rustic ladder. One can be used to display florals, candles, framed photographs, and an array of other decor pieces.

30. Accessory Gifts

Extend the decor to your guests by providing something they can all wear. Flower crowns, cowboy hats, sailor caps—whatever fits the bridal shower’s theme. What’s more, these can also act as bridal shower gifts.

31. Draped Tulle

Create a scene straight out of a fantasy setting by using tulle in your decorating. This airy fabric can be used as a table runner, draped over branches, tied around chairs, and so much more.

32. Repurposed Glass Bottles

Repurpose wine bottles and similar to use as floral vases in your centerpieces.

33. Tablecloths

Something as simple as a few nice tablecloths can truly transform a space. Consider the type of atmosphere you’d like to create when picking them out, as well as the decor you’d like to set on top of them. White or off-white can look minimal and chic, while rich jewel tones can add to a formal affair.

34. Champagne Bottle Guest Book

Double a piece of decor as a keepsake by having guests sign a nice bottle of champagne for the bride. Simply purchase the champagne and a few metallic sharpies to write with. This will look nice on display and can also be popped during the celebration and kept afterwords.

35. Floral Ice Cubes

Often times, the smaller details really make the setting. For a garden party shower, consider freezing edible flower petals inside ice cubes. You can then place these ice cubes in an ice bucket with wine and/or champagne (or whatever the drink of choice is) or serve them up directly in drink glasses.

Planning and decorating a bridal shower is half the fun of throwing one. Throughout planning, remember to keep the bride and her likes in mind—the day is meant to celebrate her, after all. If you’ve got this top of mind, as well as our tips, you’re sure to host a beautiful shower.

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