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How to Make a Flower Girl Basket

Make your wedding ceremony blossom with a flower girl basket that uniquely showcases your wedding theme and location.

By The Zola Team

How to Make a Flower Girl Basket
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The First Look ✨

  • When it comes to the base of the basket, match it to your wedding’s theme and location, whether you’re saying your “I dos” in a rustic barn or an elegant hotel.
  • Adorn your basket with embellishments or fillers that accentuate the look of your ceremony. Make sure that your decor stays put during the walk down the aisle (and throughout the ceremony) by securing it with hot glue, twist ties, string, or pins.
  • If you’re crafting a wedding that defies the norms, dare to be unconventional and ditch the basket for a sign, wagon, lantern, or even a trusty pet!

You’re the star of your wedding story, but everyone knows that the flower girl is the icing on the cake. Before you and your partner say your “I dos,” your flower girl will be there tossing her petals and smiling sweetly. Your guests will ooh and aah as she makes her way towards you, and the photographer will snap adorable pictures for your wedding album.

When you picture this scene, what do you see in your flower girl’s hands? Is it a wooden pail or a lacey satin basket?

Whatever your ideal flower girl basket is, we’ve got tips on how to make it. In this guide, we describe how to make a flower girl basket, including:

Let’s get started.

Flower Girl 101

If you need a crash course in all things flower girls, here’s your quick cheat sheet on what a flower girl does at your wedding:

  • Traditionally the flower girl walks down the aisle before the spouse-to-be enters.

  • The flower girl carries a basket filled with flower petals (or some other small items), which she tosses ahead of her as she walks.

  • Often the flower girl and ring bearer will come in together.

Many couples choose a young female relative or friend to be the flower girl. Her dress and accessories usually coordinate with the rest of the wedding party and the overall theme of the wedding.

(If you need some inspiration for accessories to pull everything together, Zola’s wedding boutique has everything you need for your big day, including adorable pieces for your flower girl.)

Assembling the Flower Girl Basket

Crafty couples can design and create an excellent flower girl basket quite easily. With a solid plan, some hot glue, and pretty accessories, you’ll be able to put together a delightful flower girl basket in no time. There are four basic steps that you’ll want to follow to construct your basket.

Step #1: Begin With a Base

The first thing you’ll need to make a darling flower girl basket is the basket itself; however, we use the term “basket” loosely. As you’ll see, you can turn many things into a flower girl basket. Some of our favorite bases for flower girls to carry include:


These basket ideas will go with any traditional wedding decor. Think white apparel, black ties, delicate flowers, and crisp linens.

  • White woven basket – A basic white basket can be an ideal base for your flower girl’s basket. It’s a blank slate onto which you can attach decorative elements to coordinate with the rest of your theme.

  • Satin – White or pale pink satin baskets will add a touch of shine and elegance to your wedding procession.


Barns, country homes, and even casual backyards are the perfect backdrop for a rustic wedding. Carry that theme through to your flower girl basket.

  • Wicker – Wicker is classic and versatile. It comes in many colors and can even be painted to match your wedding colors. Wicker baskets also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your whimsical needs.

  • Wood – Although more of a bucket than a basket, wooden receptacles are a lovely choice for your flower girl to carry. As an added bonus, they’re easy to reach into, so your little wedding assistant won’t have any trouble getting her flower petals out.

  • Burlap – Burlap is sturdy, functional, and, with a little decoration, it can also be beautiful. Flexible handles make for easy holding, too (especially for little hands).


If you’re an outside-the-box couple, we have some edgier options for flower girl baskets. When you want your wedding to be unlike any other, don’t be afraid to get creative in this department, too.

  • Wire – Like wicker, wire can be coated with any color you’d like. You can also choose a simple silver or black wire basket and add a touch of pizazz with decor (see step 2).

  • Clear acrylic – We’re loving this fun idea for a flower girl basket. Clear acrylic allows for fun inserts, and it is strong enough to hold up throughout the ceremony and reception afterward.

  • Metal pail – A silver milk pail can become a stunning flower girl basket with a little creativity. This would also be a nice option for a rustic barn wedding.

  • Purse – Instead of a hard-sided basket or bucket, a simple, soft purse can be a charming addition to your flower girl’s outfit. It can be coordinated with her dress and still allow her to sprinkle petals as she goes.

Once you’ve picked your base, you’re ready to flex those creative muscles and add your special touches. At Zola’s Boutique, you can accessorize your wedding party and decorate your venue to match your beautiful flower girl basket, too.

Step #2: Adorn Away

Before you choose the embellishments for your flower girl’s basket, think about the overall look of your wedding. Is there a specific flower or fabric type that is repeated throughout? Are all the bridesmaids wearing a certain kind of jewelry? Do you have leaves or lace scattered around your decor?

Any of these elements can easily be incorporated into your basket to tie the wedding theme together beautifully.


Fabric can be used to wrap the outside of the basket or to line the inside. Satin or silk on the outer part of the basket will give you a classically glamorous look. Winsome gingham or floral patterned pieces of cotton are charming additions to rustic weddings.

For instant coordination cuteness, you can also use the same fabric as the flower girl’s dress to decorate the basket.


Flowers are extremely flexible decorations that can be attached to the outside of the basket, the handle, or even the top rim to make it look like they fill the container.

You can choose special flowers just for the basket, or go with miniature versions of your wedding flowers. Real or silk flowers will look equally elegant. Some of the most popular wedding flowers include:

  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Anemones
  • Sweet peas
  • Tulips
  • Orchids
  • Ranunculus
  • Dahlias
  • Hydrangeas
  • Peonies

Tiny sprays of baby’s breath or other itty bitty flowers are also adorable additions to your basket decor. Whatever flowers you’re using, the possibilities for dressing up your basket with flowers are endless.


For a fancy touch on your flower girl’s basket, you can use faux jewels or crystals. We love pearls for a classic, all-white basket; however, don’t limit yourself to only white. Feel free to have fun and incorporate your wedding colors into the basket.

Brightly colored gemstones can be attached in decorative patterns, such as:

  • Flowers
  • Swirls
  • Hearts
  • Zig-zags

These will delight your flower girl and draw attention to the basket she’s carrying—as well as to your stunning attention to detail.


Lace is a lovely option for dressing up both classic and rustic flower girl baskets. It pairs well with burlap, wood, and wicker. White lace can also make a plain, white woven basket shine with elegance. The fabric is also easy to attach to any part of your basket—place it inside to peek over the top, or adorn the outside for a more prominent look.


While leaves can be featured in any wedding decor, rustic themes are where they really shine—in every season:

  • Fall festivities – For autumn weddings, fabulous fall foliage is a wonderful choice. Think bright red, orange, yellow, and even brown maple leaves spilling from the flower girl’s basket. You can even make her a matching leaf crown.

  • Spring jubilees – Fresh, green ivy is ideal for a spring wedding. It can fall delicately from the basket or weave around its handle.

  • Summer ceremonies – Sunny weather gives you an opportunity to incorporate all different kinds of greenery such as baby blue eucalyptus, lemon leaf, and Italian Ruscus.

  • Winter bash – Collaborate with the holiday season by featuring leafy ornamentations such as holly throughout your decor and wedding party accessories.

We love seeing leaves attached to the top of flower girl baskets, as well as in creative patterns on the front of the basket. They can also make a beautiful filler or element for your flower girl to throw instead of petals.


Technology has given us many options for battery-powered lights, which means more decorating options for you. Plus, your flower girl will love a basket that lights up. Some of our favorite ways to use lights include:

  • Clear, acrylic box with white or colorful fairy lights inside
  • Wire basket with lights woven throughout
  • Wooden basket with lights around the rim
  • Clear box with battery-powered tea lights inside

A light-up basket will be a sure hit with the children at your wedding and can make for a glitz-filled celebration for all.


Ribbons are another romantic classic that you can use to decorate your flower girl’s basket. For a more traditional look, you can use white or pale pink ribbons to band the basket or even wrap around the handle for a soft touch.

If you’re looking for a more modern style, try bold-colored ribbons on a white wicker or wire basket.

Step #3: Apply Your Decor

Once you’ve decided which basket style and decor you’re going to use, it’s time to figure out how to attach your decor to the basket so that it’ll stay on throughout the ceremony, even if there are a few trips and stumbles along the way.

Some of our favorite ways to securely adhere materials to the basket base are:

  • Hot glue gun – Glue is the best way to attach small items such as gems and jewels to your basket. It’s also ideal for ribbons and fabric that you’d like to wrap around smoothly.

  • Pins – If you’re using silk flowers or tufts of fabric and lace, pins are a better choice than glue. However, you’ll need a basket base that you can penetrate with a pin in order for this to work.

  • Twist ties – Similar to pins, twist ties are a nice way to keep bulkier decorations in place. They’re also helpful if you’re using strings of lights because they’ll hold the lights where you want them without damaging the wires.

  • String – You can also tie things to the basket, although it'll be less secure than the other options. Twine is a nice touch for rustic decor, while white string will match your more traditional designs.

The method that works best for you will depend on what you're using as both a base and decoration. We recommend testing your basket to make sure that nothing is going to fall off before it makes its way down the aisle.

Step #4: Pick Your Filler

Once your basket is assembled and everything is securely attached, it’s time to decide what you want to fill it with. You can fill flower girl baskets with:

  • Rose petals (real or silk)
  • Leaves
  • Rice (white or colored)
  • Confetti
  • Glitter
  • Mini pinecones (plain or painted)
  • Feathers
  • Tiny seashells (for a beach wedding)

Important side note: Please ask your venue what is allowed during the ceremony. Some places prefer that nothing is thrown as the flower girl walks down the aisle because of the mess it creates.

Plot Twist: Don’t Use a Basket

There are no rules that say you have to stick to tradition and use a flower girl basket. It’s your wedding, so you get to make the choice of what to include.

If you’re looking to craft the most whimsical and unique wedding you can, Zola’s here to help. You can skip the basket and instead have your flower girl carry one of these interesting items instead.


Instead of carrying a basket, your flower girl can be the bearer of good news. You can make a sign in any shape, size, or color, then decorate it with any message you’d like, whether it’s comical or heartfelt. Some sign ideas we absolutely adore are:

  • Wooden heart – A plain, wooden sign cut into the shape of a heart with the couple’s names on it is a lovely way to send the flower girl into the ceremony.

  • Elegant white – You can keep it classy and simple with a white sign that says “Here comes the bride.” If the flower girl is a relative, you can personalize the sign by naming the relationship, such as “Here comes my favorite sibling.”

  • Short quip – Make your favorite quote about lasting love a part of your procession by having it printed on a sign. One piece of advice, make sure that the print is large enough for your guests to read as the flower girl walks down the aisle.

  • Something humorous – Don’t be afraid to infuse your ceremony with a little laughter. We love funny signs! You can have your flower girl and ring bearer carry a sign together that says “Has anyone seen the ring?” This is sure to get a few chuckles from your guests.

  • Framed photo – If you’ve lost a loved one and want to feel their presence on your special day, you can have the flower girl carry a framed photo of that person. This is a touching way to incorporate someone you’ve lost in your ceremony.

Using a sign instead of a basket can infuse something special into your wedding day, and reduce any hard-to-clean messes, too! (We’re looking at you, glitter.)


You can also have your flower girl pull a wagon or cart. This is a better option for slightly older flower girls as it might be too cumbersome for little ones. You can fill the wagon or cart with:

  • Flowers
  • Balloons
  • Leaves
  • Paper hearts
  • Cupcakes for guests to enjoy

A wagon is also useful if you want to incorporate very young children into your ceremony. An older flower girl can pull a younger sibling down the aisle alongside her.

Magic Wand

Your flower girl will love having a magic wand to conjure wedding-day magic as she parades in front of you or your partner. We love soft ribbons because they’re beautiful and safe (just in case she gets a little overzealous with her wand-waving).

There are endless variations for creative wands, but our favorites are those with long, shiny ribbons and lace attached to the end. Incorporate a classic white ribbon or find a streamer that matches your wedding colors.


There’s no need to leave well-behaved pets out of your wedding. If your flower girl is old enough to handle your dog, she can walk in while holding the leash.

For miniature pups, she can even pull a wagon with the dog in it. If you’re having a rustic style wedding, perhaps you could use this opportunity to have a horse or pony carry in your flower girl, too.

Of course, there are obvious risks to incorporating live animals into your ceremony. You’ll also need to discuss the comfort level and ability of the child to handle animals with the parents of your flower girl beforehand.

Lastly, if pets are a part of your plan, you’ll need a pet-friendly venue. Zola’s prescreened wedding venues are easy to sort through and give you all the information you need to contact them and get approval for live animals at your ceremony.


You can have your flower girl blow bubbles as she prances to the front of the venue. Bubbles add a magical touch to outdoor weddings as they float around your guests and shimmer in the sunlight. (We recommend small bottles of bubbles just in case there’s a spill.)


A parasol is another charming accessory for your flower girl. She’ll love to twirl it over her head as she enters. Parasols are also flexible options that can be made from several different materials to match your wedding colors, including:

  • Parchment paper
  • Linen
  • Lace
  • Satin
  • Cotton
  • Tulle
  • Canvas

While not waterproof like umbrellas, parasols can offer protection from the sun for outdoor weddings as an added bonus.


Lanterns can be rustic looking or elegant, depending on the overall style of your wedding.

You can create a stunning procession by providing your flower girl with a lantern to carry. If your venue is indoors, the lights can be dimmed for maximum effect. There are many battery power lighting options that eliminate the dangers of carrying candles, too.


Instead of a basket with petals, you can have your flower girl carry different flowers. Our three favorite alternative flower options for flower girls are:

  • Mini-bouquets – You can have your florist make a mini-bouquet to match the bride’s bouquet. Your flower girl will adore this tiny version and it’ll be easy for her to carry down the aisle.

  • Leis – If you’re having a beach-themed wedding, make it complete with leis. Your flower girl can carry a pair for the couple and present them at the altar. Alternatively, she can carry an armful of leis and hand them out to guests as she walks.

  • Single stems – You can give her either a single, stunning bloom to carry or a handful of long-stemmed flowers to distribute to guests as she makes her way down the aisle. Your flower girl will enjoy passing out pretty flowers as part of her duties.

Even without a basket, flowers can still be a beautiful, and even interactive, feature of the procession.

Perfect Fairy Tale Photos

Basket or no basket, you’re going to want pictures of your flower girl for your wedding album. It’s likely that her parents will want photos of their little girl all dressed up, too. Our favorite flower girl moments to capture are:

  • Getting ready before the ceremony
  • Strolling down the aisle
  • Tossing petals as she walks
  • Candid snaps with the entire wedding party
  • Flower girl and ring bearer holding hands
  • Dancing at the reception
  • Flower girl with the newly-weds
  • Flower girl with her parents

To capture all these special moments, you need a professional photographer that you trust. Sifting through all of the available options can be exhausting.

Instead of doing the legwork yourself, use Zola’s prescreened vendor tool. Here you can sort by location, price, and photography style to curate wedding day memories that you can revisit again and again.

Find Your Happy Ending at Zola

You want every detail of your wedding day to be perfect. With careful planning, you can design a flower girl basket that beautifully accentuates your wedding ceremony with personalized touches that’ll make smiles bloom on the faces of your guests.

Our experts at Zola are here to help you bring your plans to life, whether you’re in need of inspiration or just a little bit of advice.

At Zola, we have everything you can think of from quick tips and tricks to our database of pre-screened vendors. Register at Zola today to access our free wedding planning resources so that you and your flower girl can go down the aisle in style.

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